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Project The Impact:50

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The Team

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Chris Jones // Director

Create50 founder, author, filmmaker and directors of LondonSWF and TEDxEaling

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Vanessa Bailey // Social Media Strategist and Support

Actor, writer and reluctant producer. Social media junkie

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Judy Goldberg // Co-ordination

Leading the kick ass physical and logistics support team

Normal img 0499
Tracey Flynn // Storyteller

Visual storytelling through mixed media

Normal generic 50 kisses headshot
Tina Lowe

Winner of 50 Kisses with 'A Kiss Goodbye'

Normal tom gordon
Tom Gordon-Gill

I made Red Light for 50 Kisses

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Thomas Walker // Director, Editor, Writer

The time spent writing this could be put to better use.

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Tiago Lopes // Writer/Editor

Big reason to write: loving my own spoilers...

Normal untitled
TRAVIS SEPPALA // alarm dispatcher and screenwriter

I'm a screenwriter who loves to play games and cook.

Normal teresa btthanh nga
Thanh Nga Teresa Bui Thi // I am writer, Director and a musician

I like record of my thoughts: the feelings life, the longing and the fiction story without ...

Normal 005
Tatiana Seaman // Writer / Director

I try not to show all my madness at once

toni hall


Normal image
Tom Young // Writer-director-producer

Horror obsessive, originally a classical musician and composer but have branched into film

Tony Brandrick

I have no idea, so I'm probably not the best person to ask.

Normal betc5oiqhiw
Thomas Cranham // Paperwork monkey

Occasional writer, DCFC fan, loves books, dogs and music...

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Tom Ellingsen // Writer/Actor/Director

If it's a film, I'll do it all.

Normal photo058
Todd Bronson // Family Support Caseworker by day

Screenwriter by night

Normal tom web
Tom LLoyd // Producer/Director/Editor

Tom LLoyd has a degree in film and an MSc in creative technology. Tom has been producing an...

Normal photo
Tracy Soldan // Accounts Payable

I was Calvin without a Hobbes. Still am.

Normal img 0527
Therese Andre // writer/psychologist

Writer/illustrator of my stories as a kid, careered through financial sector and psychology...

Normal 1907437 1513066455603738 749466830292495558 n
Torfinnur Jákupsson // Writer/musician/filmmaker

With a solid background in writing, film, television and music production, I like all thing...

Tina potts

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Normal tila headshot
Tila Datta // Admin at the London Screenwriters' Festival.

Working for the London Screenwriters' Festival and the Write/Shoot/Distribute initiative, a...

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Tracee Beebe // screenwriter

When I make my audience cry, I know I've done my job.

Normal dscn0073
Terence Kearey // Writing and Painting

There's life in the old dog yet!

Normal 23 digital 01
Tim Tucker // Copywriting trainer

I like to think I'm driven to write by a mysterious creative muse, but essentially I write ...

Normal 12088242 10152694656127706 6274632765837059702 n
Tom Allaway // Freelance scriptwriter

A recent graduate of Bournemouth; Screenwriting for Film and Television. I am currently...

Normal tv noir sjw
Terry Victor // Actor, writer, director, and lexicographer

The trick is to stay in the playground for a living.

Normal bunny ears 2
Terry Clark // Account Management

Making the rejection at a time.

Normal 2015 08 13 17.47.39 4
Tracey Parsons // A hazy shade of writer (Impact50 winner 2016, 50Moments finalist 2015).

Just a girl, sitting in front of a keyboard, asking it to... yeah, I'll keep working on that.

Normal nice
Tanya Julina // Aspiring screen and comedy writer.

I want to make people laugh and cry with the power of my words. I'm interested in creative ...

Normal seal of the united states department of the navy.svg
Todd Banks // Plumber

Plumber by day and screenwriter at night.

Normal new profile 2
Tara Moore // Writer

I had a dream that one day a) I would be a writer and b) that I would win the lottery; one ...

Normal img 5767
Tom Twinn // Writer and Actor

I'm an actor and writer from the UK, currently based in Melbourne

Normal t profile
tonya easbey // Video editing feeds the belly, but writing feeds the soul.

I can grow a project from seed to flower, though over-nurturing has been known to happen.

Normal 1957909 726649230745709 3676681729416604055 o
Thomas Hart // Director and Producer

Adventure with an impact: Explore, Educate, Empower

Normal mail
Terry Concannon // Writer

One man against all that displacement activity.

Normal 10326370 854628557940539 1742607851 a
Tabitha Li // Make-up artist & Hair stylist

Currently undertaking a degree in Hair, Make-up and Prosthetics for Performance at London C...

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Toby Nicholson // Screenwriter

I get a buzz from evoking emotion out of somebody by telling them a story.

Normal 26102015 216
Tracy England // Writer

Exploring a range of stories and ideas through script and prose.

Normal 10301070 10153838331595850 8564361177153500399 n
Thomas Hill // Student

I am a final year student at Bournemouth University studying BA(hons) Scriptwriting for Fil...

Normal cimg2413
Terry Comer // Writer/PhD student

Multi award winning tv commercials writer now spreading my wings.

Thanassis Totsikas // Film Director

I'm an Athens-based film director/writer/editor

Normal 20150415 135529
tinashe gweshe // script writer

i big moment is when i singed a contact with zim writers 2013

Normal 2864206252
Tony Earnshaw // Journalist and programmer for UK film festivals

Journalist specialising in cinema. Now looking to expand into fiction. One short story publ...

Normal 01a4edc
Thomas Simpson

Writer residing in Glasgow Scotland.

Normal qv7mnck3 400x400
Tim Guest // Writer

I write screenplays, plays, prose, and also work as a copywriter and journalist.

Normal 2015 09 14 15 07 00 photo
Tonia Marin // Procrastinator

I love pizza.

Normal profileselfie
Tyler Magruder // student

I'm a college student who writes screenplays and short stories for fun.

Normal toby   head shot
Toby Norways // Writer / Screenwriting Lecturer

Previous jobs include being a car salesman, a fire-eater, and a scrap metal dealer. Being a...

Normal img 2273
Tom Batt

I am a keen amateur screenwriter hoping to one day make it in the film industry.

Thomas Fletcher // screenwriter/filmmaker/some teaching

I am a professional screenwriter/producer with several films in development. I teach Englis...

Normal profile
TJ Couch // Writer

Got 99 problems, and just started act 1.

Tembot Shovgenov // Writer, director

director, film producer, writer

Normal turk new headshot 2013 half red shirt
Turhan Caylak // I'm a writer, director, actor, producer

I write, I shoot, I cut, I make music for my films, and am always looking to produce my own...

Trace Currall // Educator

Gregarious, political and passionate

Normal image
Thomas Campbell // Screenwriter

Overwhelming predilection to horror, strange fiction, and drunks.

Normal storyteller
Tessa Jones // Works for a security services agency.

Writer, photographer, deliriously demented dreamer.

Thecla Schreuders // Writer

One-time political activist, now corporate lackey and part-time playwright and screenwriter...

Normal img 1213schumacher
Tasbir Malle // I write scripts & short stories

a creative daredevil

Normal img 8677
Tamsin Meddings // I'm a writer based in London.

Copywriter and screenwriter.

Normal 05 01 2016 09 47 44
Tina Jay // Writer

An award winning playwright, with a number of plays performed in London.

Normal facturedmomsq2
Tammy Diaz // SW Architect, Actor, Writer, Blogger, Film Fest Volunteer

There have always been two paths in my life, both which converge at creativity. I get paid ...

Normal img 0732
Taiba Amla

Just started writing....

Normal tania garcia ayala
Tania Garcia Ayala // University student for Scriptwriting

Hello everyone! I'm mostly into romance, drama and psychological thrillers. It is my first ...

Normal tom vermeyen
Tom Vermeyen // Writer

Television writer & novelist. For the past 5 years I've been writing television series for ...

Normal aaeaaqaaaaaaaaimaaaajdi5zjuymtuxlwzmnmetndbjzs1iymu1lwewodqwzde5mduymw
Ton Eijkemans // Currently working in the movie industrie.

Lets not talk about me, lets talk about you!

Normal default
Tom Evans

I run my own business and write when I should be working.

Normal photo on 2015 01 13 at 15.06
Tom McElveen

I'm a writer. I enjoy writing anything and everything. Scripts, articles, stand up, songs, ...

Normal 10408576 10152676528946615 5170067213209801112 n
Timothy Vivian-Shaw

I am an idiot and my writing is also idiot.

Normal 389491 10150473488554740 537001554 n
Tom Ferguson // Writer

Genre writer with a love of zombies and great characters

Normal 7ieyx7ainmq
Tsira Darsaniya // Aspiring director

In love with cinema and filmmaking.

Normal todd kramer 01
Todd Kramer // Actor

Todd Kramer goes from stage, page, screen and voice and back again. Or something like that.

Normal tom
Tom Hart // I work in IT. But have been known to dabble in photography in the past.

Crikey. Would rather not. That's why I write fictional characters.

Tracey Jones

I am who I am

Normal img 3189
Tyler Pierreson

I love exploring the world, meeting people from all walks of life, great food and looking a...

Normal image
timothy barklage // pilot, writer, luthier, musician, and a damn fine fly fisherman.

of all my amazing attributes, I think humility is the one I love best about myself

Tyson Awalt // I can be an actor, director, or writer.

I am a kid in middle school who would love to someday be a director.

Normal img 8443
Thomas Romlov // Visual artist


Normal img 0530
Trevor Speed

I haven't written in the past but thought this could be a good place to start as I am a big...

Tony Lewis // Composer

London feature film music editor & composer

Normal image
Tim Smith // Own and run a craft cafe

I'm a cynical idealist

Tiur Passmore

Enjoy writing and reading and watching

Normal 20140828191731869
Tom J Hingley // Writer

I write for some mysterious reason and the result is always a revelation - at least to me.

Normal author pic
Theresa Braun // writer

I'm a quirky English teacher by day, and a horror writer by night...

Normal tn 3
Tom Nolan // Writer

I have little idea what I'm doing and no clear idea how to stop.

Normal img 8806 copy small 1
Tom Roderick // Director

Tom was born in a blizzard one December night, and has been looking for opportunities to ma...

Normal here
Tara Basi // Not a lot.

I am not a Robot. Though you wouldn't think so from the writing.

Normal 12615172 10156526643995457 4719187969413623534 o
Tuesday Burgess // Mother/Student

I love to tell stories.

Tracy Shefras // Writer

I put a pen in my hand everyday. It's not always words that appear.

Toni Marshall

I hate "about me" sections.

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