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Project The Impact:50

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The Team

Normal chris jones headshot square
Chris Jones // Director

Create50 founder, author, filmmaker and directors of LondonSWF and TEDxEaling

Normal 1011990 780455335315118 44489861 n
Vanessa Bailey // Social Media Strategist and Support

Actor, writer and reluctant producer. Social media junkie

Normal img 3917
Judy Goldberg // Co-ordination

Leading the kick ass physical and logistics support team

Normal me 2
Michael Seal // Ex Forces, working in IT

I'm Mike, ex-army, and currently working in IT. I have some amazing stories to tell and hen...

Normal red carpet
Mark Jones // Part-time museum worker, full-time scriptwriter.

Breaking into the TV industry, one spec at a time.

Normal mac
Mac McSharry

Winner of 50 Kisses with 'SWALK'

Normal generic 50 kisses headshot
Marc Lockier

Winner of 50 Kisses with '60 Year Valentine'

Normal img 20150202 wa0022
martin webb // writer atm, default director

Been does that...trying to form team for short films

Normal mark
Mark Morris // Director

Filmmaker of 'Boxes' for 50 Kisses

Normal generic 50 kisses headshot
Martin Saarell // Filmmaker

Filmmaker of 'Enough', ' Neil', 'Nothing Ventured', and 'The Moment' for 50 Kisses

Normal mel smith personal
Melody Smith // Filmmaker

I Made 60 Year Valentine for 50 Kisses

Normal michael penny
Michael Penny

I made Unbearable for 50 Kisses

Normal generic 50 kisses headshot
Marcela Marquel // Filmmaker

Filmmaker of 'Him and Her' for 50 Kisses

Normal  mg 0940
Maria Serrador // Actor

Portuguese actress looking for great projects to be involved with and get to know interest...

Michael Paszkowski

Non-practicing Taoist

Margaret Ricke // Writer

Don't mistake me for a sweet old lady.

Normal img 0474
Martin Skellern // Writer

You can reach me at frozen tundra 69657

Normal the journey dvd cover  no text
MR NIELSEN // Writer / Director

Tenacious, proactive Writer / Director who believes in a mutually supportive creative indus...

Normal matt white  1
Matt White // Writer and scriptwriter

I work in chickens, but when I get home I write about monsters.

Normal dsc 0107 3 2
Marc Lockier // Writer

Writer of the 50 Kisses segment "60 Year Valentine"

Normal image
Mathiz Mathieu

Copywriter with a passion for television & cinematography

Normal mike2
MJ Simpson // writer

Former scifi/horror journo, now writing books and scripts. Earning a living by putting word...

Martin Barandalla // Scriptwriter

I have worked as a scritpwriter in tv and in film development and production.

Normal picture 1
Mike Fraser // Freelance Editor

Just a fun loving freelance film maker/editor from Canada

Normal p1040276
Mike Waugh // Professional gambler

Living at the crossroads where art and science meet

Normal marksheeky
Mark Sheeky // Artist

I am an artist painter, writer, musician, performer, designer.

Normal headshot
Michael Staniforth // Post-doctoral researcher

I do science and write stories, then, sometimes, I write science and do stories.

Normal 11052886 10205107956771799 9155096827154748962 n
Meghan Osler // College student

I'm a senior Biology major with an English minor. I hope to peruse a carrier in zoology res...

Normal img 9632   version 2
Milla X. Tuokkola // I'm an unemployed writer, of course.

A Finnish woman.

Matthew Strachan

Composer & lyricist / Film :: TV :: Theatre :: Radio / 12-time ASCAP award winner

Normal img 0719
Matthew Lavender // Writer

"Not" an idiot

Normal mikeheadshot edited 1
Mike Morucci // Day job: IT Business Analyst who pines for creative writing all the live-long day.

I write shorts, scenes, sketches and jokes, just to break the alliteration.

Normal frywired
Mike Ogden // Writer/director/producer

What did I do wrong now?

Normal img 2368
Mariana Serapicos // Filmmaker

Brazilian writer and filmmaker. I love coffee and coffee loves me.

Normal mm007
Michael McEvoy // Actor. Playwright (Stage). Co-run theatre company (schools). Have written six solo plays.

Have taken my solo plays to countries round the world. Also write for our schools touring c...

Normal me55
Mary Albanese // Book and script writer, and botanical artist on the side

All stories start with the word so for me, writing is my favorite part of the process.

Normal 2013 04 23 21.59.43
Matt Arnold // Screen writer

Telly producer by trade, writer by aspiration

Normal mb lolotte
Michael Beddoes // Director, Producer and writer

London based filmmaker working on features, shorts and commercials.

Normal markpensiveportrait
Mark Davies // Writer.

My father is Welsh, my mother from Tenerife, and a girlfriend once declared she could not w...

Normal anonymous
mark forsyth

Still trying to figure this one out, to be honest.

Normal maryaswing
Marya Kalen // Writer of books

I am living the dream as a full time RV'er, living and traveling with a dog named Monte and...

Normal fighting badgers logo
Mandrake Meow

I am a test account

Normal tal862 picture1
Michael Stolt // Writer

Hardcore Poet who loves to Tri

Normal image
Mathew Richens // Healthcare Assistant/ Apiring Writer-Illustrator

Looking to channel my creativity!

Normal 10959817 1413650035601099 9214263760202065753 n
Marvin Garcia // Freelance writer

I'm a twenty-something writer. I call myself '21st century ink'. I write psychological thri...

Normal 19218 10151660357723098 1079218420 n 1
Mandy Bauer

I love exploring new artistic formats, over the years I've created pottery, stain glass, me...

Normal image
Medorie Mercurio // screenwriter

I am a screenwriter, living in london, trying to create movie worlds whilst dipping into re...

Normal normal screenshot 2015 06 30 10 52 35
Mary Prieto Wyrick // Poet

Student of life , poet , dreamer

Normal me and wall 0215
Marie Gethins // Writer

Exploring a variety of genres with a definite left of centre streak.

Normal            26.06.15   12.25
Mikhail Zislis // Writer

Know my way around letters and words.

Normal mark wright
Mark S. Wright // Director | Editor

Director and Editor, having spearheaded numerous short film projects with experience on mul...

Normal michellegoodeheadshot
Michelle Goode

Script consultant at

Normal director photo
Mondo Ghulam // Director

I'm a director / writer with a background in VFX and animation.

Normal img 2674
Michael Montgomery // Writer

I talk faster than I think, and think faster than I type.

Normal martin headshot final
Martin White // Full Time Management Consultant, Part Time Writer, Director, Producer

Amateur magician and member of the World Famous Magic Castle

Normal dsc 0331a
Martin Payne // Actor

Accountant by day, writer by night, actor at weekends

Normal filmmaking1
Miro Caminade // Writer/Director (new/learning/developing)

I fell in love with movies from a young age. Recently, I have been developing my skills in ...

Normal glass walk mike facebook large
Mike Smart

My next step: learn LOADS helping people who know LOADS about lighting and advanced camera

Normal achtman photo 3
Michael Achtman // Writer-Director

Awake, a short film I wrote and directed, is currently screening at film festivals. awaketh...

Normal marjory kaptanoglu
Margie Kaptanoglu // Screenwriter

Reformed software engineer, now a full-time writer. Best known for a short called “Dead in ...

Normal biog  1
Mary Anstey // Writer

I've had a long life full of stories waiting to be told by characters bursting to tell them.

Normal cow 5015
Martyn Bull // Filmmaker / Writer / Director

Filmmaker, Writer, Creative Director. Science, technology, architecture, landscape, design....

Normal 1 smaller
Mike Mindel // Writer producer
Normal mpallisheadshot e1356143012208
Mark Pallis

Winner of 50 Kisses with 'Practice makes Perfect'

Normal molly
Molly Ingstad // Filmmaker

Young filmmaker born & raised in Las Vegas & now residing in LA.

Normal mfs maureen hascoet 400x400
Maureen Hascoet // Filmmaker

I am a filmmaker based in London.

Normal mylene
Mylene Tissi // Filmmker

French actress, pole fitness enthusiast, fun lover with a little wild side.

Normal generic 50 kisses headshot
Mike Rowland // Filmmaker

Filmmaker of 'Jealous Making' for 50 Kisses.

Normal ms
Mike Slee // A Geologist in the oil industry (be nice, please!)

A Screenwriter trapped inside the body of a Geologist, currently living in Switzerland

Normal photo on 09 11 14 at 19.55  2
Melanie Mahdessian // I am a director/writer/actress.

I am a storyteller. I direct, write and act.

Normal 1503438 10153137481653731 2280675027046585090 n
Miguel Couto // Filmmaker

I'm an avid observer of the human condition, weaving my philosophy into words as I gaze at ...

Normal ml head b w short
Michael Lipoma // Writer/producer

An optioned screenwriter, who has written for features and TV. Laughs easily at dumb stuff,...

Normal dsc 0243
Mathew Cobb // Artist

A bit of a hippie.

Normal photo 00008
mark walker

just grasping at straws....

Normal melsepiaphoto
Melsi (Mellina) Barnett // Lyricist, Writer

I am a Lyricist and have the good fortune to work with some amazingly talented singers/song...

Normal photo on 2012 12 29 at 16.35  2
Mark Wilson // Creative executive + script & lyric writer

Big cheers for the Magnificent Fifty-ish (winners)!!! Round of applause for all Finalists t...

Normal halfpage
Monique Mata // Screenwriter

Stories make the world go round. I want to be part of that.

Normal image
Maureen Sasscer // Writer

I love the process. Wanting to tell a story and finding the characters to give the words life.

Normal image
Marta Lopez // Writer

I am a London-based emerging screenwriter

Normal mr face
mike ryan // web developer

A web nerd from Rhode Island, USA who likes to twist stories in the wind.

Martin John Gunn // Writer

Writer, script reader.

Normal img 2286
Mandy Carpenter // Independent Film-maker & Writer

Filmmaker inspired by John Smith, David Lean & Sergio Leone, who produces a range of educat...

Mike Butler // Film Production

Fumbling my way through the filmic slurry

Normal matt brown headshot
Matt Brown // Writer and co-founder of an independent film production company

I am a self published author, having two novels published so far. I have also written for t...

Normal matt at work
Matthew Bennett // Writer

Matthew Bennett is a script writer who likes to dabble in the world of short stories.

Normal 2013 mof santa
Michael Facherty // Writer/ Actor/ Director/ Producer

I'm an old geezer who likes to help people when I can.

Normal matt fishwick profile
Matt Fishwick // IT worker

IT by day. Improviser by night. Laundry by weekend.

Maaz Dossa // Student

Hear. Me out

Normal profile pic
Matt Giannini // Screenwriter

I'm a produced screenwriter and aspiring director.

Normal screen shot 2015 04 30 at 2.49.15 pm
Meredith Kisgen // I am a Story Producer in Reality TV

I'm a vivacious story teller enthralled by the possibility of living life to the fullest a ...

Melanie McDonnell // manager

I'm a manager at festival bars

Matilda Ibini // Writer

UK born playwright and screenwriter.

Miss B Buthelezi // Narrator, Director, mentor, actress, etc

I'm a youth leader, group founder, narrator etc in my church $ I've hosted few projects pre...

Normal myself
Matthew Hirons // Screenwriter

Writer. Industry script reader. Film and TV fanatic. Wannabe meth cook. Always learning.

Normal wp 20150512 005
Mack Escobedo

An American living in the UK now and enjoys writing screenplays.

Normal profile
Mark Renshaw // Computer test analyst by day, writer/producer and vampire hunter by night

An overly sensitive, empathetic dreamer who somehow manages to operate in the real world de...

Madison Walter // Writer.

An introverted writer trying to justify reality with fantasy.

Normal image
Marianne Ritter // Writer

Aspiring storyteller

Normal me4
Michael Burry // Wannabe writer

"We just don't recognize the most significant moments of our lives while they're happening....

Normal matt lewis billhook
Matt Lewis // Support worker

I don't write nearly as much as I should.

Normal 1
michele florea

Procrastination? What procrastination? I fight it every day, and sometimes, I even win...

Normal dsc 1221
Michael Cregan // Writer

I have been writing all my life. Magazine articles, songs and screenplays. I live in Sant...

Normal mh   profile photo
Mark Husbands // Resident writer: Drama Direct.

Fearless inkwarrior, badass poet, format rebel

Normal 2015 10 29 12.49.56
Melissa Crow // Writer/artist/mother

Obsessive, compulsive, I'm all or nothing and at times I never know when to stop.

Mary Lamphere // I am a writer.

I write short fiction and novels. And I own three corgis.

Normal imagesgrn7glyy
Mark Gannon // Writer (by night)

Devotee of speculative fiction who finds the boundaries of fictional genres more interestin...

Marga Landete

User generated content investigator

Normal mandi lockley
Mandi S Lockley

Short story writer, astrologer, Londoner

Normal on sofa with clapperboard
Mat Sunderland // Film Maker

Film maker who gets to travel the world and shoot people.

Normal 9 20 15 buzzardbillys
Michael E. Berg // Writer/Producer (but not my primary job... yet.)

A propitious dreamer.

Normal mvk archery
Michael van Koetsveld // Script-Writer and Web Designer

I've been designing and building websites since they first became available, but now it's t...

Normal wp 20141230 17 38 26 pro
Mark Jeremy Wilson

I love all things Japanese, with, perhaps, the exception of cosplay.

Normal imag0631
Matt Archer // Nurse

Full-time nurse, hands-on dad, would-be writer

Normal screen shot 2015 01 18 at 18.52.16
Martina Krajnakova // Aspiring screenwriter, currently a Social Anthropology student

I like to capture the ecstasy of confusion.

Mark Odell // Writer

A man of many talents and one interest: scaring the ever living bejayzus out of people.

Normal mary portrait 2016 bw
Mary Stone // Writer

After years of wanting to be a writer I am now finally putting pencil to notepad (I'm old s...

Normal me2
Michael Esser // Writer

I am a German citizen and live in Los Angeles, working as a script writer and producer

Normal maggie innes lsf profile pic
Maggie Innes // Writer

If it has words, let me at it!

Normal me
Michael Brennan // Cubicle jockey by day, writer and part-time Batman by night,

I've been writing for a while now, long enough to earn the nickname, "The Wizard of Words."...

Normal mark hampton 2013  headshot
Mark Hampton // Actor, Writer, Director...Aggressive Fantasist.

Actor on TV and in some movies, writer and director of some short films, Done in 60 Seconds...

Normal headshot2
Mark Hibbett // Screenwriter.

I'm an "emerging" screenwriter and semi-retired international rock star.

Normal  39v1033   copy  2
Margaret Folarin // Writer - recently with special interest in screenwriting; formerly in poetry.

I am particularly interested in cross-cultural writing as I have lived on three continents,...

Matt Rochester // Animator

Amateur screen writer who needs all the practice he can get.

Normal untitled
Mark Gee // Business Owner / Screenwriter

Christian, Husband, Dad, Black-Belt Kick-Boxer, Biker, Business Owner & Lover Of All Things...

Normal 12348134 1156009157759779 6697361301956195217 n
Melissa Riddle // Actress

Just a small ass girl trying to find her place in the world of acting and directing

Normal milesportraitoct2015
Miles Odonnol // Tech Writer

US expat in Taiwan for 2.5 decades.

Normal alexa me boss
Michael Rossi // Director/writer

Born and raised in LA, I have been writing, directing and producing films since I was 19. I...

Normal merlin ward january 2016   copy
Merlin Ward // Screenwriter / playwright / short story writer / novelist

Possessed (it has gone way beyond obsessed) by the creative arts whether on screen, live th...

Normal golden gate square
Matt Sanders // Art Director (TV & Film)

I've spent 20 years in TV/film Art Depts, producing other people's scripts, and thinking I ...

Mogrij Larsson

Director & Screenwriter

Martyn Hinks-Sleep // Writer

Mutton Chops writer waiting to be discovered

Normal at screening  cropped again
Martin Brocklebank // Freelance Scriptwriter

Freelance Scriptwriter and college lecturer.

Normal slikata
Marija Doneva // Actress

Passionate actress relishing the challenge of writing a script

Normal photo.witteveen
Mark Witteveen // writer

playwright, screenwriter,

Normal create50 headshot
Marianne Bonugli // Writer/Rental Property Owner

I've been an aspiring writer for many years but I've finally come out of the closet and now...

Normal 11178 16
Mona Miller // playwright and screenwriter

Movie lover, practicing lawyer, classical music lover, wife, mother, sister (a family-orien...

michael gossette // writer

I love to write. I've written 22 full length screenplays and 2 TV pilots so far.

Mark Thomas

My name is....

Normal martin profile
Martin Hamer // Writer

Lancastrian migrant to Brighton.

Martin Knapp // Screenwriter

I try to write every day no matter where I am in life. I think habit causes more inspiratio...

Normal 1508556 10153400287443238 932504351564648340 n
Michael Piggott // Digital marketing

In my day job I work in digital marketing, editing blogs and content and tweeting. On a per...

Normal 20160104 112332  102501
Maggie Leask // Media analyst

Older but no wiser

Normal image for tv scriptwriting application  2
Michelle Haggerty-Wood // Student/Writer

Mum of 3 boys. TV Scriptwriting MA student, Drama and Creative Writing Grad (2015). Communi...

Normal photo officielle
Marie-Luce Storme // Geographer

Everything that we can see, read, film, reflect upon

Normal markdeere headshot
Mark Deere

Filmmaker based in Queensland, Australia.

Normal me
Michael Monkhouse // Teacher, translator, freelance tosser

Born in the North, bred in the South, educated at Cambridge, bored in Germany for a bit, no...

Normal screen shot 2016 01 03 at 19.27.28
martin gooch // Director, Producer & Writer

Third feature film in post production, over 1000+ days on set experience and 22 years in th...

Normal guitar matt
Matt George Lovett // Writer

I'm a chrome-wheeled fuel-injected suicide machine

Normal mollyhall
Molly Hall // Writer

I rescue baby birds, and wrote a Christmas movie with a dog and yes, a girl called Merry (l...

Normal m jeannin 002 copy
Marcel Jeannin // Actor

I'm a Montreal-based actor who loves good company, good food, good wine, and a good story.

Michael Lockett // Screenwriter

Affable writer, director, and producer who lives for and loves telling stories through any ...

Normal copy of mike b pic
Mike Barton // Ambulance Control Staff - part time writer of novellas, screenplays and a stage play

A former golf pro who made a crazy career change and entered the world of the emergency ser...

Normal facebook avatar 700x441
Mark Cowling

Essex, England based writer

Maarten Verfaillie

Passionate about images.

Mary Moore // Recruitment/Admin

Procrastinator extraordinaire with slight tendencies towards OCD and ADHD. My notebook is ...

Normal 10714225 10152275604327046 553589532233079801 o
Mike Vaughan // Musician and music teacher

Comfortable with a cornucopia of musical instruments; getting comfortable with a pen and pa...

myriam augustijnen // writer/director

After film school I worked for television, radio and theater. I've done every kind of job y...

Normal img 1876
Monisha Khandker

Aspiring food critic...

Normal new headshot
Michelle Golder // Writer/Producer

Endlessly amused and occasionally frightened by the world in my head.

Normal dsc 0469  2
Michael Barry

I find humour in most things, but not always in comedy.

Normal 1932057 10153459858843789 1128580334 n
Martin Kruk // Screenwriter/Filmmaker

Some say: a weirdo. But I'm just a combination of styles.

Normal mike hsnames2
Michael Miller // Producer/Director/Actor/Writer/Photographer

I'm a laid-back guy of many talents who's always smiling. :)

Normal photo on 2012 07 20 at 12.49
Mandy Constance // Writer, teacher, director

I am a plate spinning writer/ mother

Normal md
Marcus Distant // I'm a ScriptWriter

At best i tend to be shy, at worsted im a great conversationalist

Michael Gossette // Land Owner

I rescue wild mustangs.

Normal photo cv
Maewenn Luce // Writer

Lover of stories and what they can do to the heart, mind and soul, I've been trying to craf...

michael mooney

Just a guy with an interest in writing and films.

Normal michelle profile
Michelle Correal Hunt // Student

Art with Attitude

Normal 299954 1
Mr Poopy-Butthole // Cartoon Character

I'm sorry that you don't have any unhappy memories of me

Normal 10402775 10205270607468441 1310067113041006222 n
Manoj Kumar // I tell stories with skills of Direction, Cinematography, Editing & Writing.

A Filmmaker

Normal screen shot 2015 09 07 at 1.48.41 am
melissa woodside // Actor and Writer

I like to describe myself as a "filmmaker", I enjoy all aspects of film. I run a production...

Matthew Evans // Writer

I'm not funny and I'm not clever but I hope people think I am

Normal 12670294 1241100369236897 4764480974945856215 n
Marios Apostolakoulis // Composer

I am a film and theater music composer based in Thessaloniki,Greece

Mia Moldovan

As an aspiring film director and writer, I am constantly on the quest to advance my knowled...

Normal 20160226 103135
Mduduzi Mdlalose // Actor

Im a stage actor who has done some theatre script writing and trained for basic film writing

Normal photo on 05 07 2015 at 17.59  2 copy
mary mowat // Communications/PR

Got a few characters floating around my head and screen who are closer to me than real folk...

Normal portrait
Milethia Thomas // Mam/communication support worker/teaching assistant

Mam to a bonny bairn; communication support worker/teaching assistant. Every spare moment, ...

Normal img 20150528 212225
Max Weihofen // Hoity Toity Creative Sort

Max Weihofen is a self-appointed arbiter of all we humans can ever hope to exude from our t...

Marty McGinley // Graphic Designer who loves to create...on page...on film

I am a struggling actor who now has begun to enjoy writing and directing.

Normal meinthsunsquare
Markus Ljungberg // Cinematographer

I like to work silly hours.

Megan Turner

Nature love

Normal michael vignola
Michael Vignola // Composer

TV and Film Composer

Normal mark heywood small
Mark Heywood // Novelist and screenwriter

a crime writer searching for the perfect murder...a screenwriter shooting at the silver scr...

Normal qwyfkoqcuui
Maryna Gaidar // Writer (sci-fi and fantasy)

Writing is the same as breathing - when you stop, you are dead.

Normal img 20160722 142440
Michael Parker O'Brien // Director

I'm a 14 year old from Sheffield who makes short films.

Marco Caricola // Composer, Music Producer, Mixing & Recording Engineer, Sound Designer

Marco Caricola is a 25 years old composer established in London since 2013, where he has be...

Normal mark cuba
Mark Williams

Producer, Podcaster, poor-man's Silent Bob

Normal sdc10799
Mark Walker // NHS Manager

A UK-based writer who also gazes at the stars!

Normal untitled
Magnum Phoenix // I write and direct theatre, as well as make short films.

I'm studying an MA in contemporary theatre...

Normal img 4003
Matthew Duriez // Screenwriter

I'm a military man, hoping to make it as a screenwriter.

Mabvuto Mapara

I will fill up later

Malcolm Henty // I write and direct plays and pantomimes for a small childrens theatre group

Semi Retired Salesman - hobby is Children's Theatre

Normal melissa5
Melissa Szydlek // Writer...and Marketing Manager

Avid Animal Rights Activist, Vegetarian, Lover of Horror, and Writer

Normal madeleine swann
Madeleine Swann // Writer

Writer of bizarro, horror, weird fiction, and any other weirdo tag you can think of

Normal martinkellyphotosmqllsize2
Martin Kelly

I used to be a scenic and a 'fine' artist, I made short films, now I write and teach.

Martin Perlin // Marketing


Normal img 1223
max benson // an actor and director

i love to act and have been in dsms shrek and am going to be in the suessodyssey i love a ...

Normal 14890324 1808087319432924 6282574392329168008 o
Marta Gluszczyk // Reader by day and a screenwriter by night

I'm a writer without a penny to my name, a graduate with a film studies degree, a Polish mi...

Normal win 20170311 12 52 19 pro
Michael Rumney // writer but retired from being in a Call Centre & Lab Work

playwright who likes combining science and art

Normal dreamer
Michelle Hood // Architect in a previous life. But now embarking on my first love!

Currently writing for TV but I also write screen plays. I love brave, unusual and clever fi...

Marcin Kubica

respro techno

Normal le gros
Marika Honorata

catering pudełkowy

Normal maccheese
Magdalena Sadowska

Elegancka Odzież

Normal bombe
Martyna Marzena

kontenery mieszkalne

Normal mario
Matylda Ewa

sklep medyczny

Mateusz Korczewski

psychotechnika warszawa

Monika Fmkder

Gdzie można kupić domeny

Mateusz Orski

badanie genetyczne