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Currently there are 2087 screenplays submitted to The Impact:50

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The Team

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Chris Jones // Director

Create50 founder, author, filmmaker and directors of LondonSWF and TEDxEaling

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Vanessa Bailey // Social Media Strategist and Support

Actor, writer and reluctant producer. Social media junkie

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Judy Goldberg // Co-ordination

Leading the kick ass physical and logistics support team


Screenplays beginning with the letter N

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NATURAL CHEMISTRY Draft 1 by Phil Clements written for The Impact:50 // Two scientists, 28 minutes to live, nothing to lose.

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NEVER TOO LATE Draft 3 by Phil Town written for The Impact:50 // Anna has thirty minutes to do the right thing: make it up with her mother.

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NOT MY GOD Draft 2 by Ramman Gautam written for The Impact:50 // HATE LEADS TO HELL

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NOWHERE TO HIDE Draft 3 by Brian Shaw written for The Impact:50 // Reality Check

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Nachiketa Draft 3 by Ilesh Topiwala written for Singularity 50 // In the quantum seconds of time during a basic diagnostic test, an android comes face to face with a mystical figure that could alter the course of humanity.

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Nag-Ridden Draft 3 by Katie-Ellen Hazeldine written for Twisted50 // A tug of love, or was it war? It was a tired old joke; the mother- in- law from hell, but he'd seen nothing, yet.

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Naked Ambition Draft 4 by Michael Montgomery written for The Impact:50 // A woman realises her months of self-control are for naught.

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Narcissistic Reflections Draft 4 by Cynthia Johnson written for The Impact:50 // Even the end of the world won't deflect a man on a mission.

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Natural Selection Draft 3 by Alex Beattie written for The Impact:50 // At an end of the world mass orgy, a student tries to win over his crush.

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Nature Calls Draft 4 by Steve Wrench written for The Impact:50 // An old man meets with his love to live their final moments in the manner of their choosing, as nature intended.

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Nature's cruelty Draft 5 by Jane Badrock written for Twisted50 vol 2 // Some things are better left unseen

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Naughty Draft 4 by Dee Chilton written for The Impact:50 // A nervous first-timer decides that, at the end of the day, you might as well be naughty for once and go all the way.

Normal guitar matt

Ndondakusuka Draft 2 by Matt George Lovett written for Singularity 50 // It's no sleep 'til Swaziland with the klinkkops on your tail

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Nearly Departed Draft 3 by Sally Brockway written for The Impact:50 // A funeral turns into a big party.

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Need To Know Draft 3 by Stuart Creque written for The Impact:50 // Tipped off about the content of the President's address, a TV station manager must decide whether to run it.

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Neighbors Draft 1 by Ann Hilborn written for The Impact:50 // Crotchety, homophobic Walter Allen accepts the inevitable and his neighbor in spite of their differences.

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Neighbours Draft 3 by Johnny Suriano written for The Impact:50 // Being alone doesn't mean you're alone.

Anonymous 6a37c31ca6ebd28c62bc07ec2efc9f5eca35c93d5dd32846ad54c78f85c1b97b

Neil Draft 1 by Nigel Karikari written for 50 Kisses // On the most manufactured 'holiday' of the year, can love be manufactured?

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Netflix and Kill Draft 1 by Aaron Witcher written for Twisted50 // When booty calls....

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Never A Good Time Draft 3 by Alison Clapham written for The Impact:50 // A pregnant woman makes the biggest decision of her life then tries to put things right.

Normal peter carruthers

Never Forget Draft 1 by Peter Carruthers written for 50 Kisses // A scorned husband sends his wife a firm and unforgettable message.

Normal img 1108

Never Grow Up, Never Grow Old Draft 2 by Maewenn Luce written for The Impact:50 // When death is only hours away, can you really save people? Can you save yourself?

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Never Have I Ever Draft 2 by Christina Patjens written for The Impact:50 // Four different people still enjoy life, no matter how.

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Never Kissed a Girl Draft 3 Draft 3 by Vera & Hannah Mark written for The Impact:50 // Not everything that comes crashing down from above is all that bad.

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Never Let Go Draft 1 by Kerry Dye written for Twisted50 // It was so obvious, Sharon was kind of embarrassed she was just thinking of it. Of COURSE Frank should be dead.

Normal markcowling

Never Open the Door Draft 1 by Mark Cowling written for Twisted50 vol 2 // Jake and Sam share a room. But they are not alone. There is something in the closet...

Normal 100 0584

Never a Cross Word Draft 2 by Stuart White written for The Impact:50 // No-one really has a clue how it ends.

Normal davesmall

Never too late Draft 3 by David Bryant written for The Impact:50 // A man searching for his lost dog finds his past and present about to collide

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Neverland Draft 3 by Kathy Barrilleaux written for The Impact:50 // A cop and an engineer test a dream

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New Frontier Draft 2 by Doug Barden written for The Impact:50 // Billy's survival course is paying off

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New Life Draft 3 by Ian Bett written for The Impact:50 // A young man's wife has just given birth after a very long labour and so she has not seen the announcements about the impact. Now he must face the decision of how to tell her.

Normal dsc00071

Newfound Neighbor Draft 1 by Ken Klein written for The Impact:50 // At the end of the hallway at the end of the world there's still an opportunity to meet someone.

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News Draft 1 by Barry Hood written for The Impact:50 // A lonely restless patient has to make a crucial decision.

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News at Four Draft 2 by Patricia Semler written for The Impact:50 // A news anchor refuses to have his performance compromised by the President's news.

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Nietzsche is Dead Draft 3 by Lynn Robertson Hay written for Singularity 50 // In the last move before writing humans out of the programme, AI just needs to sort one more detail: the existence of God.

Normal 170053 10150353653160613 1277500 o

Nigel Draft 2 by Helen Maule written for The Impact:50 // Nigel is a workaholic. He lives for work. Even when the end is nigh, there is nowhere else he’d rather be.

Normal p1060064

Night of The Stealer - Draft 2 Draft 2 by Gary Curtis written for Twisted50 vol 2 // Fast asleep in your bed, it will come to steal your head.

Normal 100 0584

Night of the Johnstown Flood Draft 2 by Stuart White written for The Impact:50 // Nothing feels better than blood on blood.

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Nightlight Draft 2 by James Treloar written for The Impact:50 // Can a single mother protect her young son from the end of the world?

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Nightmare Draft 3 by Fiona Hunnisett written for Twisted50 vol 2 // Your nightmare is about to begin.

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Nine Lives Draft 1 by Sally Brockway written for The Impact:50 // A father tries to save his family and leave the family cat behind.

Normal richardburke

Nineteen Draft 5 by Richard Burke written for Twisted50 vol 2 // One number rules the life of Edward Andrew Stevens.

Normal pinewood cu

No Chain Draft 4 by Paul Wharton written for Twisted50 // Flat for sale. No chain. What's the catch?

Normal 2015 11 24 17.52.18

No Connection, Try Again Later Draft 4 by Jacqueline Swift written for The Impact:50 // Alex and Sam, best mates, try to come to terms with the end of the word (redraft after Producers' Notes)

Normal lswf2013 064

No Consequences Draft 3 by Geoff Stillwell written for The Impact:50 // Teenage boys play Capture the Flag with real guns, because there are no consequences, right?

Normal img 1092

No Crying Over Spilled Coffee Draft 1 by Nathan Gower written for 50 Moments // A debilitating social blunder stands between Maisie and her dream job.

Normal 1

No Dogs Allowed Draft 4 by michele florea written for The Impact:50 // A woman and her old companions' last moments

Normal p1010968

No Eden Draft 2 by Halida Abbaro written for The Impact:50 // The end is nigh. Only His Chosen Ones will survive.

Normal 554517 4547986516682 1481385162 n

No Exit Draft 2 by Susan Larsen written for The Impact:50 // One man desparately looking for a way out

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No Family Draft 3 by Angel Delgado written for The Impact:50 // The end is nigh, make time for your family.

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No Fury Draft 3 by Alex Vrettos written for Twisted50 // Experience death and live to tell the tale

Normal ms

No Future Draft 1 by Mike Slee written for The Impact:50 // A couple encounter a washed-up fortune teller

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No Justice Draft 2 by Neil Arnott written for The Impact:50 // When a 32oz TBone meand more than the world

Normal img 6765

No More Consequences Draft 1 by Daemian Greaves written for The Impact:50 // A man's last chance for revenge on life.

Normal shaneanderson

No More Ghosts Draft 1 by Shane Anderson written for The Impact:50 // Who says we die alone?

Normal photo 81

No News Draft 1 by Aydrea Walden written for The Impact:50 // Julia must decide whether to break her sister's heart or heal it

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No One To Hear You Draft 3 by Jamie Milligan written for The Impact:50 // A Priest carries a message. (Formerly The End Is Nigh)

Normal nick fogg

No One's Coming Draft 3 by Nick Fogg written for The Impact:50 // A group of kids wait in a children's home

Normal img 0007 edited web

No Refuge Draft 1 by Lee Stone written for The Impact:50 // A man is robbed of the chance to die with his wife and children

Normal jules

No Regrets Draft 3 by Julien Willis written for The Impact:50 // Two life long friends spend their last moments together reminiscing better times.

Normal img 0810

No Return Draft 3 by Ying Chu Lin written for The Impact:50 // Would you forsake the loved ones while someone else needs you the most?

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No Return Draft 1 by Chris Andrew written for The Impact:50 // She can't go back, but she will get one last chance to see her son before the end.

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No Sprouts for Santa Draft 4 by Susan Bodnar written for The Impact:50 // Father Christmas does one last job

Normal james lark square

No Strings Draft 2 by James Lark written for The Impact:50 // You might as well make the most of the time you have left.

Normal lisaparry

No Time For Banns Draft 3 by Lisa Parry written for The Impact:50 // As extinction draws closer, a scared and lonely Imogen tries to make amends.

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No Time to Die Draft 3 by James Treloar written for The Impact:50 // A woman lost to her work... But is the world ending enough to bring her back?

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No Waste Draft 4 by Tim Guest written for Twisted50 vol 2 // Happy Christmas. I hope you like what I've made.

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No more boobies Draft 4 by Milethia Thomas written for The Impact:50 // A school teacher draws on her memories, and has the company she needs in her final moments.

Normal martinkellyphotosmqllsize2

No tats Grandma Draft 1 by Martin Kelly written for Singularity 50 // The Singularity will not easily overcome the Eastern Federation

Normal 10301070 10153838331595850 8564361177153500399 n

No wave too big Draft 3 by Thomas Hill written for The Impact:50 // Two surfers defy evacuation procedures and go surfing prior to the meteors impact.

Normal image

Noble Draft 1 by lewis rice written for 50 Moments // How long would you be willing to wait?

Normal mijn profielfoto

Nobody at home Draft 2 by ANNIE DE MUYNCK written for The Impact:50 // Two homeless men think they are lucky when they find an open door and a table set for two

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Nocturne Draft 1 by James Howard written for Twisted50 // No logline provided

Normal screen shot 2016 01 03 at 19.27.28

Nom, nom, nom Draft 2 by martin gooch written for The Impact:50 // What's your perfect way to die?

Normal my photo  2

Norah's Ark Draft 3 by Rita Wheeler written for The Impact:50 // Innocence preserved

Normal ac242 05 050 v2   version 2 copy

North Face Backpack Draft 4 by Ashlee Renz-Hotz written for The Impact:50 // One Last Adventure...

Normal 426241 3458054688986 1300562543 n

Nostalgia Draft 3 by Konstantin Weiland written for The Impact:50 // The one love you always lived for is just a memorie but so close to become living future again.

Normal calvin peat

Not All Hope Is Lost Draft 1 by Calvin Peat written for The Impact:50 // A suicidal man finds hope in the face of the end of the world.

Normal me

Not Alone Draft 3 by Anika Patel written for The Impact:50 // Two strangers share their last moments together.

Anonymous 6a37c31ca6ebd28c62bc07ec2efc9f5eca35c93d5dd32846ad54c78f85c1b97b

Not Alone Draft 1 by Souad Kouninef written for The Impact:50 // He asks her to stay. He wants her to stay. He needs her to stay.

Normal 100 0584

Not Alone, Honey Draft 3 by Stuart White written for The Impact:50 // Can't protect but can still serve

Normal img 9632   version 2

Not Banging, But Whimpering Draft 2 by Milla X. Tuokkola written for The Impact:50 // A couple reunited just in time.

Normal jess brownrigg tour guide

Not Even If Draft 2 by Dominic Brownrigg written for The Impact:50 // Sometimes people don't know when to stop.

Normal ross aitken 1

Not Like This Draft 2 by Ross Aitken written for The Impact:50 // The only thing left to decide is how to go.

Normal 369157c

Not Long Now Draft 3 by John Hickman written for The Impact:50 // With the end of the world on its way, a young couple throw a party for two.

Normal img  ag1mrj

Not My Problem Draft 3 by Philip F. Webb written for Singularity 50 // Religious fanatics receive a lesson in 'think it through first'.

Normal annabel wigoder headshot

Not Now, Darling Draft 2 by Annabel Wigoder written for The Impact:50 // Kate wants a quickie before the world ends. Steve isn't bothered.

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Not Quite The End Of The World Draft 2 by Christopher Livings written for The Impact:50 // When the world comes to an end, who do you really want to be with?

Anonymous 6a37c31ca6ebd28c62bc07ec2efc9f5eca35c93d5dd32846ad54c78f85c1b97b

Not Random Draft 1 by Steve Sasaki written for The Impact:50 // Strange but true, really.

Normal zvpxa2z4 400x400

Not Ready Draft 2 by Kerry Dye written for The Impact:50 // When you're not up on the breaking news, it's hard to make good long-term decisions.

Normal kelly 1 colour small

Not The Confession You Think It Is Draft 1 by Kelly Passaro written for The Impact:50 // a young man finally has the courage to tell the girl how he feels about her, it comes as a shock when she finds out that it's not love.

Normal 297197 10150784090630005 1760777393 n

Not With a Moan But With a Bang Draft 2 by Sam Kurd written for The Impact:50 // A geeky couple aren't spending the apocalypse as they'd planned to...

Normal 11143081 10153251929185856 8153397795348740823 n

Not here. Draft 1 by Jack Deakin written for Twisted50 // Just a night in watching television.

Normal 20140829 201113

Not lost Draft 1 by Alex Davies written for The Impact:50 // Two curators contemplate becoming one of the exhibits they help protect

Normal img 1657

Not now, please Draft 3 by Kasia Piwowarczyk written for The Impact:50 // Sam, in the peak of his happiness and fulfilment, looses it all too soon.

Normal profile photo

Not the End of the World Draft 3 by Danielle Wager written for The Impact:50 // Bob and Margaret's camping holiday is more quiet than they expected. Does the rest of the world know something that they do not?

Normal 20140829 201113

Not the end of the world Draft 1 by Alex Davies written for The Impact:50 // It's confession time at the end of the world

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Nothing Draft 1 by Magnum Phoenix written for Twisted50 vol 2 // A lone man drifts along a deserted ocean, desperate for food and the touch of a million hands.

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Nothing Ventured Draft 1 by Nina Haerland written for 50 Kisses // A florist helps a man pick out last minute flowers on Valentines day.

Normal 10408576 10152676528946615 5170067213209801112 n

Nothing but us Draft 1 by Timothy Vivian-Shaw written for The Impact:50 // High above the earth in the International Space Station, Sarah and Aurélie must deal with a damaged ship and survivors guilt.

Normal matt lewis billhook

Nothing for Nothing draft 2 Draft 2 by Matt Lewis written for Twisted50 // An uninvited supper guest.

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Now Departing Draft 3 by Rupert Aspden written for The Impact:50 // A stranded adventurer figures out what she wants, thanks not to her mind broadening travels but instead a conversation with her grandma.

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Nowhere I'd Rather Be Draft 2 by Dan Tonkin written for The Impact:50 // A middle-aged couple's dying romance is re-ignited by the end of the world