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Project The Impact:50

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The Team

Normal chris jones headshot square
Chris Jones // Director

Create50 founder, author, filmmaker and directors of LondonSWF and TEDxEaling

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Vanessa Bailey // Social Media Strategist and Support

Actor, writer and reluctant producer. Social media junkie

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Judy Goldberg // Co-ordination

Leading the kick ass physical and logistics support team

Normal generic 50 kisses headshot
Nina Haerland

Winner of 50 Kisses with 'Nothing Ventured'

Normal generic 50 kisses headshot
Niall Carey

I made Smasheroo for 50 Kisses

Anonymous 6a37c31ca6ebd28c62bc07ec2efc9f5eca35c93d5dd32846ad54c78f85c1b97b
Nicholas Vince // Writer, Actor and Playwright

Chatterer Cenobite in Clive Barker's Hellraiser and Hellbound, Kinski in Nightbreed. Author...

Normal screen shot 2015 05 29 at 17.12.14
Natalie Storey // Writer, actress, student and human (I think)

I've been told I'm a weird human. I put in milk before cereal and I occasionally dip popcor...

Normal neil elton  n
Neil Elton // I am a writer, director and actor.

I am a writer, director and actor.

Normal nic penrake film engine team x2 245x245
Nic Penrake // Writer/director/producer

I head up development at Film Engine. I'm also a writer/producer and attached to direct at ...

Normal dsc04379
Nick Boocock // Writer

Dad/Salesman/Fitness enthusiast/Sleep dodger/Music lover/Sports obsessive - trying to proce...

Normal me3
Nikolai Galitzine // Writer-director

Film or die

Normal nick fogg
Nick Fogg

Writer, Director, Filmmaker. London Screenwriters' Festival Talent Campus member 2015

Normal 2015 06 24 17.19.34
Nolan Bergeson // Lab tech; environmental specialist in the food industry.

Written for years, for my enjoyment. Want to step it up.

Anonymous 6a37c31ca6ebd28c62bc07ec2efc9f5eca35c93d5dd32846ad54c78f85c1b97b
Nicolai Amter // Director

Director, DOP, Editor, Photographer

Normal me tent
Neil Bebber // I'm a writer. And graphic designer.

I love words, cycling, shoes, insects, avocados and coconut oil.

Normal generic 50 kisses headshot
Nathaneal Bauer

Winner of 50 Kisses with 'The Great Kiss Heist'

Normal natalia
Natalia Andreadis // Filmmaker

Filmmaker of 'Neil' for 50 Kisses.

Normal kingpic
Nick Cheel // Writer, then director/filmmaker

Independent writer, filmmaker & renaissance dude.

Normal nicolabw
Nicola Pittam // Writer

Award winning author, screenwriter and former Fleet Street journalist

Normal image
Nadine Buscher // Writer

Passionate reader and writer - addicted to the dark side of the craft.

Normal img 0628
Nick Twyford // Scheduler and repeats manager within the BBC, would rather be a writer.

I'm an aspiring writer who's self published one novel, completed another 2 and is working o...

Normal me
Nick Luddington

Winner of 50 Kisses with 'Unbearable'

Normal image
Nerys John // Screenwriter

Self-taught emotive writer.

Normal nev giant
Neville Copperstone // Author and screenwriter

Screenwriter, Author (Award Winning), Journalist, Creative Writing Tutor, BA (Eng.Lit.), Wr...

Anonymous 6a37c31ca6ebd28c62bc07ec2efc9f5eca35c93d5dd32846ad54c78f85c1b97b
Nelson Amador // Writer/Poet/Game Designer/Graphic Novelist/Gamer

I love life, writing, and entertaining people.

Normal nick s portrait
Nicholas Grimwood

Physiotherapist retraining as a film maker.

Normal nv black n white
Neer Vaja // I am a comedy writer/Actor and have experience in Direction

I enjoy writing sketches and currently writing a comedy pilot that i would love to be seen ...

Normal 2015 10 17 02.20.40 3 1
Nick Jackson // Professional Northerner, optimistic writer

Writer of screenplays, short stories, novels, ransom demands, shopping lists and letters to...

Normal img 1845
Nicolas Durand // Psychotherapist

Working on short stories, novels, TV series ... Looking for co-writers to develop several ...

Normal 200
Neil Arnott // When I'm not teaching accountancy I write!

Main interest is writing murder mysteries and short plays

Normal nick profile pic1
Nick Yates // Writer

Hell raiser, stargazer, laser mazer, broken razor.

Anonymous 6a37c31ca6ebd28c62bc07ec2efc9f5eca35c93d5dd32846ad54c78f85c1b97b
Nick Youatt

Aspiring Writer.

Normal joeshot14682 0
nancy cohen-koan // filmmakaer

I love poodles and they love me.

Normal img020
neil penswick // Writer

I am always searching out the unusual, the unexplored and the unexplained in real life.

Normal nathan
Nathan Stockford // Web Analyst

Trying to break into the writing industry.

Normal img 0047
Nigel Hill // Writer.

Writer, occasionally, in-between working for social services and walking the dogs.

Normal naser shillova
Naser Shillova // I am a writer/ director

I am a humanist and everything I write and do must relate to our humanity.

Normal image
Nadya Cazan // Searching


Normal image
Nicholas Adamson // Film-maker.

I became bored with the world so decided to make my own.

Normal pomsjruy
Nicola Doherty // Writer

Novelist learning to write scripts!

Anonymous 6a37c31ca6ebd28c62bc07ec2efc9f5eca35c93d5dd32846ad54c78f85c1b97b
Nathan Engelbrecht // Writer

Writer, producer, bar owner...

Normal untitled shoot 090
Nicole Jones-Dion // Filmmaker

I make movies and comics and stuff

Normal me bw
Natalie Barthel // Writer and Script Reader

A film geek with a love of drama, horror and sci-fi.

Anonymous 6a37c31ca6ebd28c62bc07ec2efc9f5eca35c93d5dd32846ad54c78f85c1b97b
Nigel Ball

My name is Nigel Ball. I'm a self employed screenwriter from Warrington, Cheshire.

Normal natalie   bo 20
Natalie Ekberg

Hi, I am a student (Playwriting and Screenwriting) at City University London. I am very exc...

Normal img 1092
Nathan Gower // Writer and Professor of English

Award winning writer of screenplays, fiction, poetry, and academic critical essays. Assista...

Normal 11096386 10205181097181864 4597903017668470981 o
NICOLA HOSKING // Writer/Director/Producer

I've just released my directorial debut short, 'Stay With Me' and currently submitting to f...

Normal dsc 2697a
Nikki Lloyd // writer

I write screenplays, scripts, shorts; human stories all, and my first feature script, Metat...

Normal binary 823339 640
Nathan Sebastian // Composer for Screen

Eclectic Composer who combines a passion for orchestral music with knowledge of MIDI progra...

Normal nick grills
Nick Grills // Writer

When I was 11 my parents got divorced :( When I was 13 they got re-married :) Now I write c...

Normal  tba7412
Nuh Kerem Pilavci // Writer and actor

Hope propagandist... Love to write as it's the strongest way to express myself...

Anonymous 6a37c31ca6ebd28c62bc07ec2efc9f5eca35c93d5dd32846ad54c78f85c1b97b
Nathan Mwamba // Accounting student

I am an accounting Student, doing my Certificate four in Accounting. I love writing stories...

Normal port
Neil O'Neil // Writer

Off-the wall writer/producer with a dark side

Normal 15991429 1378136148898504 671994024 o
Natalia Filson // Filmmaker

I'm a relative newcomer, learning new things every day.

Anonymous 6a37c31ca6ebd28c62bc07ec2efc9f5eca35c93d5dd32846ad54c78f85c1b97b
Neil D'Silva // Author, film-writer

I am a horror writer from Mumbai who is always on the lookout for the next spook to write a...

Normal angel photo
Nina Romain // Writer/general film behind the scenes guy

I've been working behind the scenes and am getting into writing scripts.

Anonymous 6a37c31ca6ebd28c62bc07ec2efc9f5eca35c93d5dd32846ad54c78f85c1b97b
Neha Srivastava // Writer

I realized, a little late in life, that one must follow their heart. And yet, I do not beli...

Normal nick j large
nicola shingleton // writer

A writer in hiding

Normal private colourres4
Norbert Zentai // Screenwriter and HR professional

Lots of Plots - Meaningful Emotional Experiences

Normal photo on 26 09 2016 at 20.39 copy
nayamul majid // Student, writer, creative

I write poetry.

Normal dscf2262
Nicole Robb // Novice writer and aspiring novelist.....but to pay the bills, I am a civil servant

Writer, world traveler, and lover of life.

Normal nick goulden director keen city black and white 16 9
Nick Goulden // Director

Director telling stories that matter

Normal deadmau5
Nina Olszewska

Bielizna Damska

Normal gothdetectives noel tnt2  2
Norbert Lipnicki

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