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The odds of getting into Twisted vol 2 are around 3 to 1… Singularity50 anyone?

Just over 150 writers submitted to Twisted Vol 2 which means the odds of getting in the book are VERY good.

Some writers submitted many more than one story increasing their chances – and then  there is the potential for spin off books like Evil Little Sister.

The bottom line is that entering Twisted50 volume 2 was a very smart move for writers who want to get published.

Why am I  sharing this now as Twisted50 is closed?

Posted: 09/03/2017 // Comments 2 // MORE HERE

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We have decided to extend the ‘Twisted50 Volume 2' Deadline

We have shifted the Twisted50 Volume 2 deadline to coincide more closely with the Twisted50 volume 1 Awards that will happen mid February next year. This will ensure we get a flurry of activity around the deadline and help platform the new book initiative.

If you have not written a story for Twisted50 vol 2, you will now have until the end of February to do so, but submit early so that you get the benefit of the feedback.

Posted: 14/12/2016 // Comments 2 // MORE HERE

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The Twisted50 contracts are being signed…

Yesterday we began the process of sending out Twisted50 contracts and tonight we will start sending out the contracts for Twisted’s Evil Little Sister.

Once these are all signed and delivered, we can begin the next phase of the process where the team, publishers and editors submit notes and guidance for final rewrites. And you are invited to have your say too.

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5 Quick Ways To Elevate Your Prose To The Next Level by Lucy V aka @Bang2write

We hear a lot about "good writing" but what does this MEAN? Well, any number of things, obviously - we all want a good story, well told. That means non-negotiables such as great concepts, super structure and not to mention, diverse characterisation. (For starters!) But okay, let's say you've got all of the above. CONGRATS! Now let's start looking at WHAT is on the page - your actual prose. This might mean your prose in terms of your short story, as in your Twisted50 entry (or perhaps your novel?). In short, we're "elevating our prose" ... which might sound fancy-schmancy, but basically means we're making our words BETTER as in: more colourful, more interesting and (crucially) EASIER TO READ.

Posted: 18/03/2016 // Comments 2 // MORE HERE

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Announcing The Twisted50 Winning Stories… and the sibling volume stories included in Twisted’s Evil Little Sister

On April 18th at 11am UK time we will announce the 50 stories that will be included in the first volume of Twisted, a horror anthology written by members of the Create50 community.

Please help us with this announcement by joining our social media Thunderclap HERE (and if you have supported past ones, you will still need to go in and support this one again).

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