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Project The Impact:50

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The Team

Normal chris jones headshot square
Chris Jones // Director

Create50 founder, author, filmmaker and directors of LondonSWF and TEDxEaling

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Vanessa Bailey // Social Media Strategist and Support

Actor, writer and reluctant producer. Social media junkie

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Judy Goldberg // Co-ordination

Leading the kick ass physical and logistics support team

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Ryan La Via // Writer / Producer / Director

Ryan La Via is an award-winning writer, producer, director living in Thunder Bay, Ontario, ...

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Rita Wheeler // Writer and film maker

I write screenplays and am involved in making short films but not commercially. I have writ...

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Rachel James // Screenwriter

I won a limerick competition in first school and have pretty much been writing ever since, ...

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Rocko Paolo // Writer / Director / Actor / Songwriter

Rocko Paolo is an accomplished songwriter that has made the move over to scriptwriting and ...

Normal beer festival profile
Rhys Howell // Writer

I write stuff and then sometimes I make the stuff.

Normal ross aitken 1
Ross Aitken // Writer first, director second, producer third.

I take a stupid idea and spin it out to make a movie that entertains.

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Rachel McAdam // Screenwriter

Rural-dwelling alcohol lightweight waging battle against the blank screen.

Normal v
Rob Burke // Writer.

Winner of 50 Kisses with 'Love'

Normal generic 50 kisses headshot
Richard Green

Winner of 50 Kisses with 'The Last Supper'

Normal generic 50 kisses headshot
Rachel McAdam

Winner of 50 Kisses with 'The Price of Romance'

Normal mini mini me
Rebecca Handley // Writer.. well, given half a chance

Er... I write!

Normal mv5bmty4mja0ode1mf5bml5banbnxkftztgwoduyotuwmde . v1 sy317 cr20 0 214 317 al
Rowena Woolford // Filmmaker

Rowena Woolford is a new director, she has been creating her own short fictional films sin

Normal generic 50 kisses headshot
Ruth O'Donnell

I made You Used to Bring Me Flowers for 50 Kisses

Normal pro 30
Russell Smith // Filmmaker

Writer, Director - Film Maker

Normal roger
Roger Stillz // Filmmaker

Film-maker & Photographer

Normal imagescai50m3f
Russell Smith // I am a Writer, Producer and Director - too many ideas, so little time!

I made a version of Red Light and First/Last for 50 Kisses under the banner of the Multimed...

Normal generic 50 kisses headshot
Rick Skyler

I made Priceless for 50 Kisses

Normal generic 50 kisses headshot
Rodney Willott

I made Priceless for 50 Kisses

Normal portrait retouchiert 161x161
Remo Pini // Producer/Director/Filmmaker

Swiss Filmmaker with global ambitions...

Anonymous 6a37c31ca6ebd28c62bc07ec2efc9f5eca35c93d5dd32846ad54c78f85c1b97b
Rich Colosi // Filmmaker

I'm a filmmaker looking to make my first movie. I would love to connect with people with si...

Anonymous 6a37c31ca6ebd28c62bc07ec2efc9f5eca35c93d5dd32846ad54c78f85c1b97b
roianne nedd // writer

I'm outspoken and creative and love writing about challenging topics

Normal becs guitar
Robert Hampson // Screenwriter

South African obsessed with Filmmaking and Screenwriting.

Normal profile
Ruth Gibbs // Scriptwriter

Ex entertainment industry, now a mother of 2 and aspiring scriptwriter :)

Normal photo on 09 06 2014 at 12.43
Rod Arthur // Actor/Writer/Cabinet Maker

I've worked as an actor/writer/woodworker for the last 40 years

Normal 5798
rick cramer // writer/actor/

The Hemingway of Hollywood...or just another hack

Normal research owls3
Richard Caves // Producer at RicoMark

Keeper of ferrets, hoarder of tea, arranger of words.

Normal diyroberts11finished  2
Rhys Reed-Johnson // Writer

Desperately expendable

Normal photo on 09 06 2014 at 12.43
Rod Arthur // Actor/Writer/Cabinet Maker

Ukulele Nut

Anonymous 6a37c31ca6ebd28c62bc07ec2efc9f5eca35c93d5dd32846ad54c78f85c1b97b
Rachel Tokley // Casting consultant

Have been working on various projects since 2000.

Normal 2015 06 04 13.23.03
Rachel Hill // PhD student.

PhD student trying to start a writing career at the same time as writing up her thesis.

Normal bob dubai b w 01
Robert Howard Edwards

Actor, screenwriter, director

Normal id2
Rachel Yelding // Writer

Screenwriter and graphic novelist.

Normal eu
Rogerio Correa // Writer

I have found out that I'm a bit weird

Anonymous 6a37c31ca6ebd28c62bc07ec2efc9f5eca35c93d5dd32846ad54c78f85c1b97b
Russell Offord // Director

I am a young director who directs Adverts for national TV.

Normal starnow picture
Ramman Gautam // Retail, pays the bills

I am a writer and director with the ability to also present to camera.

Normal dsc 2851
Reg Length // Composer, Music Producer

Reg Length is a composer, multi-instrumentalist and producer who also tutors people with sp...

Normal profile n
Rachael Howard // Writer

South City born and North Country raised. By day an Engineer and by night a Writer.

Normal rich lsf photo
Richard Paul Wheildon // Writer/Director

I live vicariously through the crazy characters I create.

Normal this is me.
Rob Karraker // Starving Writer

Retired DeeJay and now a at-home-father, trying to stop the boredom of being home alone; mo...

Normal imag8758
Rachael Louise Gerrard

Miss Rach Is Here :D

Normal rg1
Randa Gedeon // Writer

I am an aspiring film writer and enjoy creative writing generally. My dream goal is to writ...

Normal fullsizerender
Richard Flynn // Scriptwriter

Award-winning scriptwriter from the sunny streets of Scotland. Interested in storytelling, ...

Normal rick hansberry   on set
Rick Hansberry // Writer

Story is king.

Anonymous 6a37c31ca6ebd28c62bc07ec2efc9f5eca35c93d5dd32846ad54c78f85c1b97b
rouxet Scheffer // student

Since 1991

Normal 2013 back up 006

Painter based in west country of England

Normal img 20150313 184134
rob evans

I'm great gay and gorgeous

Normal 8265c8b1068eb679072499040d356d7e
Richard Dinsdale // Post Production Account Manager

Professional media worker, dabbling writer and creative, full time caffeine addict

Normal tyler durden 2 0 by overlordusuck
Richard Hogg // Primary Teacher

Still not sure why I write so little when I enjoy it so much.

Normal image
Rachel Welch // Writer

Film Accountant and Toddler-Wrangler by day, Writer by night.

Normal profilbild
Roxana Sezavar // Student

Articulate myself through varying tones of 'what'.

Normal ms00
Rona Walter // scriptwriter & novelist, translator, former bookseller, balletdancer and world traveller.

award-winning novelist, scriptwriter, film geek, and part-time princess.

Anonymous 6a37c31ca6ebd28c62bc07ec2efc9f5eca35c93d5dd32846ad54c78f85c1b97b
Rina Khan // Screenwriter

Malaysian screenwriter who's tired of writing melodramas yet still do it for the money.

Normal img 0063
Richard Craven // Novelist, playwright, poet.

Lapsed PhD Philosopher, author of the novels Amoeba Dick and Pretty Poli.

Normal rgd 2
Robert Gwyn Davin // Actor, director. Have done tv, film - feature and short, theatre, radio .

Love film, movies, cinema. Have been infected since I was 3.

Normal img 0650
Robert Winup // Writer

Enthusiastic amateur writer trying to find more time to put pen to paper.

Normal ryan08
Ryan Folmsbee // Screenwriter

Freelance Screenwriter / Therapist.

Normal black jacket pic
Rebecca Stahl // Writer

I'm a writer with a medical background and write drama, comedies, TV, film, short stories a...

Normal callroscoe
Roscoe Kleinloog // Writer and Director, currently working on sets as a First Assistant Director.

Writer. Filmmaker. Enthusiast. Thats the short of who I am and what I contribute.

Normal roger hopkins
Roger Hopkins // Writer/Director

Lover of the new.

Normal 11923263 10154247389634896 4351815474438340197 n
Roy Bainton // Jobbing Writer

A garrulous old hack who somehow still manages to get paid for his work after 20 years of s...

Normal captured by karen  20510
Rebecca Carpenter // Early childhood educator. Writer of all things.

I'm a writer-aholic, movie enthusiast, music lover, wife,mother, Nana (don't call me Grandm...

Anonymous 6a37c31ca6ebd28c62bc07ec2efc9f5eca35c93d5dd32846ad54c78f85c1b97b
ruth hernandez // Writer

Sound editor by day and writer by night. Keeping the dream alive!

Anonymous 6a37c31ca6ebd28c62bc07ec2efc9f5eca35c93d5dd32846ad54c78f85c1b97b
Richie Staubitz // I am a writer and director

I am about to finish my undergrad in screenwriting and currently in a 5 year relationship w...

Normal photo on 2013 03 02 at 11.13
Rebecca Lang // Writer

I do not go gently into that good night...

Normal screen shot 2015 09 24 at 3.02.11 pm
Rachael Roache // Writer

Rachael's career as a Writer, Creative Consultant, Marketer and Ghostwriter spans across ma...

Normal riley madincea headshot b w web
Riley Madincea

Actor, Writer, Human Manboy.

Normal 1492176 10152817933656974 4509125322446925748 o  1
Roland Tomlinson // Screenwriter, Director, Photographer, Musician

Enfant terrible armed with nothing but a keen eye for stylised, dramatic imagery, and a chi...

Normal bob frostholm
Robert Christian Frostholm

I do not fear technology for its unknown possibilities, but rather I fear the the known pos...

Normal img 20140107 wa0007
Ramon Aular // Musician, composer

Musician, guitar player and composer

Normal 12311556 10206824284557768 725980109 o
Reece Shrewsbury // Screenwriter

A diverse scriptwriter studying at Bournemouth University's world renowned media school.

Normal re la 03
Richard Edwards // Author, screenwriter and producer.

Writer and producer with a passion for character led stories inspired by real events.

Normal img 1432
Ruth Frost

To be continued...

Anonymous 6a37c31ca6ebd28c62bc07ec2efc9f5eca35c93d5dd32846ad54c78f85c1b97b
Ronald Hymans // Retired

I'm married, a father and a grandfather. A retired Toolmaker. Living inEssex for the las...

Normal 10155351 10152470243229050 573618426217076884 n
Rebecca Johnston // Screenwriter

A screenwriter and major film enthusiast!

Normal propicmaybe
Ross Topham

Just another aspiring writer, Film School graduate and wannabe traveler.

Normal img 20151124 165554
Richie Brown // Retired Civil Servant.

I've no pedigree in, or experience of, the creative industries, but have an interest in wri...

Normal reaghan reilly 02
Reaghan Reilly // I am an actor, director, writer, producer

I'm honest, direct, cheeky and funny but that's because I'm Glaswegian and we're all comedi...

Normal 12189161 10153209486848008 5816686063400735936 n
Ryan Abrahams // Pizza guy

I studied at the university of life because I dropped out of the real one

Normal 2012 08 20 11.24.16
Roger Knight // retired

Just can't stop wanting to tell stories.

Normal rod speaking
Rod Griffiths // Writer

I write novels and short stories. I completed an MA in Creative Writing in 2015. I was a pu...

Normal bio 3
Rupert Aspden // Student, Writer, Director

I am a writer looking for challenges and opportunities to improve. This competition ticks b...

Normal keith redhead
Ralph Keith Redhead // Designer, Ceramics, artist and writer

Versatile creative activities

Normal image
Ryan Harris // Writer, Foster Carer, Carpenter.

An alien sent from the future to create, help and nurture. Well that's what the label said.

Normal fb img 1441634625615
Richard Williams // Writer

I fell in love with film and cinema at the age of 5, it's taken me over 30 years of life ev...

Normal image
Rebecca Todd // Actor

Actor | Grafter | Plenty of laughter

Normal image
Ray Whelan // Actor

Ray is a Irish actor living in London. He is known for Kidnap Me by Ikonic Films and Max Pa...

Normal rb
Rob Burns

Likes great drama

Normal rw
Ryan Woldruff // Professor

I've taught composition, literature, fiction workshops, and film classes. I write when I can.

Normal 1010738 10152905631340018 1855481055 n
Rob McGarr // Writer

Write a little bit about YOURself.

Normal robbie bio
Robbie Gibbon // Film Editor

Not as grumpy as a profile picture may suggest. Still grumpy...

Normal ghg9x ql
Raza Auzair Razak // I am a Writer/Director

As a writer I like to write mostly Character driven stories. As director I enjoy finding ne...

Anonymous 6a37c31ca6ebd28c62bc07ec2efc9f5eca35c93d5dd32846ad54c78f85c1b97b
Richard Adams

Writer, reader, learner

Normal rachbiopic  2
Rachel Kelly // Screenwriter

I am a screenwriter with a keen interest in creating relevant films with strong female char...

Normal awards ceremony  5   re  mi boissau
Richard Hajdu // Award-winning writer/director

I love life, character-driven stories, stories based on real events, drama, melodrama, bold...

Normal awards ceremony 2
Richard Hajdu // Award-winning writer/director

I love life, character-driven stories, stories based on real events, drama, melodrama, bold...

Normal img 0252 copy
Rachel Clutterbuck // Writer

I enjoy writing as an escape. I like to craft stories that connect with the human condition...

Anonymous 6a37c31ca6ebd28c62bc07ec2efc9f5eca35c93d5dd32846ad54c78f85c1b97b
Richard Starkey

Writer | Director

Normal ross impact50
Ross Denyer // Storytelling

Actor-Writer making his way through LA traffic (and his mind!) in search of good stories.

Anonymous 6a37c31ca6ebd28c62bc07ec2efc9f5eca35c93d5dd32846ad54c78f85c1b97b
Richard Wicksteed // Documentary director/cameraman

I'm a surfing hippy revolutionary writer/director/cameraman.

Normal ricardobravo
Ricardo Bravo // Screenwriter

Part time screenplay writer looking for full time experience

Normal avatar small
Rudolf Kremers // Game Developer/Writer/Producer

Dutchman in the UK. Runs Omni Systems Ltd. Makes games, writes, films, photographs.

Normal scan
Ranjit Krishnamma // Actor Writer Director Facilitator

A seasoned actor who writes for fun. My simple task in life is to follow emotion back to th...

Normal rebecca hardy profile
Rebecca Hardy // Filmmaker

Filmmaker, writer, director, drives an estate car.

Normal richard anthony dunford
Richard Anthony Dunford

Writer director from the South Coast.

Normal 10482590 10153318532845266 4758706324351913177 n  1
ruth crawford // Production Designer

Late bloomer with aspirations of grandeur.

Normal a
Rahim Moledina

Independent Filmmaker

Normal img 7939
Robert de la Poer // Writer

Finding the fun in writing for stage and screen.

Normal image
ross peacock // Writer/director

I work by day financing independent films via crowdfunding, and in my spare time write and ...

Normal wp 20150625 20 26 03 pro
Roanne Bardsley // Screenwriter/storyliner

As a result of my diet, I'm 96% noodle.

Normal for stickers
reece wood // writer/painter/poet/photographer/wannabe layabout/handy-handyperson

Eloquent, sophisticated, tall, dark and handsome . . . these are qualities which have someh...

Normal   pict0013 copy
Rui Nunes da Silva // An enviable record of menial jobs.

Procrastinator with an insatiable curiosity.