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Project The Impact:50

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The Team

Normal chris jones headshot square
Chris Jones // Director

Create50 founder, author, filmmaker and directors of LondonSWF and TEDxEaling

Normal 1011990 780455335315118 44489861 n
Vanessa Bailey // Social Media Strategist and Support

Actor, writer and reluctant producer. Social media junkie

Normal img 3917
Judy Goldberg // Co-ordination

Leading the kick ass physical and logistics support team

Anne-Marie Draycott & Charity Trimm // We are writers and actors.

Two northern girls who write character driven comedy scripts for TV & film. We act too. And...

Normal generic 50 kisses headshot
Arron Ferguson

Winner of 50 Kisses with 'Don't'

Normal generic 50 kisses headshot
Andrew Turvil

Winner of 50 Kisses with 'The Faded Rose'

Normal andromeda
Andromeda Godfrey // Filmmaker

Filmmaker of 'Dream Date' for 50 Kisses.

Normal andrew wright
Andrew Wright

I made Romantic Hideaway for 50 Kisses

Normal generic 50 kisses headshot
Al Ibrahim // Filmmaker

Filmmaker of 'First/Last' for 50 Kisses

Normal adam tyres
Adam Tyers

I made Romantic Hideaway for 50 Kisses

Normal 2009 11 20 14.53.42
Alistair Canlin // Writer

I'm a daydreamer, who babbles incoherent nonsense, occasionally makes sense, but mostly day...

Normal 38258 1452587829536 4523176 n
Amy Amani // Writer, and manager of Goddard Cartoons

American in the UK. One husband. Two sons. Three cats. Three scripts optioned and 1 in deve...

Abid Khan // Writer and Director

I'm a British Pakistani from an Art Directing background in Advertising. I now write and di...

Normal 15289257 545404015669801 6836717479586588377 o
Andrea Siligardi // Screenwriter

Friendly neighbourhood screenwriter and major movie junkie.

Normal 20150529 120445
Aaron Diebelius // Screenwriter.

BAFTA Scholarship recipient, London Film School graduate, Shore Scripts Quarter Finalist.

Normal image
Amanda Amory // Scriptwriter and Novelist

Am looking to be the next JK Rowling or Jackie Collins with a little soupçon of Shonda Rimes!

Normal bbjetij
Anne-Marie Caluwaert // teach art

Been interested in writing since childhood, wrote some short stories after seening Brian Cl...

Normal tc1
Anthony Cawood // Writer

I’m an award-winning screenwriter from the UK with over 15 screenplays produced, optioned a...

Normal a7cd381d05ac980830cdb5591f620b52 400x400
Aaron Hubbard // Writer

Writer. Ruprecht.

Adam Aiken

I am a visual artist working in moving image

Normal 1934084 10363297329 3616 n
Andrew Koutsou // Film Maker

Have worked in the feature film industry for over 10 years. Have passion and creative visio...

Normal 2010 12 26 20.51.52
Adam Millard // Writer

Adam Millard is an author of horror, bizarro, and fantasy short stories, novellas, and novels.

Normal onreadingcourse
Andrew Wilkinson // Engineer/Writer

While usually engaged in building large electronic systems, Andrew does like to tell storie...

Normal alexandra head shot
Alexandra Denye // Writer

I write dark comedy feature films with strong female characters.

Normal lucy v hall final 140615 086
Alison Wroblewski // I'm a producer with a keen interest in development.

In the last 18 months, I've produced two short films, worked on a feature, and have now beg...

Normal pc300003 new
Alistair Fryer // Writer & Producer

An ageing ex actor, film editor and advertising persona, rekindles a youthful passion – to ...

Normal ann theato
Ann Theato // Writer, Actress, Voice Over

When I was 9 years old, I was banned from the school Netball team and deemed too short to b...

Normal angela author pic
Angela Wallace // Author

I live to write and write to live.

Normal 297 34056278144 6438 n
Amanda Dorian // Writer

A writer, book enthusiast, wife, and new mother.

Normal img 0847
Ashli Meynert // Writer

I love writing historical fiction, but am experimenting with other genres.

Normal  20150628 214959
Amy Smith

I love my husband, my dog and my books.

Normal image
Aaron Spink // Freelance Drummer, Educator and Clinician

I have been a professional drummer and musician for nearly 12 years but my love of supernat...

Normal anna taborska
Anna Taborska // Horror writer/director

I'm a British film director and horror writer.

Normal 10295379 10202413491115363 2177409688685296306 o
Alexander Lowe // Sportswriter

A freelance writer and movie lover.

Andrew Rainnie // Writer

Writer. Filmmaker. Gamer. Dreamer.

Normal acec profile 2b 8cm
Alison Clapham // Writer. Former research scientist & marketing professional.

Positive, enthusiastic, optimistic.

Normal alison hogge bio pic
Alison Hogge // Town Planner

Civil servant, scout/guide leader and street drummer with a long term ambition to be a scre...

Normal image
Anthony Stokes // Self-employed

All over the place.

Normal akj 1jan2013
Angela Jobson // Writer and Multimedia Producer

Screen Writer, Multimedia Producer, Shooting PD, Archer, Archaeologist.

Normal img 0307
Ashlee Renz-Hotz // Writer, Actor, Journalist

My blood is made out of green chile and chocolate, with a splash of prosecco.

Normal alex english author
Alex English // Writer

Author, screenwriter, custard cream eater.

Normal 50 kisses team
Anil Rao // Human Being Human - A visual poet, a soulful storyteller, a filmmaker.

Anil is a multi-tasking, creatively diverse, International award winning independent filmma...

Normal img 0923anna
Anna Soder

I'm a lover of stories and great characters, in everything from horror and dramas to actions.

Normal portrait3
Anne Burgot

A bit of this, a bit of that.

Normal 11694145 10153084397244538 6954229209227844424 n  1
Allison Nicole Blackley // Writer and Director

Imaginative. Passionate. Determined.

Normal img 20150626 121643292
Ana Morgado // I'm a staffwriter at a portuguese tv production company

A messed up writer who dreams about never having a writer's block again

Normal simple logo
Al Pineda Jr // Writer

This is going to be my first competition ever. Here's to big things!

Normal img 0279
Alan Moustafa

A creative alchemist of concepts, sounds and visual tact.

Normal aideentubepic
Aideen McCarthy // Script Reader / Screenwriter / Director

Award-winning writer/director and dedicated script reader, with serious tea dependency issu...

Normal 10672345 10152551888970326 7089643850318137779 n
Alison Down // I write screen, theatre, and spoken word.

Changing the world one word at a time and occasionally rhyming. Bafta Rocliffe finalist.

Normal annabel wigoder headshot
Annabel Wigoder // Development Producer / Writer

Makes films and eats food.

Normal mijn profielfoto
ANNIE DE MUYNCK // Psychologist

Screenwriter, psychoanalytic psychologist, ex-translator.

Normal 523318 344809958939771 865661816 n
Albert Pineda Jr // I write screenplays n' stuff

Hello Everyone!

Normal p1060851   p
Angel Delgado

Story-loving filmmaker, techno-geek and bearded man. Director of the feature film Brothers'...

Normal rainy me
Alasdair Stewart // Freelance (Engineer.....)

Slow burner..

Normal alan2
Alan Lodge // I write screenplays, theatre plays & novels, direct plays/operas, act, sing & script read!

I like to entertain, to let the audience escape - or improve - reality, and make them laugh.

Normal anne misselbrook
Anne Misselbrook

I made Smasheroo for 50 Kisses

Normal generic 50 kisses headshot
Alexandra Wood // Filmmaker

Filmmaker of 'First/Last' for 50 Kisses.

Normal generic 50 kisses headshot
Andrew Baird // Filmmaker

Filmmaker of 'Her and Him' for 50 Kisses

Normal generic 50 kisses headshot
Andy Robertson // Filmmaker

Filmmaker of 'Neil' for 50 Kisses

Normal photo 81
Aydrea Walden // Production Supervisor/Writer

Former Texan. Currently Californian. Always a writer

Normal 1234
amar nerurkar // I am a film maker.

I like to write and travel. Travelling enables you to new experiences and through writing y...

Normal danny
Animal Muppet

I do some drumming on this show with Muppets.

Normal lionx

A beautiful mind (the film is pretty good too)

Arti Gautam

I am a learner..learning new everyday.

Normal 20140829 201113
Alex Davies // Writer, editor, producer

I'm better on paper

Normal img 4234
Ailsa Jenkins // Writer and producer

Television producer and relatively new writer still learning the craft. Welsh, blonde, obs...

Normal fbpp
Alex Priestley // Filmmaker

In some circles I'm known as a square

Normal pictures
Andrew Harmer // Writer / Director

Love the bizarre, quirky and down right odd.

Normal 10447645 10204206904452382 668028291494740860 n
Andrew McGee // Director, Professional Editor

Interested in all aspects of filmmaking, particularly fond of low-key sci-fi

Normal image
Adam Smith // Writer

Scottish writer with a warped imagination which in this case, is a pretty good thing.

Normal angus hat copy 2
Angus Strachan // Writer Director Musician

Love writing songs, scripts and stories and have been doing it since year dot. Singing too....

Normal 1376991 10153419315200105 1624776555 n
Alexander Tabrizi // Photographer/ Actor/ Director

I like long walks on the beach, my star sign is Taurus, I've got blue eyes and ginger hair ...

Normal hs
Amy Simons // Video Games Writer, Stage Manager

Where I inflict my thoughts onto the internet whether it likes it or not. Even the internet...

Normal adrian at miptv 2010
Adrian Bracken // Producer, Writer, Actor

Retired - but still working!

Normal retrato bw
Adrian Gonzalez de la Pena // Director - Producer - Writer - Editor

Film director and awarded photographer from Mexico, founder of the production company Olos ...

Normal perfect love  pub
Anba Sekar // Writer

I love to write

Normal 2 1383324215 andromeda godfrey 100 copy
Andromeda Godfrey // Actress/producer

I am an actress and a producer!

Normal home page headshot sml
Alex Vrettos // I am a hypnotist and and a writer

I'm a happy chap but my stories are dark. Live in the real world but head in another. Looki...

Normal 20150819 dsc03425
Andrew Elias

London and Sussex

Normal adite new  543x640
Adite Banerjie // Writer

I am a published author and screenwriter

Normal me portrait
Anthony La Pusata // Designer, Writer & Musician

Anthony M. La Pusata is a creative director, screenwriter, lyricist and teacher who develop...

Normal 10560513 430634430409972 4456228922440518045 o
Andrew Kevin Fawn // Storyteller.

Your Ad Here.

Normal me2jpg
Anna Kaye

A kaleidoscope of possibilities...

Normal img 20151020 180353
Ally Shina // Writer - Voice Over Artist - Singer

I manage a Surf house in Jeffrey's Bay and I Write, living the dream...

Normal anthony buono headshot copy
Anthony Buono // Writer

The power a great story in film or song has to provoke emotions is what it's all about.

Normal dscf1503  2
Alexandra Kleanthous // Nutritionist

I am an animal loving vegan, who loves creating stories.

Normal 11947469 1519818924974964 5770587267880134733 n
Abdul Rahman // Writer

I am Abdul, India. I am an aspiring writer currently writing my first work that is a set of...

Normal dsc01504
Abraham van der Vyver // Lecturer

Lecturer by day, writer by night. Award-winning playwrite and youth novelist.

Normal 0151b602fb0d17fa6bb11f56acb04de76a5f0a2781
Alexis Howell-Jones // Let me tell you a story....
Small 50 moments silver

London based screenplay writer. Likes action and drama that messes with your mind. Silver A...

Normal adam j mcgillwsm entry 1  2
Adam McGill // Personal Trainer and Lifeguard

A live poet in a dead society...

anita norfolk // Director/Producer

Freelance Director/Producer.

Normal laxscout
Adrian Garrido // Student

I'm a 22 year old college student from Oregon who wants to see if he can make it in Hollywo...

Akil Ramzan

An average everyday person

Normal profilephoto 1
Ada Uzoije // Writer

I am crazy as whisky but well-behaved like wine.

Normal alina
Alina DuClos // Writer

Mother of three - La Vida Loca

Normal bwprofile
Attila Balazs // Director, Writer, Actor

The craft of light capture is my favorite art. Taking the time to hone in on humanities man...

Normal bushy
Augustus Bill Afuewelu // WRITER AND DIRECTOR

I am a young creative writer and director that pays attention to every detail, I notice eve...

Normal image
Alexander Arthur // Actor/ Screenwriter

A deep thinking screenwriter with a unique voice who tells intriguing stories with strong m...

Normal lighthouse
Adrian Williams // Composer

Adrian Williams aka Things Being Various is a London based contemporary composer/musician w...

Normal image
Alan Cross // Writer / Director / Cinematographer

I am a truly creative person - I love what I do and do what I love - and always look for ne...

Normal me
Anika Patel // Writer

Work in progress!

Normal 3106 4x6cm 300dpi
Andrew McPhail // Writer of Scripts for TV & Features

Born in Northern California, and a lover of travel and languages, I have spent 20 years ove...

Normal passphotoalex
Alexandra Dyranis-Maounis // Writer

Screenwriter, Translator

Normal imga0092  2
Alexander Milo Bischof // Writer/Director

Utterly and completely film mad!

Normal 12219325 1647214572163040 2934705374596988902 n
Aleksandra Smiljanic // Student

I make my nightmares come alive.

Normal ppp
Andrew Wallace Chamings // Writer

I am a British writer and journalist in San Francisco.

Normal fb img 1445074544946
Aaron Witcher // Work in marketing by day

Trainee scriptwriter and self-published novelist.

Anami Tara Shucart

A pithy description

Normal img 2852a
Alison Ramsay

Cynical idealist

Ana Soria // Writer

Aspiring writer

Normal ash
Ash Dawotal

Avid horror fan.

Normal ana 04b
Ana Galera // I'm screenwriter especially interested in animation but I also write short stories.

I'm a cat lover and writer, that's why many of my characters are cats. But I also write abo...

Normal screenshot 2015 11 27 14 23 32
Adam Thomas

Part time Student

Normal photo
Alan Nielsen

Really, you can sum it all up by stating simply that once you've said that, really, you've ...

Normal img 8147
Andrew Duguid // Teacher and Environmentalist

The quest is the story.

Normal cecazve0 400x400
Andrew Williamson // Writer

That which does not kill me, makes me bitter and twisted.

Normal professional pic
Adele Coburn // Writer

Dark, but a FUN dark.

Normal dscn3425bwmsquare
Andrew Viner // Writer

Emmy-nominated writer of BBC drama and comedy, children's TV and animation.

Normal ash test
Ash Nazir // Palmist & Astrologer & Writer

My destiny is to be a writer: it's written in the stars!

Normal wpid wp 1416814680101
Ashley Miller // Writer

Writer, watcher, improviser.

Normal 1185129 10151633642428634 1649524794 n
Andrew Brindley // Writer and Actor

I enjoy writing and acting, as well as introducing younger people to the stage.

Normal lex oct 2015
Alexei Slater // Writer, Producer

I`m a writer/producer/developer from London.

Normal image
Amanda Stonham

Ready to start writing again

Normal 635860468635595811
Adam Johnston // Media Student at Robert Gordon University - Aberdeen

Student with a strong passion for acting, film making and public speaking. Now with an all ...

Normal mandy in san remo 1
Amanda Webster // Screenwriter

BAFTA Rocliffe 2015 New Writing for Children's Winner (With children's TV series script 'HE...

Normal img 1433  2
Ann Hilborn // writer

A former educator & writer for textbook publishers and online learning platforms, I current...

Normal zee
Andrew Zinnes

USA in the UK...oy vey.

Normal me in hat
andy lear

Amateur scriptwriter

Normal image
Ashley Williams // Director/ Producer

Independent director/producer based in the capital city Wellington- in New Zealand.

Normal tony
Anthony Samangy // University Professor

Teacher at The University of Akron. Motion, Information and User Experience Designer by day...

Normal passid
Aram Bread

Sleepy dabbler.

Normal img 3651
Alan Evans // Photographer / Writer

Screenwriter and short film director

Normal mtp 2397
Adam Spinks // Director and Screenwriter of Film and Television

A Writer and Director, as well as occasional Producer, Adam has directed several short film...

Normal andy  at.mosphere  dubai  september 2012
Andy Love // Writer

Co-wrote LAST PASSENGER. Available everywhere.

Normal alex on  5 shoot resize
Alexander Lynch // Writer/Producer

Writer in own residence

Normal 185103 10151220787281955 626258289 n
Antony Cousins // Writer

Part-time writer, worked on a few shorts, have one feature length script doing the rounds a...

Normal 11742681 10153415196272177 8126627556807364080 n
Alex Beattie

An aspiring screenwriter.

Normal bafta tw 400x400
Alex White

Devon Based writer, film maker & general creative trying to help other creatives with a goa...

Normal 447b72124d20958dbf35ac4d3fae7c39
Ashley Robak // Writer

Ashley resides in Birmingham, UK. He contributes content to On Record Magazine and Taste of...

Normal photo on 10 11 2015 at 22.31  4
Annette Ward // Writer

Life is more than just back stage.

Normal a cminisquare
Anthony Carpendale // Filmmaker

Freelance filmmaker and cat wrangler.

Normal screen shot 2016 01 03 at 15.41.32
Alex Swinfen

I make stuff. I write stuff. I edit and film stuff.

Normal asmita shrish
Asmita Shrish // Writer/ Director/ Filmmaker

I am an indie filmmaker based in London from Nepal.

andrew wye // writer; psychologist

Almost too curious for my own good - but not quite.

Normal imag0207
Anne Frazer // Video-maker and writer.

I tell stories in words and in images.

Normal untitled
ahsan kazmi

I am currently a first year student student at DMU where I am studying TV Scriptwriting.

Normal k9lrh2 i
Amy Ellingham // Editorial manager at a leadership consultancy

Writer, storyteller, communications all-rounder and dreamer, who now spends a lot of time w...

Normal thumb 8 400x400
Annabelle Afful

Woking In Progress writer

Normal anh4
Adam Hutchison // Writer.

Serial enthusiast with far too much to say!

Normal yyyy
Anne Hartner // Screenwriter

Darting furtively around the edges filmmaking for over a decade.

Normal img 0650
Anne Rodriguez

I live in London, and travel all over the world for work and for fun. I'm new to screenwr...

Normal 2015 05 20 14.28.33
Alma Alice Tagliaferri // corporate storyteller

Still studing and writing and waiting my big opportunity...

Normal 12279217 10207941671599070 4286252907476599247 n
Abbie-Gail Hewitt

Im a student at university studying Media Production.

Normal img 9771
Anton Garmoza // Lawyer

I've never written a movie script before, but I though this might be fun. I hope someone li...

Normal img 5679
Andrew Kanias // Karate Instructor & Herbalife Distributor

I love writing screenplays and have written three features. haven't had any commissioned bu...

Normal 007 02
Austin Charlesworth // Filmmaker, animator, writer, actor, doer of stuff.

Not so much a man as 3 badgers in a man suit.

Normal aless profile pic
aless castagni // Student and would be writer!

I'm in the second year of an MA in Screenwriting. Am passionate about film, television, the...

Normal img 2814
Andrew Colborne // Screenwriter

Someone who leaves entering screenwriting competitions until the last minute!

Alex Kabban

Half Swedish- half Lebanese. Working in Film and TV production.

Normal image
Andre Lecointe-Gayle // Actor

Actor, writer and company Director gives birth to cool ideas

Normal 356
Angela Bhardwaj // Writer

I'm a screen writer who finds it difficult to call myself a screen writer.

Normal amy corzine   in donegal  ireland   2 1
Amy Corzine // Writer

A poet and adventurer in mind and soul if not always body.

Normal picture
Andrea Stephens // Production Manager/Supervisor

I love it when I am surrounded by creative thinkers.

Normal mark and asha impact
Asha and Mark Farris // Writer/Producer

Partners in writing, marriage and the insanity that is parenthood.

Normal profile aiona
Aiona Byuwek // Screenwriter

You don't wanna know

Andrea Ashton // Writer, Director, Producer

sowing the seeds

Normal image
Alex Cannon // Composer

Composer and orchestrator. I write music for film, TV, video games and my own enjoyment.

Normal 10712767 1537477599841216 519633628043326796 n
Animal Muppet

This is a test account

Areola Shinerbock // Juggler

This is stupid.

Normal 15602 10151415865051177 402870023 n
Ahren Morris // IT Professional, independent film producer

Too many projects, too little time

Allister Rae // Writer

I write screenplays.

Normal 10203480419751200
Andrew Palmer // Assistant Director

Cursed with the ambition to make movies

A T // Part-Time Researcher/Writer - Full Time Technical Analyst

Interested in ideas that are thought provoking or outside the normal spectrum of thought.

Normal phototwo
anne-marie caluwaert // writer

Mad about writing horses and dogs. Do a bit of painting on silk and sculpturing...

Normal photo for fest2
Alena Cadova

Writer, daydreamer, escapist.

Anne James // Writing for performance.

Middle-aged, born working-now-middle-class woman interested in class, power and how that wo...

Angela Peters

Actor, blogger, writer

Normal hs
Alex Taylor // Director

A walking repository of British tv comedy quotes.

Normal 2016 05 13 23.41.07 1
Andy Perry // Writer

Transposing the chaos of my thoughts

Normal jinge
Al Watt // full time carer for my wife

hypergraphia is a wonderful affliction.

Normal adam
Adam Starks // Director/Writer

I make movies

Normal foto toniroig
Antoni Roig // University Lecturer

I live in Barcelona, where I work as a lecturer in media.

Andrew Dixon // Various

Creator of many things from log houses to real ale. Sound engineer, inventor and dreamer.

Ann Richardson // Audiobook Narrator

I sit in a padded room and talk to a stick all day. (I've won awards for this!)

Anna Forsdick

I'm a reader not a writer.

Normal img 0546a
Ann Rumsby // Writer and teller of stories

There are always more stories. I want to tell them.

Normal img 4803
Anders Kjaer

Filmmaker in spe

Normal img 1692
Antony Jones // Writer

Writer of Dark Signal (2016) and Red Hex (2018).

Andrew Minhinnick // Office worker

A frustrated fantasist who still has dreams and every now and again remembers one and write...

Adrianna Weryk

Get this story out of me, please!

Normal web andrew baguley  michael wharley 2014 2
andrew baguley // VoiceOver and Actor and Writer.

Currently on 5th Career Path after Business, Actor 1st Go, Housing Manager, Factory Worker.

Normal  0010189
Alex Thompson // Sales manager for a scientific instrumentation company

Aspiring writer with four screenplays, two children's books and several short stories under...

Normal oct 2013  2
Adrian Cave // Opera Singer

New to writing. Really enjoying searching for a 'voice', as with stage-performing which I l...

Normal ac102crop
Alex Claus // Actor

Philanthropist and bare-knuckle prizefighter

Normal z d6ea21b7
Anna Kumacheva // Producing / Writing / Teaching

I am a romantic dreamer...

Normal 200x200
Ala Gorzela

realash diskuze

Arnold Ponikowski

szybka pozyczka

Normal willis avatar 5 2012 200x200
Asia Cysowski

nanolash meilleur prix

Normal gothdetectives tnt  2
Azalee Robarge

Normal mario  2
Anna Majewska

Bielizna Ślubna

Andrzej Chmielewski

jak się pozbyć bruzd nosowo wargowych?

Ala Siorba

serum za rast trepavica forum

Normal noel error alert
Agata Sabina

czujniki dymu

Andrew Watson // Director

Love movies. Want to bring my vision of them to you.

Agata Togmker

Najtańsza kamagra

Normal gothdetectives noel tnt2  2
Alicja Gajewska

Sukienki Koktajlowe

Ania Togre

kamagra stosowanie

Anka Todmker

zdrowie blog

Aisha Baraek

Pokemon Go Hack

Normal gothdetectives noel tnt2
Antonina Eugenia

restauracja tarnów

Normal mario doc
Arleta Teresa

czujnik czadu i gazu

Asia Jakimowicz

realash kde kupit

Normal toad  2
Andrij Szapelon

Odzież i akcesoria medyczne

Normal locoroco
Andrij Kamare

Zdrowa i dobra żywność

Ala Grzela

ögonfransnäring biverkningar

Normal breakfast
agnieszka Chmielewska

Apaszki Jedwabne

Normal goomba
Andrij Kordovski

Motoryzacja i części samochodowe

Normal nyan
Angela Adamczyk

Elegancka Odzież