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Project The Impact:50

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The Team

Normal chris jones headshot square
Chris Jones // Director

Create50 founder, author, filmmaker and directors of LondonSWF and TEDxEaling

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Vanessa Bailey // Social Media Strategist and Support

Actor, writer and reluctant producer. Social media junkie

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Judy Goldberg // Co-ordination

Leading the kick ass physical and logistics support team

Normal dscn0290
Bob Eckhard // Writer

Teacher, minister and now full-time writer - when not doing the other two.

Normal brian
Brian Comerford // Screenwriter

Chewing the pen on the Wild Atlantic Way

Normal neon demon teaser poster
Ben Stoddart // Operations Coordinator, BFI

I'm one of those lucky people who did a film degree and actually managed to end up working ...

Bren Sanders // Writer/Filmmaker

Writer of wonderfully silly films!

Bo Liu

Me me me

Bruno Sousa // Aerospace Engineer

Father of 3, spacecraft operations engineer with the European Space Agency, hobby playwrigh...

Normal self  red shirt
Brian MacEvilly // Screenwriter

English & Philosophy dropout; been a bartender, construction worker, long-haul driver, adve...

Normal kari 3
Bhavnisha Parmar // I'm an actress, writer and VO artist working across TV, Film and Theatre.

I have an Indian heritage, East African parents and was born in Birmingham, UK. A diverse c...

Normal ben 2
Ben Woodiwiss // Writer/Director

Ben Woodiwiss was born in London, UK. He set up Look/Think Films in 2010. Look/Think Films ...

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Brandon Ashinoff // Scientist

I enjoy coming up with stories in my spare time.

Normal avonstudios 09103 pp  533x800
Bren Littlewood // Writer

Crime writer who enjoys writing the villians.

Ben Hilton // Filmmaker

Makes Films. Drinks Tea. Production Marxist.

Normal bfs edit4
Ben Spencer // Researcher

Scientist-slash-writer of stories, theatre and film!

Normal image
Benjamin Lewis // Writer and director although other things pay the bills at the moment

I used to write a lot of screenplays but I have lapsed recently, even lowering myself to wr...

Normal img 0447
Bill Sarre // Consultant

I have goats (that's not a medical condition)

Normal fullsizerender
Ben Tobin // A keen screenplay writer with a proper job on the side

I escape my work by writing feature films, shorts and competitions

Normal brendan wpd
Brendan O'Neill // Writer/Producer/Director

Small but feisty filmmaking.

Normal me
Ben Wilson // Corporate communicator and storyteller

Communicator, storyteller and flying car enthusiast.

Normal tiger
Bushra Satkhed // Student

I'm a high school student. I love writing, I've also self published a mystery novel called ...

Normal thumbnail create50
Brendan O'Shea // I'm a writer, with a dash of student on the side

B J O'Shea is an Australian writer. This includes hiding inside on a computer all day. He t...

Normal img 2709
Briyana Bryant

I love to sing and write songs. I have so much ambition, determination, and hope in everyth...

Normal img 0174
Bindiya Jay

I like staying up all night to write, going out in the rain, driving with the windows down ...

Normal  camera trap    on set
Ben Desmond // Script Supervisor and Writer

I am driven to tell stories, but more importantly to have the chance to work with some of t...

Normal cam 0029
Brian Shaw // Heating engineer

I love the art of film making/writing screenplays

Normal profile pic
Beth Warin // Writer

I'm fascinated by psychology! Specifically the creepier, quirkier aspects to human behaviou...

Normal tfooxw

About Me

Normal picture1
Barry Hood

I'm fairly new to this

Normal bobmonkey
Bob Schultz // Writer

Who's the black private dick who's a sex machine to all the chicks? Bob! Damn right.

Normal dsc01313
Bernie Drake // Writer

Creative, witty, willing and able

Normal 1185065 844030903849 1296139880 n
Britany Felix

A woman wondering how to permanently wander.

Normal bm headshot
ben mole // director

There shall in that time be rumors of things going astray...

Normal benhead15
Ben Jacobson // Filmmaker

I am an experienced award winning filmmaker, currently developing debut feature film. Inspi...

Normal 20141101 130219
Becky Thurgood

I read a lot. I write a bit. I love stories.

Normal horse
Bob Saunders

A lover of movies

Normal best big head
Barry Staff // Some kinda screenwriter

I'd be a revenue stream if I sold a script.

Normal generic 50 kisses headshot
Barnabe Freixo // Filmmaker

Filmmaker of 'The Last Supper' for 50 Kisses.

Normal img 0486
Bob John // Writer

Trained assassin, supermodel and now a pyjama-wearing-scriptwriter.

Normal enter the dojo   behind the scenes 87
Ben Hyland // Writer/Director

I am a Writer/Director working within independent filmmaking.

Normal sam 3065 2
Bruce Beardall // Writer

If everyone in the world was just like me, it would be a much stranger place.

Normal brin 24
Brinda Devi Surnam // Writer and educator

Overflowing with stories dying to get out of my head and thrive out there.

Normal sam 2631
brad creel // Screenwriting

I'm a nice guy with great ideas.

Normal 11150948 10152762150391646 3655249497377469981 n
Brendan Cleaves // Director

I used to be indecisive, but now I'm not too sure.

Normal img 0051  1
Bren Sanders // Writer

Writer of wonderfully silly films - and now short stories apparently.

Normal dsc 1666
Bas Geelen // Writer/director

exploring the limits of my creations as a writer and filmmaker.

Normal bob small portrait
Bob Canning // Playwright/Screenwriter

I am an award-winning playwright now dabbling in screenwriting

Normal profilepic
Brenda Washbourne // Writer, Photographer, Artist

I'm an interpreter - on paper, through the lens, and on canvas.

Normal img 0494
Bradley Basterfield // Acting Student

I own a Batman cap. I win.

Normal 2015 10 31 15.34.35
Benedict Moran // Writer

Ticked every box until he had to tick his own

Normal photos 012
Ben Lacey // Writer

Builder, writer, warrior, lover, liar.

Normal profile
Bronwyn Gregory // Science Fiction, Horror and Urban Fiction Writer. Avid Reader.

Horror! Sci-Fi! All manner of strange happenings! Writer and avid reader, BP Gregory was al...

Normal image
Ben Gutteridge // Writer/Director

Started in commercials. Now making Films and TV too.

Normal authorphoto2
Bianca Rowena // Author

Bianca Rowena was born in Romania, Transylvania and has enjoyed writing from a young age....

Normal pic of me2
Boaz Dror // Writer

I'm an award winning screenwriter and director who's written ADR for anime, worked in corpo...

Normal dscf5164
Ben Marshall // Writer

A story teller wanting to lift his words from page to screen; creating hard to earn that fi...

Benedict Sampays // Painter and Decorator

I am rather shy and extremely self deprecating but I have an inner strenght and belief in w...

Normal n1448212691 9349
Brian Clark // Writer

Golden-oldie (for 'golden' read 'grey'.

Normal me in the snow
Bia Kazmi // Student

I'm a student studying Maths, and I'm also an aspiring writer.

Normal scan 5
Beverley Cooper-Chambers // Freelance Verbatim Court Reporter and MA Television Scriptwriting student at De Montfort.

Did the bringing up the family it's me time...I can't find what I want to watch o...

Normal image
bill thomas // Director

I'm a fiction director with a particular interest in alternative history projects.

Normal image
Ben Hassell // Screenwriter

I'm looking to write strong human stories with diverse characters.

Normal benjamin mhpic
Benjamin Moreno Hornkohl // Writer / Director

An almost professional football player, who ended up chasing stories instead of a ball.

Normal create50
Bridget Burgoyne

Writes scripts and stories.

Normal img 3406
Bartholomew Cryan // Removals

I am the person that removes your furniture when you don't want it (and gives it to my rela...

Bob Armour // Writer - Comedy, Drama, Thriller

A grumpy Glaswegian with a lot to say and a really cruel dark sense of humour

Normal 1505615 10152951446693612 5106759849076908129 n
Bill Taylor // Writer/Director

A guy who wants to tell stories for a living

Bernard Miller // writer

Struggling to get the story told.

Normal image
Billie-Jean Chappell // Author/Screenwriter

I'm an aspiring screenwriting. Tried writing a few scripts a few years ago, but then stopp...

Normal buffy pool
Bethany Clift

Romantic geek who wants to travel the universe in her starship, survive the zombie apocalyp...

Normal dscf3923
Brenda Young // Writer, author, film-maker

Screenwriter and author. With several short screenplays advanced through the rounds of the ...

Normal snapshot 20150730
Ben Goodman

Uninspired lawyer.

Normal bob cartoon 160x160px
Bob Taylor // Owner of production company and writer

Former head of Ernst & Young film fund, now developing own scripts and projects

Normal dsc 1241 cu
Bryan Romaine // Writer/Director/Novelist/Film Technician/Cameraman

I write comedy screenplays, novels and short films. Yay me -- though for this comp I've wri...

Normal bracken burns 5  2 of 58  edit 7
Bracken Burns // Actor and Producer

Canadian. Active production company in Canada and UK. I do a little bit of everything!

Normal stargate light 4small
Bradford Richardson // Screenwriter - Misadventure Dramatic Comedies

I've been writing about my dumb-lucky dramatic misadventures since I could hold a crayon. M...

Normal right side up
Bruce Thomas // front-end javascript programmer

programmer by day, film maker by night

brian Friefeld // Teacher

I like to write, so I write.

Normal me with a pipe
Billy Degge // Student


Normal lsf 2016
Bryony Quigly // Screenwriter

Rainbows, sunshine, sarcasm, Wonder-Woman

Ben Hilton // writer

I'm an aspiring short story and screenwriter looking for feedback

Brian Malm // Registry Liaison Executive

I am an avid gamer and social media enthusiast with a great love for story writing and read...

Ben Sunnucks

Film-maker and historian.

Normal passport photo
Baz Hodson // Film maker

Film Director and Producer - always aiming to be fresh, inspiring and thought provoking.

Bryan Maeen // State Employee helping individuals and families with food, money, medical, and daycare.

What can I say? Except for I am me.

Normal headshot bw1
Bethany White // Student, writer of fiction prose and scripts

Enthusiastic, excitable and a keen learner. I like to take every opportunity on offer to me.

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Barnarda Xienbir

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Bella Czerwiec

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Bogina Ceomceojcaop

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Bernt Coicrkieuhquaj

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Barnarda Geubxessene

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Bradly Apyuan

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Burckhard Xiamcewyilze

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Bogdan Cienxa

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Bolormaa Gilquohna

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