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Impact50 Updates The Film Challenge Will Formally Begin Next Week

Join our Social Media Thunderclap here for the launch of The Impact50 film challenge next week.

Feature filmmaking is an intensely laborious and slow process… and The Impact50 hasn’t bucked that trend! But we are SUPER EXCITED to announce the next major phase in the process is about to launch!

So… April 19th is the date we launch!

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Twisted50 is an Amazon Best Seller! It’s Official!

(New trailer above)

Yes we did it, we officially knocked the King from his throne.

We nudged Stephen King from his number one spot in Horror Bestsellers and into the number two spot.

So congratulations to everyone involved in Twisted 50 and most of all the 50 Authors. YOU ARE BEST SELLERS!

Let that sink in for a moment.

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Impact 50 First Draft Rules and Guides For Filmmakers

So we are VERY close to fully opening up The Impact 50 Filmmaking Challenge and I have been working on the rules a guidance. I am posting here as I am open to suggestions and clarifications to help make the process as easy as possible. This is particularly relevant to anyone who entered 50 Kisses.

So what do you think?

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Stills from one of the first Impact 50 films…

A number of filmmakers have begun making Impact 50 films to test the site. To be clear, we have not yet launched the filmmaking stage. But you may have also seen that a number of filmmakers have started making films for The Impact 50 ahead of the official launch.

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Updates, dates and new deadlines… Twisted 50 vol2, Singularity, Impact50 and Twisted50 launch

Following on from the London Screenwriters’ Festival, the Create50 team is back in action. So here’s what’s cooking right now.

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Why I’m making a film for Create50 and you should too!

About two months ago, I began pre-production on my latest short film, which we aim to enter into the Impact50. Yes, I know the official filmmaking rules haven’t yet been announced, but if there’s one key piece of advice I’ve picked up from the Create50 and London Screenwriters’ Festival community it’s that you should be out there doing it NOW!

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Whooooaaaa! Well that happened! LondonSWF 2016

It’s been a little quiet on the Create50 front mainly because the entire team, and frankly most of the writers involved in Create50, have been either attending or running the London Screenwriters’ Festival.

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So what IS this LondonSWF thingamy? By Emma Heath

A few of you have been in touch recently to ask “what’s this LSF thingamy?” so I thought I’d fill you all in on what was the best-kept secret (at least from me) of my 2015.

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Create50 and the London Screenwriters’ Festival Hiatus

You may have noticed Create50 has gone a little quiet. This is because the whole team is currently focused on the London Screenwriters’ Festival, which takes place at the beginning of September.  Be assured that once the festival is over, we will be back with all guns blazing. We have a book launch for Twisted50 to announce, and The Impact 50 feature film to get into production.

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The end is here... The final notes for The Impact 50

So that’s what happens when you run a giant festival at the same time as a Creat50 initiative. It ends up taking longer than you would hope for. Anyway, we are there. All the scripts selected now have notes and writers can start submitting final drafts. Here are the final script notes from the producers.

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