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Final Judging for The Impact50: What happens in the room… Stays in the room… Except this bit…

Last Bank Holiday weekend the Create50 and LondonSWF along with key writers from The Impact50, locked themselves away and read the top 300 scripts submitted to the process.

We all learned a huge amount, but most excitedly, we discovered we have the potential now to make a truly remarkable film.

We will announce the winners on the blog at 11am on the 17th May.

So to recap... At this point, every script we were now considering had been read by four people.

And last weekend we needed to find our winners.

We started at the highest rated scripts and worked down until we had around 70 scripts from the top 250.

We then read any scripts that the community felt strongly about (I asked a while back and around 40 scripts were put forward). Dee Chilton also had an epic spreadsheet that cross referenced her feelings along with other readers and also catalogued the general community feelings.

The upshot is that around 300 scripts ended up being read by 14 or so different people in the process.

Something powerful, emotive and profoundly moving emerged from this process.

I always knew we could create something wonderful with The Impact 50, but now I am certain we will produce a groundbreaking and landmark film.

So ahead of the announcement on the 17th

The List Is Not Yet Complete (but will be by the 17th)
I have decided to spend a little longer mulling over some of the more contested choices which means the announcement wont be today. I have chosen May 17th which will gives us enough time to be sure.

There will be MORE than 50 scripts for a number of reasons.
First, there were several writers in the room who had submitted scripts themselves. We included them in the process as they brought something extra to this final stage. And let me be clear, the idea that we would be swayed as someone is in the room is ludicrous. In fact the opposite was true, we found ourselves being extra hard on these scripts. Also, most of he time we didn’t even notice who had written a script – by the time you have read 30 scripts, you start to skip things like title and writers names as it just slows things down – we were reading to a tight schedule. Anyway, I made a choice. If one of these writers scripts was selected, we would expand the selection to 51. If two were selected, we would expand the winners to 52 and so on. This way no-one can complain that they ‘lost a space’ to someone who was in the room. We will deliver 50 scripts from writers who were not in the room. And a few more too. And please, if you want to cry foul, just send me an email. Don’t drag the whole process down with complaining comments. Mail me at

There will be more than 50 scripts for a number of reasons (part 2).
Some scripts have REAL challenges in terms of production. Instead of eliminating them as they are likely to either remain unproduced OR may be executed in a way that does not meet the standards of the overall film, we have chosen to add them to the pile also. We will have 50 highly produceable scripts, and a few that will be a massive challenge. If a filmmaker pulls it off, then GREAT!

We found Gems
We continually ran into scripts that we felt should not be in the final 50 but that had something in them, either a core idea or a moment that was terrific and resonant. So we are considering adding a list of short moments / scenes, or as we call them, ‘Gems’ for filmmakers to explore. We suggest these will result in single shots OR ten or fifteen second sequences. I am still unsure how we will leverage these moments but I feel certain we should use these great ideas somehow. Watch this space.

We were mindful of the extra bit we want for the final film
In the rules we spoke about a scene or shot from the characters in a story in their final seconds as the blast wave approaches (these will need writing of course). This may well form a montage at the end of the film. These moments started to feel extremely powerful once we started to see them as characters we know from the stories, shots playing out one after another. It’s going to gut punch the audience in a good way.

My personal filter was ‘could I see this happening?’
There were many amazingly well written scripts that just didn’t feel true to me. Sure some people would deal with loss and bereavement in strange ways, but some scripts went beyond that and some great stories simply just didn’t feel like the writer had fully imagined the enormity of the end of everything as we know it. So some, not all, we let go.

We need scripts that filmmakers WANT to make
Over and over I felt myself, as did others in the room, drawn toward scripts that delivered emotional punch. We have also counterpointed these selections with comedy (often dark comedy), optimistic drama, and occasional ‘context’ scripts that helped remind us of specifics of the story world of The Impact 50. In short, we started the process by 'judging scripts', but we ended up 'building a movie'.

Some need a LOT of work
Some scripts were selected on the basis of a moment, a scene or a core Idea - but the script needs a lot of work or a re-imagining so that it better fits the overall arc of the film. I hope this does not haunt me as on 50 Kisses we had a couple of writers who refused any notes or guidance for us. This is another reason why I have chosen to select more than 50 scripts.

Some scripts will be featured by us and highly recommended to filmmakers as a possible wildcard script. This means it can be produced and submitted BUT ONLY after the filmmaking team has filmed and submitted a project form the final 50(ish). All scripts submitted are possible wildcards too, but we want to platform some that didnt quite make the final 50sih as we feel they are really terrific.

Judging creative work is never easy and feels kind of unfair too as there is so much good stuff left behind.

Every person in the room had to let go of at least one script they felt strongly about. Some had to let go of many more. It’s the nature of the beast.

Finally, can we hear it for the Create50 team?

Where else do scripts in a competition get 14 reads to ensure we get it right?

And these guys gave up their entire bank holiday weekend for the love of it, to help platform our collective work and community. So thank you Lucy Hay, Elinor Perry, Judy Goldberg, Vanessa Bailey, Dee Chilton, Emma Heath, Phil Peel and the simply wonderful Karol Griffiths who was our 100% independent adjudicator.

Chris Jones

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Your Thoughts

Normal stargate light 4small

Bradford Richardson, Posted: 07 May 15:55

WHOO! Everyone has worked above and beyond. THANK YOU!

Normal chris jones headshot square
Chris Jones, Posted: 07 May 16:18


Normal image
Dana Pierre, Posted: 07 May 20:21

Wow! I'm excited after reading this blog! In fact my nervousness waiting for the results is overwhelmed with excitement for this film whether my script makes it or not. Your insight gives me great confidence in that you are all doing the very best you can to make this a great film! I liked 50 Kisses but this looks like it going to make an even bigger impact! (No pun intended). And at the risk of overly repeating myself, THANK YOU again!

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Normal profile pic

Hillier Townsend, Posted: 07 May 16:00

[applause, applause, applause] Thank you, Chris Jones, Lucy Hay, Elinor Perry, Judy Goldberg, Vanessa Bailey, Dee Chilton, Emma Heath, Phil Peel and Karol Griffiths!! [applause, applause, applause]

Normal chris jones headshot square
Chris Jones, Posted: 07 May 16:17

Thanks Su - CJx

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les grice, Posted: 07 May 18:09

Hats off to all you ladies and gentleman, I applaud you all. I look forward to watching the process in its final stages and the final film. It will be thrilling for everyone who gets chosen to see their work on the screen, no doubt a first for many, and to be able to watch an audience emote at what you have scrawled, written and dreamed up is surely a wonder. Thanks again. (PS looks like I'm gonna need a bigger cheque)

Normal chris jones headshot square
Chris Jones, Posted: 08 May 10:11

Thank you sir! And for your energy too. It was always present and noticed.

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Normal 1 resized   copy

Diann Beck, Posted: 07 May 19:06

I can't think of any other projects that have been so thoroughly and meticulously judged. Thanks for all the hard work. It's an amazing effort that you undertook. And that all the scripts were read so many times to insure fairness is both heartening and mind-blowing.

Normal chris jones headshot square
Chris Jones, Posted: 08 May 10:11

I have been judges on several other competitions not organised by me and been part disappointed, part horrified. This is why I run create50 like I do, to stay as meticulous and transparent as possible.

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Normal profile

Mark Renshaw, Posted: 07 May 19:44

Cheers guys, the effort that has gone into this process has been amazing.

Normal chris jones headshot square
Chris Jones, Posted: 08 May 10:09

Thanks @Mark, keep the faith!

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Normal sheila mcgill for create 50 profile

Sheila McGill, Posted: 07 May 20:36

Incredible process. Incredible team. This is gonna be an incredible film!😊

Normal chris jones headshot square
Chris Jones, Posted: 08 May 10:09

WOW! Thank you!

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Normal paul d profile

Paul Draper, Posted: 07 May 22:15

Exciting stuff - thanks for the update Chris. I hope I'm in the position to contribute to a panel like this before long, great work everyone.

Normal chris jones headshot square
Chris Jones, Posted: 08 May 10:09

Well let's see what evolves next for Create50 - we have a book to publish,a movie to make and market and new stuff starting to brew!

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Normal casual photo jt

James Treloar, Posted: 08 May 06:18

I love that writers have been involved in the judging process, as it adds a sort of 'peer review' quality to proceedings. The whole process has been handled with a lot of thought and care - everything seems perfectly transparent, and we get lots of tantalising updates - so I'd be surprised if anyone felt anything was 'unfair'. Thanks so much to all involved in judging; and to my fellow writers, I hope you all enjoy that feeling of anticipation, while it lasts... Yikes!

Normal chris jones headshot square
Chris Jones, Posted: 08 May 10:08

Thanks @James, we all appreciate your words at Create50 HQ.

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Normal create 50 headshot

John Fulthorpe, Posted: 09 May 08:46

I just wanted to say a big "THANK YOU" to everyone involved in the Create50 process. From all the kind and generous community members right through to the final panel of judges and everyone else involved behind the scenes. As a new scriptwriter, my experience in the process has been overwhelmingly positive and whether my script makes the final film or not, I will continue to champion it and the whole process. Good Luck x

Normal chris jones headshot square
Chris Jones, Posted: 09 May 17:49

Fingers crossed for the 17th!

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Helen Duggan-Taylor, Posted: 09 May 12:05

Really looking forward to seeing the final results - especially the film when it is completed! Also a HUGE THANK YOU to the readers and judges who gave their time (and energy) reading all the scripts.

Normal chris jones headshot square
Chris Jones, Posted: 09 May 17:50

Yes the film is whole other stage where filmmakers will be investing £thousands in the best scripts

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Normal director photo

Mondo Ghulam, Posted: 09 May 17:15

I'm super-excited by this and the previous post-judging blog posts. It's been truly fascinating to get an insight into a very unique process of making a feature like this. Every step of this has been inspiring and motivating.

Outstanding work from the judges, to go through so much in such a short space of time. Bravo!

Normal chris jones headshot square
Chris Jones, Posted: 09 May 17:50

Thanks so much. It's been a rollercoaster and its far from over.

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Michael Montgomery, Posted: 09 May 20:55

Thanks for the huge effort all you guys put in and particularly for sharing the creative angst you went through. The subject of the impact is a really thought provoking one and you only need to look at the number of submissions to see the creativity it sparked, I always thought it will be a challenge though to pull the stories together in a way that didn't leave the audience on a downer. That the scripts themselves have suggested at least some of the answer to this is very exciting and emphasises the fact this is a shared creative process and not a competition. Of course I hope my work makes the cut but I also know that it would not necessarily sit well in the same film as some scripts from other writers I really enjoyed.

So thanks to all of you who blogged. I think you've started a lot of excitement out here.

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Normal image

Rachel Welch , Posted: 09 May 22:33

Eeeeeek! Such an exciting project and fascinating to have so much insight into the process. Can't say I won't be gutted if one of my pieces doesn't make it but just knowing how much work and deliberation has gone into the selection will go some way to easing the disappointment. Would love to be a part of the final product but am still excited to see how it all turns out, one way or the other. I'm sure the final selections will receive feedback but I wonder if there'll be any further feedback for those who didn't quite make it? I appreciate that may not be possible - the judging process has already gone above and beyond. Thanks for such an open and committed project!

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Normal sarah profile pic bw

Sarah Christou, Posted: 10 May 10:29

It's a lovely feeling to be involved in a writing competition that goes out of its way to make it a good experience for the writers. Thank you :-)

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