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The odds of getting into Twisted vol 2 are around 3 to 1… Singularity50 anyone?

Just over 150 writers submitted to Twisted Vol 2 which means the odds of getting in the book are VERY good.

Some writers submitted many more than one story increasing their chances – and then  there is the potential for spin off books like Evil Little Sister.

The bottom line is that entering Twisted50 volume 2 was a very smart move for writers who want to get published.

Why am I  sharing this now as Twisted50 is closed?

The Singualrity50 is STILL OPEN and right now there are just under 100 stories from just over 50 writers. Do the maths. The odds of getting into The Singularity50 are VERY good.

We close submissions at the end of March so now is the time to get writing.

What is the Singularity50?

Somewhere around the middle of this century, artificial intelligence will evolve beyond its human architects, vastly superior in every way. Technology will become independent of us, rapidly evolving beyond our wildest dreams… or nightmares. We want to explore this future in a science fiction anthology set over the fifty years leading to the Singularity. 

Can you tell one of these Singularity stories in 2,000 words or less?

The full page and trailer is here…

Get writing. Get reading. Get reviewing. You know it’s going to be an AWESOME book!

Chris Jones

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Normal howard ellison

Howard Ellison, Posted: 23 Mar 23:28

Go for it folks! When Twisted 50 came along I wrote my very first short story. "Charcoal Granny' is highly autobiographical: not much imagination needed. Then those hyperactive guys at Ealing put out the call for Singularity 50. It's amazing what a brief will do. More stuff came forth, resulting in Almighty Dog. Thanks to constructive feedback once again, version one morphed into version two: longer and better. Well, I think so!

Normal chris jones headshot square
Chris Jones, Posted: 25 Mar 17:18

Thank @Howard and all good advice!

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Normal tn 3

Tom Nolan, Posted: 28 Mar 13:50

Why with only a few days till the Singularity deadline is the 'Needing your feedback' box filled with stories for Twisted 2, which is past the deadline?

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