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Currently there are 2087 screenplays submitted to The Impact:50

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The Team

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Chris Jones // Director

Create50 founder, author, filmmaker and directors of LondonSWF and TEDxEaling

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Vanessa Bailey // Social Media Strategist and Support

Actor, writer and reluctant producer. Social media junkie

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Judy Goldberg // Co-ordination

Leading the kick ass physical and logistics support team


Read more about The Impact:50, including guidance and rules HERE.

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Lullaby Draft 5 by Jane Hamer written for The Impact:50 // For one woman, news of the impact is like a gift sent from God.

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Promised Land Draft 4 by KT Parker written for The Impact:50 // After a perilous voyage, a refugee reaches Europe's shores.

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Rock. Paper. Scissors Draft 4 by Ben Marshall written for The Impact:50 // You tell him. No you! Two boys decide who should tell their father.

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Up, Up, and Away Draft 3 by Scott Merrow written for The Impact:50 // A man plans to survive the end of the world with some helium balloons and a lawn chair.

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Silent Ruin Draft 3 by Chris Vanderhorst written for The Impact:50 // A deaf couple discusses what the end might sound like.

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Felipe Draft 4 by michele florea written for The Impact:50 // A young slave laborer and the most beautiful sky he has ever seen

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Sing, Mummy! Draft 4 by Tracey Parsons written for The Impact:50 // A working mum is there for her kids the only way she can be: singing in a field on speakerphone.

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Daddy's Fort Draft 4 by Cera Rose Pickering written for The Impact:50 // A father makes sure his two little girls are blissfully unaware of their impending fate.

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No Connection, Try Again Later Draft 4 by Jacqueline Swift written for The Impact:50 // Alex and Sam, best mates, try to come to terms with the end of the word (redraft after Producers' Notes)

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I'm Afraid It's Bad News Draft 4 by Dave Stevenson written for The Impact:50 // A cancer patient has to break the news of the world's end to her unsuspecting doctor.

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Can She See Us, Daddy? Draft 4 by Carole Trowbridge written for The Impact:50 // A dad strives to give his kids a happy ending.

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In Vino Veritas Draft 6 by Kim Wheeler written for The Impact:50 // When an elderly gentleman faces a tough decision regarding his final beverage, perfection is proved a matter of opinion.

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Reunited Draft 3 by Barry Hood written for The Impact:50 // Love never dies

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Silence Draft 4 by Rachael Howard written for The Impact:50 // How do you explain to your non-verbal Asperger's daughter that the biggest change is about to happen?

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Dance Like It's The End Of The World Draft 4 by Cynthia Johnson written for The Impact:50 // Debut dancer's final performance ends with a bump.

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I Love You Draft 5 by Andrew Viner written for The Impact:50 // A telephone engineer works valiantly so that people can still call each other with messages of love. But is there one for him?

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Replace Every Thirty Days Draft 4 by michele florea written for The Impact:50 // A woman faces the end of humanity in a big box store.

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Life's So Short Draft 4 by michele florea written for The Impact:50 // A woman alone by choice, her neighbor deserted by his family, and an asteroid to help set things right.

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The Last Tag Draft 4 by Christina Stahle written for The Impact:50 // Ben-Yang-king-of-crazy goes for one last tag

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COMA Draft 4 by Bob Canning written for The Impact:50 // Visiting minutes are over for an unfaithful wife.