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Finalists copy

Congratulations to the finalists for The Impact 50

CONGRATULATIONS! The scripts below are the ones placed at the top of the pile the readers and judges.

Every script was read twice to ensure we covered everything in depth. We are now reading ALL these scripts again to select the final 50. I must stress to that even if your script is not on this list, it still could make it for two reasons...

First, this being a creative judging process, there may be scripts that were passed over but they are scripts that some readers and judges will fight for. This happened on both 50 Kisses and Twisted 50. So we reserve the right to bring back some scripts for the final 50.

Remember our principle here is to creaft the best film possible.

Second, EVERY script submitted (all 2,197) is in fact STILL eligible to be part of the final film using the ‘wild card’ rule. You can read about that on the Impact 50 page HERE.

To the right is a finalists laurel that if you click on it, you can download and use on your Social Media channels. Please remember that our ACE CARD is our collective social media footprint, which can be leveraged for marketing. This is why the very biggest players are interested in Create50. We all must continue to play out part.

OK… FANFARE for the finalists!
(NOTE This list was updated on March 4th with 39 additional scripts that the judges and readers fought for).

Chinese New Year Cake by Sally Brockway
"little bang BIG BANG" by les grice
'The Hitman & Her' by Matt Arnold
'short back and sides' by les grice
...and miles to go before i sleep. by David Barak
18:55 GMT +1 (draft 2) by Phil Peel
199.9 by Signe Olynyk
2 Minutes & Counting by Craig Griffith
30,000 Feet by Nicole Jones-Dion
655 by Rachel Welch
A Beautiful Day by Ricardo Bravo
A Common Aim by Shane Anderson
A Daring Adventure by Helen Kennaugh
A Drop In The Ocean by Steve Wrench
A Final Hope by Bob Schultz
A Hero's Welcome by Soneil Inayat
A Last Cup of Tea with Mother by Barry Hood
A Life Worth Living by Shirley Day
A Life of Grime by Mondo Ghulam
A Lifetime in an Hour by Ryan Folmsbee
A Loan at the End by Stuart White
A Miner Problem by Geoff Stillwell
A Modern Phenomenon by Mark Gee
A New Dawn by Jacqueline Cloake
A Safe Place by Darrin Grimwood
A Special Day by michele florea
A Tale of Two Knights by ben mole
A Very Important Message dr.2 by Heather Hampson
A Visit to the Museum by Michael Barry
A Walk In The Park by David Young
A to Z of Imaginary Beings by KT Parker
ACTION HERO by Merlin Ward
ANGEL by Alistair Fryer
Acceptance by Vicky Hinault
Afraid Not Scared by Thomas Simpson
All Chained Up. by Jacob Kenyon-Evans
All That Glisters by Sally Brockway
All Together by Lucy Macpherson-Mulcahy
Among the Stars by Richard Flynn
An Eye For An Eye by Carly Godfrey-Bridger
An Ill Wind by Paul Barlow
An Ode to my Master by Simon Schneider
And Justice For All by David Marantz
And Man Created Woman by KT Parker
And Then There Were Two by Alison Clapham
And Then There Were Two by Signe Olynyk
And in the End by michele florea
Angels With Dirty Faces by Richard Paul Wheildon
Animosity by Sarah Frankland
Anyone by David Wigram
Apocalipstick Now by Paul Williams
Apocalypse means never having to say you’re sorry by martin gooch
Armageddon Too - Deeper Impact by Mark Renshaw
Around The World by Michael Miller
Artocalypse Now by Steve Wrench
Ascension Day by Richard Flynn
Ashes to Ashes by Emma Heath
Assisted Living by Aaron Hubbard
BEAT YOU TO IT by Phil Town
BGGs by Emma Heath
BINGO by Russell Smith
BLINK OF AN EYE by Barry Staff
Bang Bang You're Dead by Larry Diamond
Barney and the...? by Ben Marshall
Basement Shelter by Sandra Ahola
Beauty in Destruction by Eirik Knutsvik
Below the surface by Ben Marshall
Best Birthday Ever by Rachel Kelly
Better Together? by Bryan Romaine
Big Business by Simone Linke
Big Tony by Dominic Jones
Bird World by Katie Stephens
Birthday Boy by Steve Wrench
Black Lotus by Kosha Engler
Bologna & Cheese Sandwich by Joe Zito
Boots by Craig Malpass
Boss Says Quit by Eliot Fallows
Box Set by Alison Clapham
Brain Freeze by Anthony Carpendale
Brothers by Alison Clapham
Buddy by Paul Reynolds and Adam Frith
Bullshit by David Wigram
Busted by Paul Barlow
Buzzkill by Tracee Beebe
CELL 16 by Matt Brown
Cagebird by David Anderson
Caged by Janet Goodman-Clarke
Can She See Us, Daddy? by Carole Trowbridge
Candy & Len by Jane Hamer
Caring Friends by Vicki Barrass
Carpe Diem by John Fulthorpe
Catch Me If You Can by Matt Giannini
Catch Of The Day by Steve Wrench
Caving by David Wigram
Cheated by Lewayne White
Checking out by Carina Martin
Cheesecake by Lisa Reily
Chefs Special Sauce by Scott Barrington
Choose Life, Choose Liverwurst by Lynn Robertson Hay
Cigarette's and Teddy Bears by Laura Douglas & Faye Bennett
Close Your Eyes by Derrie Catton
Cockroaches by Paul Williams
Code Breakers by Michael Montgomery
Come With Me - 2nd draft by Q-ell Betton
Commercial Break by Martin White
Confession by Ian Martin
Connections by Colleen Burns
Cosplay. by Shirley Smith
Crap Shoot Draft 2 by JoAnne Strickland
Crazy Cat Lady by Carrie Wachob
Crunch-Draft 2 by Michelle Golder
DEEP BLUE. by Lynnette Kyme
DIVE TIME by Jackie Daly
DOOMSDAY DROOP by Phil Charles
Daddy's Fort by Cera Rose Pickering
Daisy by Bob Schultz
Damned If I Do by Diana Murdock
Dance of Death by Helen Shay
Date Night by Jamie Wolpert
Dead Shark by Stuart White
Dear Future by Joseph Dewey
Death Row by Sarah Newman
Death Row by Carrie Wachob
Den by Jamie Milligan
Detention by Rebecca Todd
Did The Earth Move For You? by Scott Barrington
Did The Earth Move For You? by Jackie Knowles
Diet by Jade Syed-Bokhari
Digging by Michael Montgomery
Disney Did It by Paul Reynolds and Adam Frith
Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling by Stuart White
Dog Years by Tracee Beebe
Don't Wait Up by Claire Yeowart
Dragon Fire by Philip Martin
Duvet Day by Shaffique Jamal
Dylan by Dominic Jones
East Valley Rhinos by Richard Anthony Dunford
Ed In The Basement by Nathan Gower
Egg Heads by Jim Turley
Eight Storeys by Emma Heath
Elaine by Rebecca Handley
Elvis 1 by martin gooch
Embrace by Darren Barker
Endgame by Susan Bodnar
Equal by Ben Lacey
Equilibrium by John Hoernschemeyer
Eternity by Jacqueline Swift
Eulogy by Ben Hyland
Everything You Know is Wrong by Scott Merrow
Extraordinary Meeting by Martin Hamer
Eyes Only by Dee Chilton
FIRST LOVE (Draft Two) by Carol Allen
FOLLICLES: The Musical by Mark Wilson
FORGIVENESS by Michael Lockett
FOURTH WORLD by Amanda Webster
Face the Force by Kaal Kaczmarek
Faith Without Eyes by Sultana Mirza
Farewell My Inner Diva by Alan Cross
Fear of Missing Out (redraft) by Nicola Doherty
Feast by Sue Whitting
Feast by Sally Brockway
Felipe by michele florea
Film by Zsofia Szemeredy
Finding Grace by Sue Whitting
Fine Dining by George Zwier
Firewalkers by KT Parker
First Time (draft 2) by Phil Peel
Five Stages (formerly Weeks) by Paul Sheeky
Flock by Bob Eckhard
For Her Smile by Rachel McAdam
For Old Time's Sake by Alistair Canlin
For You, Gammie by Judy Johns
Foreplay by Valeriya Ordinartseva
Forever by Larry Diamond
Forgive Me by Ben Marshall
Fossils by Mondo Ghulam
Francis of Fell End Farm by Milethia Thomas
Free Bird by Paul Allen
Freeze Frame by Sally Brockway
Friends Draft 3 by Jenny Page
Fun and Games and the End of the World by Matthew Hirons
GOD SAVE THE QUEEN by Kooi Glendinning
Genesis R-3 by Patty Papageorgiou
Get Me To The Church by Tara Moore
Gin and IT by Poz Watson
Girl #25 by Simone Linke
Go Home by Michael Gossette
God's Will by Mike Slee
Going Public by Abbie Poste
Golden Chat With Violets by Nuh Kerem Pilavci
Good News by Daemian Greaves
Good Samaritan by Emily Cracknell
Goodnight Sweet Prince by Stuart White
Graveyard Shift by Rachel James
Growing by Susan Bodnar
Guiding Light by Je'anna Clements
H.2.Oh by Dee Chilton
Handle with care by Marianne Bonugli
Happily Ever Laughter by Tracey Parsons
Happy Birthday, Kyle by Laurence Saunders
Happy Birthday, Mum draft 3 by Vera Mark
Happy Now by Kristina Day
Hate You Too by Anne Frazer
Have a Nice Apocalypse by Ashley Robak
He Took His Time by Oscar Harding
He Who Is Without Sin by Kerry Dye
Head start by lewis rice
Helen by Paul Clarke
Her Favourite Place by Poz Watson
Heroes Never Die by Ian Martin
Heroism and Cowardice by Alan Evans
Hibernation by Ben Marshall
Hippocratic Oath by Matthew Hirons
Holy Galloo by David Ward
How Great Thou Art by Sally Brockway
Hug by Helen Duggan-Taylor
I Have Had It by Oscar Harding
I Love What You Did With The Flowers by Richard Paul Wheildon
I Love You by Andrew Viner
I Never Learned To Swim by Dee Chilton
I Shall See Space by Michael Barry
I Told You So by Paul Williams
I Will Die Someday by Lisa Reily
I am a Master of the Universe by Kerry Dye
I'm Afraid It's Bad News by Dave Stevenson
I.R.L. by Liz Holliday
I.S.S. by Paul Sheeky
INSIDE A SEED BANK by Margaret Folarin
Ida's Celebration by Shane Anderson
Ignorance Is Bliss by Scott Barrington
Ignorance is bliss by mark forsyth
Immortal Flower by Emmanuel Casey
Impact: Jail Time by Tom Allaway
In Arduis Fidelis by Eric Henderson
In Vino Veritas by Kim Wheeler
In the Air by Luke Harding
In the Moment by Daniel Johnson
Independence by Asha and Mark Farris
Inside The Piano Shop by Lisa Parry
Interlude in the Quantox by martin gooch
It's A... by Anthony Cawood
It's Behind You by Barry Hood
It's For You by Paul Reynolds and Adam Frith
It's Okay, Larry by Matt Giannini
Jesus Anonymous by Adam Thomas
Joey's Sister Takes a Toke by Devi Snively
Jump by Rachael Howard
Jump, Don't Step by Eliot Fallows
Just Do It by Janet van Eeden
Just Right by Alan Evans
Justice by Keith Watson
KT-1887 Turn Up by Natalie Storey
Katie's Dream by Bren Littlewood
Knock Knock by David Wigram
LAMBORGHINI by Philip Dorr
LAMP LIGHT by Peter Field
LAST ORDER by Lynda Kennedy
LAST ORDERS by Peppy Barlow
LATE JUSTICE by Martin Kruk
Last Chance by Beth Warin
Last Chance Diner by Kerry Dye
Last Day At The Office by Sally Brockway
Last Hit by Carly Godfrey-Bridger
Last Honour by Ryan Harris
Last Kiss by Stephen Deas
Last One Home by Haya Husseini
Last Response by Mack Escobedo
Last Run by Simone Linke
Last Sacrament by TJ Couch
Last Words by Ryan Folmsbee
Leargaidh by Matt George Lovett
Let Me Tell You Something by Tamsin Meddings
Let's See Where We Wake Up Tomorrow by Gwen Grynfeld
Life Is Unfair by Stuart Creque
Life's A Beach by Rachel Welch
Looks Like Rain by Paul Draper
Loopy by Barry Hood
Lost Connection by Andrew Kevin Fawn
Love You by Deva Palmier
Lucky by Diann Beck
Lullaby by Victoria and Amy Howell
Lullaby by Jane Hamer
MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE by Bradford Richardson
MIRACLE by Alistair Fryer
MORE by Phil Charles
Magic Window by Emmanuel Casey
Man Overboard! by KT Parker
Man The Lifeboats by Sally Brockway
Matches by David Wigram
Mayflies by Pelumi Akinyemi
Me Time by Jan Militello
Meet Ann by Tyler Pierreson
Meeting The Dinosaurs by Mary Albanese
Merry Christmas by Dorothee Kuepers
Merry-go-round by Ying Chu Lin
Metal Detector - Draft 2 - Written by Giles Alderson by Giles Alderson
Meteorix by Alison Hogge
Microbea by Su Hoyle
Milk. by Sarah Balfour
Miss Lulu Lets Go of Her Reserve, Draft 2 by Je'anna Clements
Mission Accomplished by Tracee Beebe
Mister Klean by Andrew Viner
Mister Mortimer's Last Dance by Craig Rickard
Mort and Sadie: Deckchairs by Kerry Dye
Mother's Love by Evelyn Lewis
Moving Day by Asha and Mark Farris
Mr. B's Opus by JT Billeter
Music To Die For by Dee Chilton
Muslamic by Taiba Amla
My Boyfriend's Back by Stuart White
My Cake with Destiny by Hannah Leigh-Prior
My Family by Judy Woodfield
My Only Everything by Candice Deere
My Wife Used To Say That by Geoff Stillwell
Neighbours by Johnny Suriano
Never Kissed a Girl Draft 3 by Vera & Hannah Mark
Neverland by Kathy Barrilleaux
Night of the Johnstown Flood by Stuart White
Nightlight by James Treloar
No Connection, Try Again Later by Jacqueline Swift
No Dogs Allowed by michele florea
No Refuge by Lee Stone
No Strings by James Lark
No more boobies by Milethia Thomas
Norah's Ark by Rita Wheeler
Not Long Now by John Hickman
Not Now, Darling by Annabel Wigoder
Not Ready by Kerry Dye
Not lost by Alex Davies
Now Departing by Rupert Aspden
Nowhere To Run To (formerly Vengeance) by Richard Paul Wheildon
Ocean's Three by Mark Heywood
Offline by Carrie Wachob
On Duty by David Wigram
On The Edge Of A Cliff by Kyle Bowler
On The House Draft 2 by Sam Dawe
On Three by Ryan La Via
One More Tune by Alex Priestley
Only You by Bianca Rowena
Open Doors/Closed Hearts by James Wooldridge
Our Way by Andrew Zinnes
Outside by Sarah Christou
Outside, The Sun Is Shining by Terry Clark
Party for Two by Cheryll Ganzel
Patience by Donna O'Reilly
Patrick's Beautiful Line of Everything by Tracey Parsons
Pax Sincera by David Wigram
Perfect by Mary Stone
Pinball by Kurt Fried
Pizza by David Toms
Play Us Out by Boaz Dror
Pleasure by Dominic Jones
Plummet by Cera Rose Pickering
Pluto by Simon Thomas
Porcelain by Andy Love
Pray by Matt Giannini
Present Draft 2 by Fran Morrison
Priceless by Paul Harker
Prisoner 5132 by Vicky Parsons
Project Legacy by Su Hoyle
Promise by Carolina Rath
Promised Land by KT Parker
Protect And Survive by Philip Lawrence
Psycho Killer by Rebecca Handley
RISING SUN by Dan Cassell
ROAR! by KT Parker
ROOM 245 by Monique Mata
Rainbow Girl by Milethia Thomas
Ready by Maggie Innes
Reconciled by Shane Anderson
Remembering by Bethany Clift
Replace Every Thirty Days by michele florea
Rescue Rocket by Chris Lang
Retail Therapy by Sally Brockway
Reunited by Sharon Dabrowa
Reunited by Barry Hood
Rhyme and Reason by Kim Wheeler
Rien n’est perdu by Florian GUILLOT
Ring O' Roses by Fiona Hunnisett
Rise Above by Kristina Day
Risen by Tim Guest
Road Run by Ollie Adewusi
Rock Cakes by Nick Fogg
Rock. Paper. Scissors (formerly Paper. Scissors. Rock) by Ben Marshall
Rocketship by Danny Matier
Room for Two by Jake Dovey
Rose Wood by Alison Hogge
Row Your Boat by Lew Swift
Rub a Dub Dub, Two Mates in a Tub - Draft 3 - Zara Symes by Zara Symes
Run To The Sun by Paul Holbrook
Runners by Andrea Siligardi
SCREWDRIVER by Neil Bebber
SHAME by Bob Canning
SS Rainbow by Mark Hibbett
STIFF UPPER LIP by Mark Wilson
Sammy the Mouse by Louise Vale
Sandwichboard by Craig Griffith
Sat-Phone by Dan Price
Save The Day, Shalom by Paul Dodson
Save the last Dance (formerly - The Last Supper) by Stuart White
Say A Little Prayer by chris brannick
Say Goodbye by Ben Marshall
Say It With Flowers by Scott Barrington
Seamus and Tom by David Keeling
Second Chance by Brandon Ashinoff
Seconds Out by Paul Harker
Seconds out - final round by Terry Concannon
Security Blanket by Michael Staniforth
See you when the sunshine's up. by lewis rice
Seeing Beethoven by Stuart White
Selling the Apocalypse by Stephen Marsh
Sharing It Out by Susan Bodnar
Shipwrecks by Emmanuel Casey
Shock and Awe (formerly: Ground Control to Major Tom) by Stuart White
Shooting At The Moon by Gareth Blower
Silence by Rachael Howard
Silent Ruin by Chris Vanderhorst
Silver Lining by Bob Eckhard
Simple Present by Valeriya Ordinartseva
Sing, Mummy! (Abridged Version) by Tracey Parsons
Sirtaki by Vera Mark
Sitting by the river with Annette by Tracey Parsons
Six Signs by Martin White
Skye High by Bob Canning
Slept In by Keith Watson
Slide to Unlock by David F. Jacobson
Small Acts of Kindness by Carole Trowbridge
Sneeze (Draft 2) by Riley Madincea
Snow by martin gooch
So Many Things - The Musical by Paul Barlow
Social Unfilter by Emma Heath
Sod's Law by John Bale
Some Bloody Quiet by Alexis Howell-Jones
Somewhere Beyond The Sea by Dave Stevenson
Somewhere In A Parallel Universe I - The Movie by KT Parker
Spin the Bottle by Michael Staniforth
Spirit Level by Denise Stephani Mitchell
Spitfire by Claire Yeowart
Spoiler Alert by Ben Hyland
Standing on the Edge of the World - Second Draft by Tony Brandrick
Stayin' Alive by Kaal Kaczmarek
Still Batting by Shirley Day
Stockpiling by Michael Montgomery
Stop the Noises by Barry Hood
Stuck by Jamie Milligan
Suffer the Little Children by Stacy Schonhardt
Superhero by Susan Bodnar
Survival of the Fittest by Heather Hampson
Sven and Olaf Go Fishing by Mike Slee
Sweet Release by Ben Marshall
Swimming Lessons by Diann Beck
Sword and Pistol by Kerry Dye
T-MINUS by Carolyn Goodyear
THE BASEMENT by Alexis Howell-Jones
THE CHOSEN FEW by Shirley Day
THE EXCHANGE by Dan Cassell
THE MUSICAL FAMILY by Margaret Folarin
THE OCTOPUS TREE by Jackie Knowles
THE STRANGERS by joe graham
TILL THE COWS COME HOME by steve miles
TIME OF THE MONTH by Giselle Boucher
Tailspin by Philip Booth
Take No Prisoners by KT Parker
Tampon by Stephanie Wessell
Tea by Dominic Carver
Tea for Two by Mondo Ghulam
Team Meeting by Jon Raymond
Tell me You'll Miss Me by John Bale
Terminal Diagnosis by Devi Snively
Terminated by Matthew Lavender
Terry by David Wigram
Testimony by Tom Ferguson
Text Adventure by Gareth Blower
Thank You by Rachel McAdam
The Apple Orchard by Su Hoyle
The Best Day Of Our Lives by Dan Tonkin
The Best Seat in the House by Gavin Boyter
The Big One by Damian Davis
The Birthday Wish by Jan Militello
The Bogeyman by Yvette Ross
The Children by Susanna Karttunen
The Cold Outside by Paul Sheeky
The Conspiracy Theorist by Paul Barlow
The Decider by Daley James Francis
The Dog Will Have It's Day by Scott Barrington
The End by Nic Penrake
The End of the Beginning by Russell Smith
The End's Beginning by Lynn Robertson Hay
The Eye of the Storm V3 by EJ Fisher
The Fight of All Time by Alex Beattie
The Finale by Stuart Foreman
The First and Final Confession of Billy Taylor by Daley James Francis
The Forgotten by Ben Wilson
The Goodbye Kiss by Diann Beck
The Grand Old Duke of York by Anthony La Pusata
The Hitman by Christina Darragh
The Immortals by Kerry Dye
The Impact by David Cunningham
The Last Drink by Daemian Greaves
The Last Laugh by Janet Goodman-Clarke
The Last Rocketship by Dom Lee
The Last Song by Lorene Thomas
The Last Tag by Christina Stahle
The Last Thing She Said by Rod Arthur
The Last Voice You'll Hear by Alex White
The Leaving Room by Darya Kotenko
The Lie by Hank Isaac
The Lonely Companion by Charlotte Lamb
The Mink Coat by Juliane Walker
The Morning Commute by Anne Hartner
The Old Man by Amy Amani
The Pact by Tara Moore
The Pickup by Paul Dodson
The Piper of Oran Mor by Shane Anderson
The Postgraduate (formerly Goodness Gracious) by Kaal Kaczmarek
The Rabbi and the Skinheads by Stuart White
The Rainbow Bridge by Mark Renshaw
The Right Thing To Do by Shaun Bond
The Seeds by John Maudlin
The Stain by Sally Brockway
The TV Hit by Steve Wrench
The Travelers by Matt Giannini
The Two Minute Bucket List by Kim Wheeler
The Unbeliever by Jason Clancy
The Vacation by john mole
The Valley of The Kings by Jim Turley
The Ventriloquist by Sue Whitting
The Very Last Word by Ben Marshall
The View by Richard Edwards
The Voice of Reason by Evan Marlowe
The Wages of Sin by Geoff Stillwell
The Wedding by Evren Sener
The Wedding by Emi Sano
The bright side by Grant Atkins
The icing on the cake by Brendan Cleaves
Theo by Eoin Maher
These Are The Words That Wake You by Mondo Ghulam
They Think It's All Over by MJ Simpson
Thicker Than Water by Catherine Arton
Thief in The Night by Je'anna Clements
Things to Do as You Wait for the End of the World and Your Inevitable Demise by David Marantz
Tightrope Walker by Nuh Kerem Pilavci
Till Death by Mat Sunderland
Till Death Do Us Part by Lynda Kennedy
Till Death Do Us Part - Draft 3 by Roscoe Kleinloog
Time for tea by Sally Pitts
Time to Go by Margie Kaptanoglu
Tin Man by Paul Williams
Tina & Abbi's Final Mix by Dan Tonkin
To Climb or Not To Climb by Dominic Jones
To See The Sea by Paul Sheeky
Tom and Mikie by michele florea
ToonTown (formerly The Greatest Sound in the World) by MJ Simpson
Torn by Joseph Dewey
Transfer by Kodjo Tsakpo
Trip Of A Lifetime by Ian Martin
Trumped by Nikolai Galitzine
Truth and Consequences by Liz Holliday
Turning Pages by Toby Nicholson
Two Beings by Shirley Smith
UNDER THE TABLE by Luke Ackroyd
Ultimate Cosplay by Bob Eckhard
Ultrasound by Annabel Wigoder
Unfinished Business by Ed Redgrave
Unlucky by Jane Hamer
Up, Up, and Away by Scott Merrow
Viaticum by Richard Flynn
Vintage by Kerry Dye
Visitation (ACT ONE) (FINAL DRAFT) by Lamont Dunnigan
Vossoyedinye by Terry Concannon
Waiting For The Author by Stephanie Wessell
Waiting For The Cab by Paul Draper
We Must All Make Sacrifices by Stuart White
We Were Human by Nicole Robb
We've Survived Worse by Ben Marshall
We, The Jury by Lloyd Morgan
Welcome to my world by Joanna Marie Fox-Haw
What Are You Doing? by Lisa Reily
What Are You Thinking? by David Wigram
What you don't know won't hurt you by Christina Stahle
Where Shall I Wander by Dana Pierre
Where There's Life by Tom Evans
Whiskey by Rebecca Hardy
Whispers by KT Parker
White Liar by ben mole
Why Run? by Steve Ince
Win Some, Lose Some by Nick Boocock
Winds Of Change by KT Parker
Winner Winner by Kodjo Tsakpo
Wish by Geoff Stillwell
With Apologies To Carl Sagan by ben mole
Wonder Woman by SALLY EASTLAND
Worlds Apart by Craig Connolly
You Too by Tracee Beebe
Your Lucky Day by Diann Beck
Z 46598 by Scott Davenport
ZeroTwoSixty by Steve Wrench

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Your Thoughts

Normal chris jones headshot square

Chris Jones, Posted: 01 Mar 10:58

Congratulations to EVERYONE!

Normal dscn0290
Bob Eckhard, Posted: 01 Mar 13:41

Thanks Chris.

Normal 005
Tatiana Seaman, Posted: 01 Mar 13:54

Not lucky this time, but it was a wonderful and exciting journey! Congratulations to everyone who've made it! Well done! Look forward to seeing the final film.

Normal photo on 16 10 2014 at 16.23  4
Fiona Hunnisett, Posted: 01 Mar 15:05

I'm really chuffed to be a Finalist - it's been an awesome journey so far - congratulations to everyone else who made it and good luck for the next round. How on earth are the judges going to narrow it down to 50?!

Normal image
Dana Pierre, Posted: 01 Mar 18:19

Congratulations to all finalists! Really really pleased to make it this far! It's been a great learning experience - writing, giving feedback and reading other people's feedback alike, not forgetting great networking! Making it into the finals just tops it! A very well done to everyone who has participated!

Normal jane hamer
Jane Hamer, Posted: 01 Mar 19:34

So thrilled to have got through. It's been a wonderful journey and experience that I've learned a lot from. Thanks to the readers/judges, and all involved. A big shot out too to those who gave brilliant and very helpful feedback; it's been really nice being part of this community. Great to see so many scripts got through that I enjoyed. There's some that didn't that I really hope make the wild cards. All the best to everyone who got through and especially all the best to those that didn't - there's always the wild cards. Thanks everyone :)

Normal fbnewpic
Steve Wrench, Posted: 01 Mar 22:50

Many thanks Chris and congratulations to all entered in the first place and frankly to all who helped me polish my 1st drafts into something more than they were and helped me push myself that bit further. I hope I helped others in some way too.
Personal philosophy - if you throw enough (scripts) at a wall, something might stick ;) It's interesting to speculate what 'moved' readers/judges one way or another, some personal surprises there. All the best, Steve.

Reply to this comment
Normal joshua herron square 800

Joshua Herron, Posted: 01 Mar 11:22

Unfortunately I didn't make it on the list this year, but huge congratulations to everyone who did, and good luck for the rest of the process! I'm sure the next stage will be incredibly difficult considering the wide range of extremely trailblazing screenplays on here. Thank you once again Chris for the opportunity.

Normal chris jones headshot square
Chris Jones, Posted: 01 Mar 11:52

Hi Joshua, stay involved and keep up the good work.

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Normal 10389592 10152227682486533 3751671413938624828 n

Kristopher Rickards, Posted: 01 Mar 11:25

Great work & congratulations to all the finalists.
I see many a welcome name among them.

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Normal image

Giselle Boucher , Posted: 01 Mar 11:38

Absolutely thrilled to be a finalist. Thank you so much to those who fed back you re in this with me.x

Reply to this comment
Normal 2015 08 13 17.47.39 4

Tracey Parsons, Posted: 01 Mar 11:54

Wow, so excited to be on this list! Thanks to everyone who gave feedback and helped make my scripts better :-)

Reply to this comment
Normal image

Thomas Campbell, Posted: 01 Mar 12:04

Gutted didn't make it on the list, but loved the experience. Good luck to all those who did make it through, some really great work there. Congratulations!

Normal chris jones headshot square
Chris Jones, Posted: 01 Mar 12:45

Thomas do stay engaged as the real value is in the journey. I know that's easy for me to say but I also know from experience in 50 Kisses that those who got the most simply stay in it till the end, and it does not matter if their script was selected or not. Kudos for playing.

Normal image
Thomas Campbell, Posted: 01 Mar 14:22

Thanks! I have every intention in following this to the end. Still much to learn and take away from it all. So a big thank you for giving me the opportunity.

Normal chris jones headshot square
Chris Jones, Posted: 01 Mar 17:24

Boom! That's the way to win the long game here!

Reply to this comment
Normal image

Billie-Jean Chappell, Posted: 01 Mar 12:10

Well that was all too much excitement for a Tuesday morning!!! Big congratulations to all those writers who made it through to the final!! Good luck in the next part of the process xx

Reply to this comment
Normal bafta tw 400x400

Alex White, Posted: 01 Mar 12:24

Well I didn't expect that! I wrote the script in the finals because of all the encouraging community input I had from the Create 50 folks. Thank you to everyone who read my script, gave feedback and congratulations to everyone who put 'pen to paper' - keep writing!

Reply to this comment
Normal nev giant

Neville Copperstone, Posted: 01 Mar 12:46

Not my moment today, but there are other days. Thanks to all of you who were kind enough to leave comments and praise my work. Well done to the finalists. I tip my hat to you and wish you great fortune on your future. Thanks Chris for your hard work and opportunities.

Normal lucy v hall final 140615 049 1024x658
Lucy V Hay, Posted: 01 Mar 13:48

Bad luck Neville, but keep on keeping on. Still the wild card, yet -- plus lots more opportunities via :)

Reply to this comment
Normal mike2

MJ Simpson, Posted: 01 Mar 12:54

Well done, everyone. I make that 577 scripts so there's still a lot of work for the judges to do.

I'm obviously very pleased to see two of my scripts there. I thought four stood a chance and two were just weak fillers. Of course, three of the strong ones haven't made it and one of the fillers has. I guess that's the nature of the beast, and judges' decision is final. And there's always the wild card of course.

Normal headshot 1
Carolyn Goodyear, Posted: 01 Mar 14:51

Lol! Glad I'm not the only one who counted them up! 577 - that's a lot of finalists!!

Normal zvpxa2z4 400x400
Kerry Dye, Posted: 01 Mar 16:04

Statistics geeks should head over to the Forum. I just posted some stats there.

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Normal d1000024

Paul Allen, Posted: 01 Mar 13:02

Delighted to have made it this far. Thanks to everyone that read and commented on mine - feedback has been invaluable. Fingers crossed for the next round!

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Normal paul d profile

Paul Draper, Posted: 01 Mar 13:16

Great news for a late-rising writer on a grey Tuesday.

Interestingly, my two scripts that got through were low-budget, small-scale bittersweet urban relationship moments. The bigger budget science fiction script set in an underground lab didn't make it. I wonder if that's due to amount of similar scripts or reading with an eye to practical production. Either way I'm stoked today! Thanks Create50 team.

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Normal lk headshot

Lynnette Kyme, Posted: 01 Mar 13:19

Of all the mentorship schemes, emerging talent opportunities, and other (more elitist) talent schemes, I have never felt as excited or supported as by Chris Jones or My Create 50 community. Thank you.......

Normal chris jones headshot square
Chris Jones, Posted: 01 Mar 17:38

Gosh, thank you so much. I am surrounded by an amazing team who love you and love the create50 community. We are in this to create careers out of passion and it's a privilege to help that process along.

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Normal kyl0063

Carly Godfrey-Bridger, Posted: 01 Mar 13:26

Very happy to see two of mine have made it! Well done everyone, and huge thanks to the Create 50 crew who make this all possible - an excellent competition with a fantastic learning facility. Thank you to all those who fed back on my scripts too, it has proved invaluable help in my writing journey.

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Normal mike2

MJ Simpson, Posted: 01 Mar 13:36

Interesting that several of these don't follow standard script format (in at least one case, not even close). I guess all our concerns about formatting didn't matter in the end...

Normal lucy v hall final 140615 049 1024x658
Lucy V Hay, Posted: 01 Mar 13:46

Yup, like I always say over at B2W, end of the day formatting is not final, it's about not getting "busted" -- for whatever reason!

Normal mike2
MJ Simpson, Posted: 01 Mar 18:29

So what was the point of Rule 10 "All scripts must be in standard industry format."?

Normal profile
Mark Renshaw, Posted: 02 Mar 08:34

I think the feedback comments about format were valid in that they would help people who are new to screenwriting understand what Industry Standard is. In that regard, it is a great learning experience and will help prepare them for other competitions and film festivals.

I do think it’s marvellous that Impact 50 is focusing more on story than formatting, I’ve never come across that in a competition before. I imagine the final 50 will go through a process of editing anyway to get the script in tip-top condition ready for production, so it’s all good.

The only warning I would give is in Twisted and Impact it does seem like the rules are guidelines and not rules. People may therefore think they can do pretty much what they want and it may become a bit of a mess in future competitions, especially if this becomes more popular and there’s say ten thousand entries.

Normal slinkehs2015
Simone Linke, Posted: 02 Mar 09:52

Agree. There doesn't seem to be a point to any of the rules -- pretty much all of them have been broken one way or another without consequences. There are finalist scripts that don't even look like scripts. Some of them are even riddled with grammar/spelling errors. There are finalists who didn't bother giving feedback three times. There are finalists without profile pictures (including one of the judges himself). There are finalist scripts with four drafts (even though these scripts were written AFTER the deadline extension and should have three drafts as all the other scripts). There are finalist scripts that ignored the timeline and/or entered the realm of sci-fi/fantasy. And so on.
So really? What's the point of having rules? Rewarding those who break them is unfair to those who try to adhere to them. I hope this will be taken into account when selecting the Final 50 (and in future initiatives). It would give this contest a much more professional vibe.

Anonymous 6a37c31ca6ebd28c62bc07ec2efc9f5eca35c93d5dd32846ad54c78f85c1b97b
Tony Brandrick, Posted: 06 Mar 00:57

As a rule breaker, and in my defence, I didn't see the requirement for the headshot to be a contender. Was it added later? Not that it matters, if it's a condition of entry so be it.

I noticed when logging in to submit a third entry that it kept prompting me for a headshot. So the third entry was never made, and I expected to be disqualified for the two existing scripts. I only added a second draft at the last minute because I hate loose ends!

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Normal stargate light 4small

Bradford Richardson, Posted: 01 Mar 13:50

WONDERFUL! So thrilled for my favorite writers, and all the Finalists!

Normal zvpxa2z4 400x400
Kerry Dye, Posted: 01 Mar 16:06

Oh no! One Last Love Song didn't make it! That was such a great contribution!

Normal stargate light 4small
Bradford Richardson, Posted: 01 Mar 19:17

Kerry, THANK YOU! I'm just glad you liked it, and maybe one or two other people too : )

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Normal image

Rachel Welch , Posted: 01 Mar 13:56

Super thrilled. I wish I had enough time to read all of these!

Interestingly, out of my three submissions there was one I thought the most likely to make it (if any did) and of course that's the one which didn't!

Long way to go yet but happy to be on the next step. Thanks to the readers and congrats to the finalists!

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Normal img 4997

Helen Duggan-Taylor, Posted: 01 Mar 14:12

Congratulations to everyone!

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Normal photo on 2013 12 04 at 15.00  2

Gillian Brightmore, Posted: 01 Mar 14:30

A good question Jason.
AND are the finalist chosen on the basis of how many other scripts they read themselves ?

Normal lucy v hall final 140615 049 1024x658
Lucy V Hay, Posted: 01 Mar 14:37

Still got lots of reading to do, Gillian so can't answer this at the moment I'm afraid - the finalist list is a way off yet! :)

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Normal photo on 2013 12 04 at 15.00  2

Gillian Brightmore, Posted: 01 Mar 14:33

A good question Jason.
AND are the finalist chosen on the basis of how many other scripts they read themselves ?

Normal chris jones headshot square
Chris Jones, Posted: 01 Mar 17:36

No they are not - all scripts are judged entirely on the script.

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Normal amanda webster

Amanda Webster, Posted: 01 Mar 15:33

Massively stoked to have made the list and big thanks to fellow writers for their fantastic feedback and input. And, goes without saying, to the judges for including it here. There were some really great scripts submitted. It's going to make a great film, whoever makes the final 50!

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Normal 1 resized   copy

Diann Beck, Posted: 01 Mar 16:18

I'm grateful and excited to be one of the finalists but the highest of high fives goes to Chris Jones and his stellar team. This was a great concept and really well executed. Thank you for the fun and the challenge! A special shout out to the reviewers and the intrepid judges. Well dones all around!

Normal chris jones headshot square
Chris Jones, Posted: 01 Mar 17:35

Thanks so much, we are just so inspired by the possibilities you have created for us all. The adventure gets bigger!

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Normal rscn3599

Susan Bodnar, Posted: 01 Mar 16:37

Big congratulations to everyone! I'm so pleased to be on the list, and it's great to see some of my favourites on there too. Thanks Chris and the team for all the hard work.

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Normal normal mark and asha impact

Asha and Mark Farris, Posted: 01 Mar 18:38

Mark and I are thrilled to have two of our scripts in the finals. Thank you Chris and the Create 50 team for such an amazing opportunity!

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Normal lizphotosh

Liz Correal, Posted: 01 Mar 18:45

I send my congratulations to the winners - but and a it's big but - only to those who actually entered into the spirit of what was the "competition" - collaboration. To those who reviewed less than fifty scripts, which is pretty much 95% of the winners and are clients of one of the readers, I salute you... for taking the shortest route.

Normal img 0469
Philip Dorr, Posted: 01 Mar 20:32

Liz, I have to admit I read four times as many scripts as I reviewed... many had already received just what I would have suggested and there were those that I just could not comment on. I don't understand the shortest route...was there one?

Normal rich lsf photo
Richard Paul Wheildon, Posted: 02 Mar 01:06

Who are the clients of one of the readers???? Wouldn't that be against the rules?

Normal rich lsf photo
Richard Paul Wheildon, Posted: 02 Mar 01:11

I reviewed ten or more scripts for every script I entered and must have read hundreds I refrained from repeating feedback to. I think it was an amazing competition but the thought that a lot of people got through because they are clients of the readers troubles me. I find this hard to believe.

Normal lizphotosh
Liz Correal, Posted: 02 Mar 08:11

Congratulations to the Finalists of Chris Jones Judy Goldberg initiative The Impact 50…/Congratulations-to-the-finalists-… Name checks on Script Advice clients and also Script Advice Writers Room members Dee Chilton Denise Stephani-Mitchell Dominic Carver KT Parker Sally Brockway Vicky Hinault Rachael Howard Rachel McAdam Philip Lawrence Ian Martin Jackie Daly Claire Yeowart Ben Lacey Rebecca Handley Liz Holliday Janet Van Eeden Harrison Lynda Kennedy Alison Words Kristina Day Jane Hamer I enjoyed reading for this and can confirm the standard was high so well done one and all.

Normal profile
Mark Renshaw, Posted: 02 Mar 08:25

It is a bit poor if someone hasn’t even reviewed the 3 script minimum quota. On the other hand, I don’t think anyone should be expected to review 50 scripts, we all have busy lives. What does it mean, “clients of one of the readers”?

Normal img 0172
Sally Brockway, Posted: 02 Mar 19:36

Liz, my name is indeed on the above list, but can I point out, I am not a client of any of the judges. My name is on that post as I often chat to other writers in the Script Advice Writers Room as I am sure many of the scribes in this initiative do too. Re the comment where you say 95% of writers did not read 50 scripts. The rules clearly stated that writers were to read three scripts per entry. My maths is not good, but to read 50, you would have to submit 16 scripts - unless you were purely doing it out of the goodness of your heart which many writers did. I know it must be galling not to be in the longlist - and I do remember reading your piece Magic Carpet which I enjoyed and would expect to see up there. You did indeed provide feedback on a lot of scripts - more than 100 and I salute you for that. In fact, many of the finalists will be on that list because of feedback like yours. That is why EVERYBODY is part of this. Everybody who gave notes on every single script is part of the process. Many of the best insights in my work were given to me by other writers and I am grateful for their generosity. That's the thing about writers - we do want each other to do well and will bend over backwards to help one another improve. That's what I love about the writing community. So come on, can we all have a group hug and move on?

Normal merrow2
Scott Merrow, Posted: 02 Mar 21:19

I'm in for the group hug!

Normal jane hamer
Jane Hamer, Posted: 03 Mar 08:14

When you've worked your socks off on your scripts - and then some, it's disheartening and depressing to read a comment like that, Liz. I'm not on any readers client list, never have been and I wish I was. Yes, like Sally and many, many writers, I'm on the forums for scriptwriting on Facebook, and that's purely for what every other writer is there for: to collaborate and be in the know of what's going on writing-wise.
The competition and whole create50 thing has only just begun. There are the wildcards, scripts can be pulled back before that, and writers who didn't get through can alter your own scripts to stand alone apart from The Impact - and get them made. There are all sorts of spin off opportunities from this if you look at the bigger picture.
I wish you well Liz and hope you can see things from a different perspective.

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Normal 11255857 10204470335694539 7887614273103082248 n

David F. Jacobson, Posted: 01 Mar 19:35

Didn't make it through this way, but it's been such an amazing experience, have learnt so much to improve my own writing, whilst making lots of awesome friends!
Now it's time to get to work on that Wild Card film entry and make it happen.

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Normal img 0469

Philip Dorr, Posted: 01 Mar 20:28

CONGRATULATIONS EVERYONE!!! haha, my least likely two out of seven made the finalist list. It's a superb honor and very exciting, although I would have stayed till the end regardless since this has been such a grand learning experience.
Chris, you are a Rock Star, if that's clichéd enough for everyone, hehheh. I mean it, though.

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Normal dscf5164

Ben Marshall, Posted: 01 Mar 22:40

Congrats all. Delighted to get a few through and continue with this great project (I did submit 17 however). Honestly, though, I have been surprised that some great scripts which I had recommended did not make the cut but I guess that's the subjective nature of it. I see a few people have said the ones they had less hope for made it but their own favourites from their entries did not. A favourite for me from my entries, Rock Paper Scissors, lost out having received great reviews whereas one which had taken quite a kicking ( I won't name it) got through. Didn't see that coming at all but, again, that's the nature of it and all part of the learning. Still, with wild cards not sure I'm ready to say goodbye to it just yet. Like Kate Winslet at the end of Titanic "come back...come back"

Normal zvpxa2z4 400x400
Kerry Dye, Posted: 02 Mar 03:04

Same here. Three of my four worst-reviewed scripts made the cut (which I took as a sign of the judges' iconoclasm and perspicacity), but my best-reviewed script did not (which I took as a sign of the the judges' utter benightedness). Must be that they had a mix of smart judges who liked my stuff and dumb judges who didn't.

Can't think of any other plausible explanation. :)

Normal chris jones headshot square
Chris Jones, Posted: 02 Mar 09:19

I wish this were a 100m dash and we could time everyone and offer a provably best winner.

We can't.

We had situations where very experienced judges and readers both loved and hated some scripts. So who is right?

Some scripts I thought were great didn't make it too.

I plan to post a blog about the process soon.


Normal dscf5164
Ben Marshall, Posted: 02 Mar 10:22

Thanks Chris. Further insights always helpful but fully understood what the task must entail. Thrilled that a nice few of mine made it and, strangely, encouraged by the fact that some others felt their own favourites were overlooked. Nature of the beast and can't be greedy. And I didn't say before but thanks for all the efforts from the team! The journey continues.

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Normal img 5072

Dan Price, Posted: 02 Mar 01:07

Congrats everyone! And well done Chris and the team for the herculean feat of whittling it down thus far.

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Normal rscn3599

Susan Bodnar, Posted: 02 Mar 10:05

Can all the ones who made the list have a finalist laurel on their profile page please? That would be geat. Also, can the issues highlighted by Liz Correal also be cleared up please?

Normal chris jones headshot square
Chris Jones, Posted: 02 Mar 11:42

Yes they can be. What issues would you like me to clear up? One writer who got through so far only read two scripts? This could be an oversight on behalf of that writer. Should I kick them out? Also this is an issue should they place in the top 50.

And no-one is obligated to read 50 scripts, just three per entry.

Chris Jones

Normal rscn3599
Susan Bodnar, Posted: 02 Mar 13:30

For now, maybe their script could be put on a 'pending' status until they've read the required amount of scripts, or the system could send them a reminder? I was more concerned with the readers' clients issue. I don't really know what this means and a few others responded wanting to know what it was about. At the moment it's suggestive of a conflict of interest. If that's not the case it needs to be put right or people will make the wrong assumptions. Could you shed some light? Ta lots.

Normal chris jones headshot square
Chris Jones, Posted: 02 Mar 16:53

Yes, we have a 'skip' button for when there is a conflict of interest. When you drill down into it, we are such a small community that to rule out the possibility of conflicts - by excluding people from either judging or entering - would in a very real sense kill the whole process. For instance, this might mean that Lucy Hay could not judge as she has clients in the process. Or we say Lucy is a judges and if you have ever used her services, you cannot enter. Literally this would exclude any experienced reader from the process. So we ask people to skip when there is a conflict and I also demand high integrity.

I will after this revise the rules and guides once more for writers.

Let's not forget, this is just phase one. We are about to engage with filmmakers for at least six months, maybe more. We need to let them know we are awesome and we will all support their massive investment too.

Then there will be the broadcasters and distributors who are watching.

This is much more than a writing initiative or competition.

Normal rscn3599
Susan Bodnar, Posted: 02 Mar 18:45

Good on ya, Chris. Thanks for the transparency, the open blogs, and detailed replies. The whole project is indeed awesome and I'm proud to be a part of it. Hope you're not tearing your hair out! :-)

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Normal mee

Keith Tracey, Posted: 02 Mar 18:13

Awh, sad I'm not there but well done to all the finalist!! I really enjoyed this process and interacting with so many great writers - thanks for putting this together and I'm sure I'll be back to enter the next Create50 project!!

Normal paul d profile
Paul Draper, Posted: 03 Mar 21:04

Terrific attitude Keith. Looking forward to seeing what you do next.

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Normal shaun slittleface

Shaun Bond, Posted: 02 Mar 21:11

Very chuffed to have my script selected amongst such great talents and refreshing ideas!

I have to extend a thank you to those who left supportive feedback on my submission, it helped shape my writing into a far stronger beast and I don't doubt it helped a lot in getting it this far - thanks!

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Normal dscf5614   copy

Simon Phelps, Posted: 04 Mar 11:43

Well done to everyone who got through the first round. Judging is always tough and subjective, so hats off to creating a process that is transparent and as fair as it can be. Look forward to the final 50!

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Normal authorphoto2

Bianca Rowena, Posted: 06 Mar 19:57

I just wanted to add my congratulations to all who are on the finalist list! I recognized some names of writers' names whose scripts I reviewed and it made the announcement even more exciting, seeing that they made it on! My friends and family here in Canada were all very happy for me when I told them that I got one of my scripts selected for the final round. It's an honour to be grouped with the really high quality scriptwriters here on this Create50 initiative :)

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