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Project The Impact:50

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The Team

Normal chris jones headshot square
Chris Jones // Director

Create50 founder, author, filmmaker and directors of LondonSWF and TEDxEaling

Normal 1011990 780455335315118 44489861 n
Vanessa Bailey // Social Media Strategist and Support

Actor, writer and reluctant producer. Social media junkie

Normal img 3917
Judy Goldberg // Co-ordination

Leading the kick ass physical and logistics support team

Normal unnamed
Delphine Bergsma // writer

I studied the craft of screenwriting first at St Martins School of Arts, then UCL Universit...

Normal dawn cobalt
Dawn Cobalt

I made SWALK for 50 Kisses

Normal dan
Daniel Czerwonka // Filmmaker

Filmmaker of 'Last Chance' for 50 Kisses.

Normal dalj
Dalj Brar // Filmmaker

Producer of independent films

Normal djonny
Djonny Chen

I made Nothing Ventured & Close Encounters for 50 Kisses

Normal danny
Daniel Owen van Dommelen // Person

I am Dutch, which pretty much sums it up ;)

Normal headshot dave herman 4
Dave Herman // Screenwriter, documentary producer, musician

London-born screenwriter and documentary producer living and working in Amsterdam, The Neth...

Normal img 4379 001
David Marantz // Writer

Write. Eat. Sleep. Repeat.

Normal drocchio
David Rocchio // I am a writer, filmmaker and creative producer.

My background is as an attorney and business consultant. I founded a non-profit to help eme...

Normal bwm dave
Dave Bullis // Screenwriter

Filmmaker & Podcaster from Philly

Normal headshot
Daley James Francis // Writer

Terrence Malick meets Terrance and Phillip.

Normal 20100618  dsc0016
David Wigram // Film Editor

I always watched films, so then I studied films, and I now make films.

Normal robert bearsby dsc 1272
David Tomlin // Writer/Director with experience in short films, music videos and documentaries

A story teller with a creative brain about to explode

Normal dave headshot 2
Dave Stevenson // By day a cinema worker, by night a screenwriter. Or should that be the other way round?

Welsh born, London based screenwriter and comedian. Writing stories with varying degrees of...

Normal davesmall
David Bryant // Screenwriter, director

An increasingly picky film fan who wants to travel back in time to 1985

Normal headshot
Dan Tonkin // Writer / Filmmaker

Once upon a time I never knew what I wanted to do, I wake up every day now knowing exactly ...

Normal diane  2
Diane Carsey // I am a writer and artist

Love to write tales with a twist from things i see around me everyday

Normal me
David Buick // Screenwriter

I'm not a liar but I do make stuff up.

Normal donna
Donna O'Reilly

Enjoying learning, writing and feeling part of a community.

Normal 10338429 10152477860455469 5765722665752755023 o
Drew Lovett // Director

I am a Manchester Based Film director

Normal dcarey
Devon Carey // Writer

My name is Devon Carey, I am 23 years old and hail from Jacksonville, NC. I have had modest...

Normal img 2637
Damian Davis // TV producer

Really like the idea of Create50, look forward to receiving and giving feedback.

Normal darren.barker 1413824000 14
Darren Barker // Screenwriter

Screenwriter getting there slowly - winner of LSF/Script Angel competition 2014

Normal profile 3
Diana Murdock

A woman on a mission to take on the world one story at a time.

Normal img 0441fxpan
Dan Hall // Writer & Producer

"Whosoever is delighted in solitude is either a wild beast or god" Not my words; wish ...

Normal 523085 271963982913415 968393321 n
Dustin Bowcott // Writer

Actions speak louder...

Normal b w headshot 20150628
David John Buckley // Writer

Manchester based writer, comedian, performance poet and special snowflake

Normal 1926733 10202368957398997 1735272151 n
Dan Campisi // I'm disabled. I write stories to pass the time.

I love fantasy, good stories, crazy ideas, and asking why not?

Normal dave head 2
David Lambertson

An old man that recently took up the craft.

Normal n695548619 180705 499
Dav Turner // Writer, have sold three comic scripts in the UK for the "Commando" series

I am an extremely creative person focussed on writing and filmmaking. I have sold three com...

Normal personal
David Ngure // Budding Writer

Often troubled, easily remedied.

Normal 1435227567129 951652659
Dunja Čižmek // Writer

My first try at screenwriting. So far i've only written short stories.

Normal dave jpg
David Ward // I'm a builder and part time scribbler

Recommended reading: Mark Wilson, WHOVIANS. KT Parker, Firewalkers. Dominic Jones 'Big Tony...

Normal whodeani com bc
Dean Jones // Musician

Playing hard to want.

Normal dom 3
Dominic Jones // Teacher

"The little guy with the big voice" was how one person described me.

Normal 14731352 361145254222595 2542484722089790610 n
David F. Jacobson // Writer/Producer, Director

Zero-Gravity on a near Zero-Budget? We did it!!!

Normal img 6765
Daemian Greaves // Writer/Director/Actor

It makes me happy to put the pictures in my head onto paper.

Normal img 0717
Dan James // Writer

Indescribably un-pithy.

damian soto

hairy bolding git ranting about flags and identity

Normal 36365 10150214600735594 4851233 n  1
Danny Coakley // Actor

Attempting to transfer from Theatre to Film, hence require raw footage for my showreel

Normal iel2
Danielle Louise Garan

I can't sing and dance to save my life, but I hope I can save another's from my writing.

Normal alu 0037a
David Hardwick // Songwriter & Composer (but I do have a day job :)

Trainee billionaire, still in training.

Normal scullion
David Scullion // Writer

David Scullion - writer / director / occasional ninja. Stalk him on Twitter @The_Scullion

Normal 6347013 300x300
Dom Lee // Film Editor

I like telling stories.

Normal me
Dylan Rees // Production Manager

I'm like a sexy boiled egg.

Normal generic 50 kisses headshot
Darren Garcia // Filmmaker

Filmmaker of 'Close Encounters' for 50 Kisses

Normal damian
Damian Mallon // Filmmaker

Filmmaker of 'Countdown' for 50 Kisses

Normal generic 50 kisses headshot
David Chavez // Filmmaker

Filmmaker of 'Neil' for 50 Kisses.

Daniel Hilton // I am a writer.

I was Nick Clegg's publicist.

Normal img 0307
Derek Parsons // Producer

Writer and producer loving the process

David Jones // Script Reader

Love films, love working on them, love reading about them. Breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Normal 11082627 10153727156654951 96693389309797473 n
Derrie Catton // Writer

I'm going to read everyone else's bio first, then edit this.

Normal david a barak
David Barak // Writer, director, producer, whatever is required!

Pictures and words, my life is pictures and words.

Normal img 0689   version 3   2011 12 02 at 11 01 11
David Wolfe // Stay-at-home Dad

After working fifteen years as a lawyer, I have been a stay-at-home dad raising my three ch...

Normal profile photo
Danielle Wager // Writer / Screenwriter

Film nerd, mum of two, writer of various short film, feature, play and TV scripts. See ht...

Normal dianaredcarpet
Diana Juhr-DeBenedetti // producer


Normal fullsizerender
David Keane // Writer

Dublin based writer of scripts, shorts stories, and poetry.

Declan O'Rreilly // Writer, preferably of fictions, but not always so.

I write all kinds of things, including, plays, screenplays, short stories and factual

Normal 376122 304397482905651 100000062064156 1360645 2128150089 n
Dave Jackson // Writer/ Screenwriter/ Songwriter

Singer & songwriter with post-punk and dark country bands (The Room, Benny Profane & Dead C...

Normal nyctophonia dylan keeling
Dylan Keeling // I direct films, write poems and stories, and make music.

My imagination makes outlandish leaps; I cannot keep up so I live in a state of terror and ...

Normal dm mug
Denzil Monk // Producer & writer

Producer, social entrepreneur, Bard of Kernow

Normal step8045
Debbie Owen // Writer

I've been a writer in my own head since I was 8... in reality, since I was about 30. 22 y...

Normal img 1683
Daniel Carter-Hope // Musician, actor and presenter

Bass player. Bluesman. Comic actor. Clicktivist. I look like an Italian playing a Mexican i...

Normal avata2
David Heels // Film Maker / Photographer

misanthropic old cunt.

Normal 10211 10151290987166442 784960487 n
Darren O'Hagan

Avid horror fan.

Normal me
Darren Roberts // Writer

A writer who's none too fond of describing himself.

Normal david mott   headshot 2013  25percent size
David Mott // I have been acting for a few years in film and tv. I started writing a few years ago

I like to write understanding,unlocking my imagination going into deep thoughts.

Normal david amazon
David Cunningham // Writer.

Short story writer (London Magazine, Radio 4) and Y.A. novelist (Faber & Faber).

Normal d1
David L. Stokes // I'm a pretty obsessive screenwriter.

Husband, father, screenwriter, producer, ballet enthusiast.... The last one was a lie.

Normal image
Diana Morag Purves // Writer

Recently moved to London after 6 years in Paris. Originally from Australia. Juggling writi...

Normal img 8789 sml
Dan Price // Writer/Director

Manchester based writer/director

Normal gjw 6647 edit1   cropped
David E. Gates // Writer, Director, Editor

Written film reviews for Starburst and Samhain magazines, a number of short stories, a full...

Normal 1a463631 75b0 4a89 9cfe 7466633eed71  2
Diana Read // Professional Procrastinator

I like hats and cats. And occasionally cats in hats, cats on hats, cats around hats and cat...

Normal dominic for imdb
Dominic Hatje // Actor

One lifetime to make a an impact on the world, figuring it out now before it's too late and...

Normal screenshot 2015 08 18 17.38.53  2
Dawn Johnston // Screenwriter

Canadian screenwriter, illustrator, web designer, and some boring stuff.

Normal daphne profile
Daphne Kapsali // Writer

Writer, reluctant yogi, coffee drinker & pathological optimist.

Normal pic
Dave Forest // Writer -- film, stage, magazines, web

When not writing, I'm traveling. Sometimes both -- I wrote most of my last screenplay "The ...

Normal profile pic
Daniel Donoso

I have always been a Film buff. I love all aspects and components that makeup a film. Actor...

Normal image
Dana Pierre // Writer

A mother, a writer and now an optioned screenwriter... It doesn't end there! Got to keep d...

Normal darrin grimwood
Darrin Grimwood // Screenwriter

Writing chillers in the tropics.

Normal 10439523 10154940067570078 5390435179144385741 n
Duncan Eastwood // I'm a promo editor for television

Currently generating horrifyingly funny tales. Love to share ghost stories around the camp ...

David Blakemore // Writer

An aspiring looking to create imaginative stories.

Normal 11225456 10207786523919274 2178062005666102590 o
Daniel Brown // Writer

Self-depreciation isn't my strong suit.

Normal fair6a
Dee Sidlo // Vintage sewing pattern e-tailer

I'm in the last year of an Open University degree, mainly Humanities subjects. When I have...

Normal deva palmier the box
Deva Palmier // Filmmaker

I love making films.

Normal img 8273
Denise Ni Chulain // Aspiring film maker

I'm very passionate about film, it's my escape and it means a lot to me. I'm very enthusias...

Normal profile pic
Dan Peach // Video game developer.

Love anything creative. AND...spaghetti, pizza, tea, and jammie dodgers.

Normal 1017716 10152237647225660 798207439 n
Debbie Harvey // Retired

Getting back into being creative

Normal wes unshaven
Darin Roberts // Writer.

I once gave CPR to a Pug named "Bogart"... he lived.

Normal win 20151216 210242
Dena McKinnon // I write.

Writer and poet.

Normal david nicholas wilkinson 150x150
David Nicholas Wilkinson // Filmmaker/ Distributor

I am one of the Executive Producers of THE IMPACT

Normal image
Di Larowska // Writer

Carbon based life form

Normal cmykungxaaapbil
Duncan Gates // Dramatist/NGO Officer

Writer of plays for stage and radio

Deborah Jeffrey // Writer

Writing for the heart and mind, social and political comment

Normal img 1269
Diane Simpson // Writer

Writing novels, scripts, stories - helping the sales of paper. ...

Normal profile selfie
Dorothee Kuepers // Writer. Translator

I'm a tri-lingual (English, German, French) translator/subtitler of French/German descent. ...

Normal dave pic cropped
David Keeling // Director/Writer

Director and sometimes writer living in Ireland

Normal della stone circle
Della Greenawalt // Writer

Write, travel, volunteer at our local animal shelter, love horses, the West, gardening, dog...

Normal me
David Toms // Writer, Director and Editor

Writer and Director from Birmingham, UK. With years of experience in writing and directing ...

Normal wimbleball lake
David Jenkinson // Film Student looking to specialise in Writing and Directing

I'm easy going and fun loving, yet obsessed with stories and films. 24/7 I'm thinking about...

Normal 2015 09 03 15.57.44
David Anderson // Writer

Published author of some half dozen short stories and 35 years worth of advertising copy.

Normal 1 resized   copy
Diann Beck // Paralegal

A striver, a romantic despite all odds, a soul dancer swathed in purple, seeking always Fre...

Normal debi 1
Debi Yazbeck // Screenwriter, blogger, short story fiction

Do I really have to do reality again? ... Only if it's unusual.

Normal devi new filmmakers sm
Devi Snively // I'm a writer/directrix, published author and college marm.

I’m a former ballerina-turned-screenwriter/directrix of humorously macabre films who teache...

Normal doug5
Doug Barden // Writer


Normal tumblr o04ntfqh4u1qcwo7eo1 540
Dana Chapman

A 24 year old British girl who would one day love to have a career writing and making films.

Normal dympna profile pic
Dympna Jardine // Writer-director

I like to use comedy to challenge fixed ideas

Normal david easton bnw profile pic
David Easton // Director, DOP and Writter an all round film maker.

David is a true filmmaker having made 10 shorts films, two winning awards and acting as Dir...

Normal dom1
Dominic Carver // Writer


Dan McCurry

Criminal defence solicitor

Normal img 3536
Darya Kotenko // Aspiring scriptwriter

What I prefer to do is: set free the emotions by playing the piano, share passion through t...

Normal img 7056a
Diana Galimzyanova

writer/director based in Moscow, Russia.

Normal pic 1
Deborah Nicoll // Creative Retailer (market trader)

I'm rubbish a writing twisted stories. In fact I've been at it since the Impact ended and I...

Normal dan phelps pic small
Dan Phelps // Composer

Classical composer and pianist.

Normal dan
Danny Matier // Writer / Director

Writer and director from Australia, which means I have a lot of time on my hands.

Desmond Scheerlinck // Writer

I like writing fiction. Mostly within the SF, horror and fantasy genre, and a little bit of...

Normal jess brownrigg tour guide
Dominic Brownrigg // I'm a London tour guide, revelling in stories of the strange and extraordinary.

Lover of stories, exploring and human beings, occasionally apocalyptically clumsy.

Normal danny1
Daniella Gallistl

Austria based. I'm a brand, graphic designer who likes to write

Normal di photo facebook
Diana Lock // Writer

I hope to be able to write something memorable one day.

Normal daniel johnson2
Daniel Johnson // Screenwriter

I am a writer, skilled in all 26 letters of the alphabet.

Normal 2013 03 dan s headshot copy
Dan Ginsberg // Writer/Artist

I was a punk-ass street kid in Brooklyn before the place got gentrified.

Normal img 0021
Dilpreet Kaur Walia // Writer & Puppeteer

Writer & Puppeteer chasing the dream!

Normal danehoratiocat1 11 15
Dane Lowrie // Writer, musician, graphic artist

I live in suburban New Jersey, 25 miles west of New York City. My favorite genres of film a...

Normal image
Debbie Dorio // I am a writer.

My dog runs my life, I love the boys of summer, and I spend my free time getting my picture...

Normal 10313225 10152052050317687 3003142791704695624 n
Dominic Brancaleone // Writer & Videographer

I live in sunny Bournemouth and shoot videos, edit videos and write for a living.

Normal denise stephani portrait turkey  rose version  300dpi  3
Denise Stephani Mitchell // Writer & Choreographer

I am a writer & choreographer who inspires societal evolution through the arts.

Normal 11145712336 bd5106cde1 o
Dai Jeffcoate // Writer and Director.

Beard owner from South Wales.

duff verf // wxcwcwcw


Normal davidgriffith
David Griffith // Screenwriter

Writer, producer and director of tv documentaries, shorts and feature films.

Dean Lachiusa // FireTV-Roku Channel Producer

I operate a Fire TV channel called Movies Plus. It's a place for Indie Filmmakers to scree...

Normal me 0915 kc200 1000 bw sq
Darren Priest // Writer

Screenwriter, ScreenwritingU ProSeries Alumni, and pursuer of Kahlua-based cakes! :-)

Normal dsc 0001
David Priestley // Director

Director and Writer (depending on the day).

Normal ewa
David Phillipson Gray // Music Compostion for film.

Music Composition for motion pictures.

Dino estrelinha // Director

A guy who wants to shoot something

Normal 182x152
Dan Horrigan // writer and director

One Heart One Home

Normal naysan pic
Daniel Naysan // Healthcare Professional

I am active in the dental industry and direct patients to resources that provide informatio...

Normal img 0351
David Schofield // Writer Director

I write and direct short films and commercials for a living

Normal correctfaqimage
David Mysko // Doctor

I'm a skin care expert who treats patients looking to improve their aesthetics. I can perfo...

Normal profilepic
Daniel Staniforth // Theatre Technical Manager

I'm happier in the darkness watching the show from the wings. That doesn't mean I didn't he...

Normal d1
Drew Lovell // Writer

Writer. Doltish thinker. Smeghead.

Normal athenadee
Dee Chilton // Screenwriter/Writer

Navy Veteran & Blood Listed Writer. Athena List Finalist (1 of 9). Nicholl and AustinFF Ver...

Normal 5870576697 dd39e0cd3c b
Diana Liu // Student

I am a university student, aspiring scriptwriter and director.

Dawn Burgess // I am a produced writer, emerging director.

I like chocolate and enchiladas...but not "chocolate enchiladas" - not that I've tried it, ...

Normal img 6914
David Young // Writer: Sitcom Pilot, Short Story & Feature Film

More degrees than a Phoenix summer, and have turned a paying legal career into a speculativ...

Normal fullsizerender
Dean Marriner // Currently I'm a Director of a design and branding consultants

I'm old enough to know better, but still young enough to not care. I'm looking for a peg to...

Normal img 2935
Donald Morris-Vincent // Writer

An it harm none, do what thou will

Normal me
Dane Jones // Producer

I am a guy who likes to make and watch movies. Oh, you do too? No waaaaaaay?!

Normal headshot dc
David Chavez

I'm a director / writer. Co- Founder of Newborn Studios

Darren Young // Director

A North American director who has primarily made Horror and Dramatic Short films

Normal 0020 jpg100
Delphine Montariol // Writer

I'm a dreamer, who lost herself into the darkness of the law, before coming back to my firs...

Normal dsc 0478
Douw van der Walt // Writer

I write to make room for neuroses-in-waiting

Normal dave smith
Dave Smith // writer

It's not the despair that gets you it's the hope.

Normal img 7310
Dean Straffon // Camera Assistant

A man trying to find an audience with his ideas.

Normal img 1230
Dena Corry // Tutor

I teach interior design in adult education. I also do freelance interior design putting cre...

Normal img 0815
David Poole // Writer Director

I am an award winning artist and filmmaker. My narrative short films have been funded and b...

Normal egypt2
David Wilks // Writer / Director

Science Fiction / Alternative Archeology enthusiast

Normal 15046982 1213405475364632 4884656925532225536 n
Don McVey // Director of Photography

I'm a DoP. That's me. See!

Normal maccheese
Delmar Temp

en pharmacie

Normal mario
Denis Smolarek

szafy na wymiar

Delmar Wait

imetyksen aikana

Normal paperstars
Dobrochna Dobrzycki

Dezyderiusz Goibwiotoaofqoiweoe

tablice korkowe gabloty

Dariusz Mazur

badania genetyczne kraków

Normal nutella
Dalton Comrey

biverkningar forum

Dalbor Groszyk

Dariusz Kaminski

jak zlikwidować zmarszczki mimiczne?

Damon Elmer

forum tablet

Normal pencilsun
Dyjoniza Dibcuihlaedkiofoewt

gablota wewnętrzna wystawowa

Normal mario doc  2
Dimczo Koawcikbaryuo

gablota wewnętrzna reklamowa

Dragan Rohgea

Obozy Party Camp

Normal breakfast
Deonizja Gaik

prezent na mikołajki

Diloram Cujliexh

gabloty wolnostojące producent

Normal breakfast
Domina Siewierska

święty Mikołaj

Normal toad  2
Dian Crouch

jak stosować czystek

Dominika Nekri

gablota stojąca

Donat Uryga

le grand metz

Normal david
Dorothy Schultz

First measurement time. The second measurement of moods had a positive influence on the use...

Normal 355790154
Dorie Weatherholt

best mens sex toys

Normal noel error alert
Darek Drynda

Który producent oferuje najlepsze gadżety detektywistyczne?

Normal not keen 2
Delete Myaccount // Unsatisfied customer

I just want to delete my account but create50 won't let me and won't reply to my emails.

Daniela Arleta

kontenery morskie

Normal gothdetectives tnt3
Damian Dudek

come far allungare il pene

Normal goomba
Damian Jaworski