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Project The Impact:50

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The Team

Normal chris jones headshot square
Chris Jones // Director

Create50 founder, author, filmmaker and directors of LondonSWF and TEDxEaling

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Vanessa Bailey // Social Media Strategist and Support

Actor, writer and reluctant producer. Social media junkie

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Judy Goldberg // Co-ordination

Leading the kick ass physical and logistics support team

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Rita Wheeler // Writer and film maker

I write screenplays and am involved in making short films but not commercially. I have writ...

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Rocko Paolo // Writer / Director / Actor / Songwriter

Rocko Paolo is an accomplished songwriter that has made the move over to scriptwriting and ...

Normal red carpet picture london
Ryan La Via // Writer / Producer / Director

Ryan La Via is an award-winning writer, producer, director living in Thunder Bay, Ontario, ...

Normal ross aitken 1
Ross Aitken // Writer first, director second, producer third.

I take a stupid idea and spin it out to make a movie that entertains.

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Rachel McAdam // Screenwriter

Rural-dwelling alcohol lightweight waging battle against the blank screen.

Normal v
Rob Burke // Writer.

Winner of 50 Kisses with 'Love'

Normal mini mini me
Rebecca Handley // Writer.. well, given half a chance

Er... I write!

Normal mv5bmty4mja0ode1mf5bml5banbnxkftztgwoduyotuwmde . v1 sy317 cr20 0 214 317 al
Rowena Woolford // Filmmaker

Rowena Woolford is a new director, she has been creating her own short fictional films sin

Normal roger
Roger Stillz // Filmmaker

Film-maker & Photographer

Normal generic 50 kisses headshot
Rick Skyler

I made Priceless for 50 Kisses

Normal generic 50 kisses headshot
Rodney Willott

I made Priceless for 50 Kisses

roianne nedd // writer

I'm outspoken and creative and love writing about challenging topics

Rich Colosi // Filmmaker

I'm a filmmaker looking to make my first movie. I would love to connect with people with si...

Normal profile
Ruth Gibbs // Scriptwriter

For the love of creating.

Normal photo on 09 06 2014 at 12.43
Rod Arthur // Actor/Writer/Cabinet Maker

I've worked as an actor/writer/woodworker for the last 40 years

Normal portrait retouchiert 161x161
Remo Pini // Producer/Director/Filmmaker

Swiss Filmmaker with global ambitions...

Normal 5798
rick cramer // writer/actor/

The Hemingway of Hollywood...or just another hack

Normal research owls3
Richard Caves // Producer at RicoMark

Keeper of ferrets, hoarder of tea, arranger of words.

Normal diyroberts11finished  2
Rhys Reed-Johnson // Writer

Desperately expendable

Normal photo on 09 06 2014 at 12.43
Rod Arthur // Actor/Writer/Cabinet Maker

Ukulele Nut

Rachel Tokley // Casting consultant

Have been working on various projects since 2000.

Normal imagescai50m3f
Russell Smith // I am a Writer, Producer and Director - too many ideas, so little time!

I made a version of Red Light and First/Last for 50 Kisses under the banner of the Multimed...

Normal 2015 06 04 13.23.03
Rachel Hill // PhD student.

PhD student trying to start a writing career at the same time as writing up her thesis.

Normal bob dubai b w 01
Robert Howard Edwards

Actor, screenwriter, director

Normal id2
Rachel Yelding // Writer

Screenwriter and graphic novelist.

Normal eu
Rogerio Correa // Writer

I have found out that I'm a bit weird

Russell Offord // Director

I am a young director who directs Adverts for national TV.

Normal starnow picture
Ramman Gautam // Retail, pays the bills

I am a writer and director with the ability to also present to camera.

Normal dsc 2851
Reg Length // Composer, Music Producer

Reg Length is a composer, multi-instrumentalist and producer who also tutors people with sp...

Normal profile n
Rachael Howard // Writer

South City born and North Country raised. By day an Engineer and by night a Writer.

Normal rich lsf photo
Richard Paul Wheildon // Writer/Director

I live vicariously through the crazy characters I create.

Normal this is me.
Rob Karraker // Starving Writer

Retired DeeJay and now a at-home-father, trying to stop the boredom of being home alone; mo...

Normal imag8758
Rachael Louise Gerrard

Miss Rach Is Here :D

Normal rick hansberry   on set
Rick Hansberry // Writer

Story is king.

Normal rg1
Randa Gedeon // Writer

I am an aspiring film writer and enjoy creative writing generally. My dream goal is to writ...

Normal becs guitar
Robert Hampson // Screenwriter

South African obsessed with Filmmaking and Screenwriting.

rouxet Scheffer // student

Since 1991

Normal 2013 back up 006

Painter based in west country of England

Normal beer festival profile
Rhys Howell // Writer

I write stuff and then sometimes I make the stuff.

Normal img 20150313 184134
rob evans

I'm great gay and gorgeous

Normal image
Rachel James // Screenwriter

I won a limerick competition in first school and have pretty much been writing ever since, ...

Normal 8265c8b1068eb679072499040d356d7e
Richard Dinsdale // Post Production Account Manager

Professional media worker, dabbling writer and creative, full time caffeine addict

Normal image
Rachel Welch // Writer

Film Accountant and Toddler-Wrangler by day, Writer by night.

Normal tyler durden 2 0 by overlordusuck
Richard Hogg // Primary Teacher

Still not sure why I write so little when I enjoy it so much.

Normal generic 50 kisses headshot
Richard Green

Winner of 50 Kisses with 'The Last Supper'

Normal generic 50 kisses headshot
Ruth O'Donnell

I made You Used to Bring Me Flowers for 50 Kisses

Normal pro 30
Russell Smith // Filmmaker

Writer, Director - Film Maker

Normal generic 50 kisses headshot
Rachel McAdam

Winner of 50 Kisses with 'The Price of Romance'

Normal profilbild
Roxana Sezavar // Student

Articulate myself through varying tones of 'what'.

Normal ms00
Rona Walter // scriptwriter & novelist, translator, former bookseller, balletdancer and world traveller.

award-winning novelist, scriptwriter, film geek, and part-time princess.

Rina Khan // Screenwriter

Malaysian screenwriter who's tired of writing melodramas yet still do it for the money.

Normal rgd 2
Robert Gwyn Davin // Actor, director. Have done tv, film - feature and short, theatre, radio .

Love film, movies, cinema. Have been infected since I was 3.

Normal img 0650
Robert Winup // Writer

Enthusiastic amateur writer trying to find more time to put pen to paper.

Normal ryan08
Ryan Folmsbee // Screenwriter

Freelance Screenwriter / Therapist.

Normal black jacket pic
Rebecca Stahl // Writer

I'm a writer with a medical background and write drama, comedies, TV, film, short stories a...

Normal callroscoe
Roscoe Kleinloog // Writer and Director, currently working on sets as a First Assistant Director.

Writer. Filmmaker. Enthusiast. Thats the short of who I am and what I contribute.

Normal roger hopkins
Roger Hopkins // Writer/Director

Lover of the new.

Normal 11923263 10154247389634896 4351815474438340197 n
Roy Bainton // Jobbing Writer

A garrulous old hack who somehow still manages to get paid for his work after 20 years of s...

Normal captured by karen  20510
Rebecca Carpenter // Early childhood educator. Writer of all things.

I'm a writer-aholic, movie enthusiast, music lover, wife,mother, Nana (don't call me Grandm...

ruth hernandez // Writer

Sound editor by day and writer by night. Keeping the dream alive!

Richie Staubitz // I am a writer and director

I am about to finish my undergrad in screenwriting and currently in a 5 year relationship w...

Normal photo on 2013 03 02 at 11.13
Rebecca Lang // Writer

I do not go gently into that good night...

Normal screen shot 2015 09 24 at 3.02.11 pm
Rachael Roache // Writer

Rachael's career as a Writer, Creative Consultant, Marketer and Ghostwriter spans across ma...

Normal riley madincea headshot b w web
Riley Madincea

Actor, Writer, Human Manboy.

Normal 1492176 10152817933656974 4509125322446925748 o  1
Roland Tomlinson // Screenwriter, Director, Photographer, Musician

Enfant terrible armed with nothing but a keen eye for stylised, dramatic imagery, and a chi...

Normal bob frostholm
Robert Christian Frostholm

I do not fear technology for its unknown possibilities, but rather I fear the the known pos...

Normal img 20140107 wa0007
Ramon Aular // Musician, composer

Musician, guitar player and composer

Normal re la 03
Richard Edwards // Author, screenwriter and producer.

Writer and producer with a passion for character led stories inspired by real events.

Normal img 1432
Ruth Frost

To be continued...

Ronald Hymans // Retired

I'm married, a father and a grandfather. A retired Toolmaker. Living inEssex for the las...

Normal 10155351 10152470243229050 573618426217076884 n
Rebecca Jean-Carroll // Screenwriter

A screenwriter and major film enthusiast!

Normal 01a reaghan reilly   brian cumming 2015
Reaghan Reilly // I am an actor, fledgling writer & director & gonnabe producer.

I'm honest, direct, cheeky and funny but that's because I'm Glaswegian and we're all comedi...

Normal 12189161 10153209486848008 5816686063400735936 n
Ryan Abrahams // Pizza guy

I studied at the university of life because I dropped out of the real one

Normal 12311556 10206824284557768 725980109 o
Reece Shrewsbury // Screenwriter

A diverse scriptwriter studying at Bournemouth University's world renowned media school.

Normal 2012 08 20 11.24.16
Roger Knight // retired

Just can't stop wanting to tell stories.

Normal rod speaking
Rod Griffiths // Writer

I write novels and short stories. I completed an MA in Creative Writing in 2015. I was a pu...

Normal richieowl4  3
Richie Brown // Retired Civil Servant.

I've no pedigree in, or experience of, the creative industries, but have an interest in wri...

Normal bio 3
Rupert Aspden // Student, Writer, Director

I am a writer looking for challenges and opportunities to improve. This competition ticks b...

Normal keith redhead
Ralph Keith Redhead // Designer, Ceramics, artist and writer

Versatile creative activities

Normal image
Ryan Harris // Writer, former Foster Carer, Carpenter

An alien sent from the future to create, help and nurture. Well that's what the label on my...

Normal fb img 1441634625615
Richard Williams // Writer

I fell in love with film and cinema at the age of 5, it's taken me over 30 years of life ev...

Normal image
Rebecca Todd // Actor

Actor | Grafter | Plenty of laughter

Normal image
Ray Whelan // Actor

Ray is a Irish actor living in London. He is known for Kidnap Me by Ikonic Films and Max Pa...

Normal rw
Ryan Woldruff // Professor

I've taught composition, literature, fiction workshops, and film classes. I write when I can.

Normal 1010738 10152905631340018 1855481055 n
Rob McGarr // Writer

Write a little bit about YOURself.

Normal robbie bio
Robbie Gibbon // Film Editor

Not as grumpy as a profile picture may suggest. Still grumpy...

Normal ghg9x ql
Raza Auzair Razak // I am a Writer/Director

As a writer I like to write mostly Character driven stories. As director I enjoy finding ne...

Richard Adams

Writer, reader, learner

Normal rachbiopic  2
Rachel Kelly // Screenwriter

I am a screenwriter with a keen interest in creating relevant films with strong female char...

Normal awards ceremony  5   re  mi boissau
Richard Hajdu // Award-winning writer/director

I love life, character-driven stories, stories based on real events, drama, melodrama, bold...

Normal awards ceremony 2
Richard Hajdu // Award-winning writer/director

I love life, character-driven stories, stories based on real events, drama, melodrama, bold...

Normal img 0252 copy
Rachel Clutterbuck // Writer

I enjoy writing as an escape. I like to craft stories that connect with the human condition...

Normal rb
Rob Burns

Likes great drama

Richard Starkey

Writer | Director

Normal ross impact50
Ross Denyer // Storytelling

Actor-Writer making his way through LA traffic (and his mind!) in search of good stories.

Richard Wicksteed // Documentary director/cameraman

I'm a surfing hippy revolutionary writer/director/cameraman.

Normal avatar small
Rudolf Kremers // Game Developer/Writer/Producer

Dutchman in the UK. Runs Omni Systems Ltd. Makes games, writes, films, photographs.

Normal ranjit krishnamma
Ranjit Krishnamma // Actor.

A seasoned actor who writes for fun.

Normal rebecca hardy profile
Rebecca Hardy // Filmmaker

Filmmaker, writer, director, drives an estate car.

Normal richard anthony dunford
Richard Anthony Dunford

Writer director from the South Coast.

Normal a
Rahim Moledina

Independent Filmmaker

Normal 14869285680301860349618
ross peacock // Writer/director

I work by day financing independent films via crowdfunding, and in my spare time write and ...

Normal headshot
Robert de la Poer // Writer

Finding the fun in writing for stage and screen.

Normal fullsizerender
Richard Flynn // Scriptwriter

Award-winning scriptwriter from the sunny streets of Scotland. Interested in storytelling, ...

Normal photo  2
Richard Hopton // Business Analyst

Unlike my stories, I'm glass half full

Normal 10482590 10153318532845266 4758706324351913177 n  1
ruth crawford // Production Designer

Late bloomer with aspirations of grandeur.

Normal ricardobravo
Ricardo Bravo // Writer?

I dream, I write, I dream again.

Normal   pict0013 copy
Rui Nunes da Silva // An enviable record of menial jobs.

Procrastinator with an insatiable curiosity.

Normal rw1
reece wood // writer/painter/poet/photographer/wannabe layabout/handy-handyperson

Eloquent, sophisticated, tall, dark and handsome . . . these are the qualities and attribut...

Normal headshot
Roger Lamison

Three years in Los Angeles writing music for film, television and game audio using a varied...

Normal cz7ocv8weaagu 9
Rebecca Gransden

Lives by the sea, writes about edges, likes the fringes.

Ryan Shand // Writer

Screenwriter specialising in short films

Normal bpcje4fc
Rhian Lewis // Software developer

I write, I code, I run, I think, I love

Normal photo on 30 03 2016 at 11.35  2
Richard Craven // Novelist, playwright, poet.

Lapsed Doctor of Philosophy, author of the novels Amoeba Dick and Pretty Poli, and of The S...

Rabia Khan // Writer

Fighting a constant battle between my writer self (which is awesome) and my sensible self (...

Rita Cooper // I am a screenwriter for film and television

I am from Montréal, Québec but have lived in Calgary, Vancouver and Los Angeles.

Normal christmas
Rachel Tookey // Writer

I write monologues, sketches, plays + screenplays, articles, stand-up routines, poetry, and...

rafal nowak

In these times, anyone can have a quadrotor, and you should know a little about this remote...

Normal rr pp photo
Ranga Rajan // scriptwriter-director, Filmmaker

More then 18 years experience at Indian Film Industry(Film and TV Media)

Normal delli rd cs   copy
Ranga Rajan // Film Director-Script Writer

More then 18 years experience in Indian Film Industry.

Roney Henderson // Project Manager/Administrator, Live events Producer

Hard worker who loves having a good time

Normal randr
Rory Whyte // Writer

I like to write.

Normal october selfie
Reece Manigan // Writer

I'am a creative, hardworking, determined and a full of life character with a positive attit...

Normal homemade headshot
Ross Topham

If there was an award for procrastinating, Ross would probably be late to the ceremony. Hop...

Normal richard3
Richard Burke // Engineer and writer

Author of The Rage and Decimation. Contributor to the Bloodhound Books Dark Minds charity a...

Normal 14900503 197073867403449 1414162325294828442 n 2
Rob Collinson // failed plumber

I'm from Rotherham, that should do it

Normal rlh
Rebecca Howard // Writer

The Talented Mrs Ripley

Normal i rkpgzh6 xl
Rez Kabir // Actor writer producer

Develeoping shorts and feature releasing 2018

Normal ruth urquhart 07   web size
Ruth Urquhart // Actor, Voice Artist and Writer

I am a trained actor and voice artist and dabble in far one published play abo...

Normal untitled
Robert Lee // writer (mainly video games)

Slightly doughy but otherwise human-shaped screenwriter

Ryan Adams // Director

I'm. Filmmaker/Actor in Northen Nevada/California.

Normal  20170224 004129
Ryan Ruffaner // Contributing Writer to CORE Impulse and Peer Mentor to College Students

I'm a disabled writer who works as a mentor to college students and studies behavioral psyc...

Normal mecontrolxxlusertile
Robbie Mori

I am a writer of horror short stories, hoping for publication

Normal me oso
Robin Lombaert // Astrophysicist and writer

Novice SciFi writer testing the waters of short stories and psychological thrillers. Feedba...

Normal fb img 1482410134243
Rachel Ballard

I've been writing for a while. First attempt at submitting something. Would love brutal fee...

Normal img 6744
Richard Wall // Writer

Author of the blues novel, Fat Man Blues. Adapted to screenplay & storyboard for TV series.

Radek Ambkerer

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Normal goomba  2
Ryszard Kozina

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