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Project The Impact:50

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The Team

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Chris Jones // Director

Create50 founder, author, filmmaker and directors of LondonSWF and TEDxEaling

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Vanessa Bailey // Social Media Strategist and Support

Actor, writer and reluctant producer. Social media junkie

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Judy Goldberg // Co-ordination

Leading the kick ass physical and logistics support team

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Olivia Faire // Filmmaker

Filmmaker of 'Enough' for 50 Kisses

Normal owen
Owen Marshall // Filmmaker

I like making films.

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Oscar Reed // Writer

Screenwriter and student based in Sheffield.

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Oscar Harding // A University Student actively working as a Filmmaker

One half of a comedy double-act and former director of my own advertising agency.

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Ollie Adewusi // Writer

I'm a Script-writing graduate who is ever ready to get involved in interesting projects.

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Oisin O'Connell // I hope to be a film Writer/Director

I live in New Zealand, but I'm Irish. I love Film.

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Oystein Brager // Theatre director and writer

There are so many stories to tell.

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Oksana Belousova

a truly film connoisseur

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Oliver Morran

Winner of 50 Kisses with 'Countdown'

Normal img 8071
Olivia Brennan // Freelance Writer, Blogger & Script Reader

I am a 26 year old who was first inspired by the power of film when I cowered behind a cush...

Normal photo
Oksana Grajauskaitė

I ask a lot of questions.

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Oma Teemal // writer, director

big film fan, my genres are, horror, sci-fi, action, thriller, fantasy, I like them all rea...

Normal gothdetectives noel tnt  2
Olgierd Kamola

Anonymous 6a37c31ca6ebd28c62bc07ec2efc9f5eca35c93d5dd32846ad54c78f85c1b97b
Oliwia Wasilewska

Elegancka Odzież

Anonymous 6a37c31ca6ebd28c62bc07ec2efc9f5eca35c93d5dd32846ad54c78f85c1b97b
Osvaldo Rapose

start-stop af ventilator

Anonymous 6a37c31ca6ebd28c62bc07ec2efc9f5eca35c93d5dd32846ad54c78f85c1b97b
Owen Chee

Movie star planet