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Currently there are 2087 screenplays submitted to The Impact:50

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The Team

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Chris Jones // Director

Create50 founder, author, filmmaker and directors of LondonSWF and TEDxEaling

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Vanessa Bailey // Social Media Strategist and Support

Actor, writer and reluctant producer. Social media junkie

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Judy Goldberg // Co-ordination

Leading the kick ass physical and logistics support team


Read more about The Impact:50, including guidance and rules HERE.

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The Travelers Draft 3 by Matt Giannini written for The Impact:50 // Marty is forced to convince his skeptical brother, Paul, that he has a first-class ticket off the planet before the destruction.

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Sirtaki v03 Draft 3 by Vera Mark written for The Impact:50 // If you are in a sunny place, waiting for the most splendiferous crash of all times, there's only one thing to do - dance.

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Ring O' Roses Draft 4 by Fiona Hunnisett written for The Impact:50 // A teacher's duty never ends.

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The End's Beginning Draft 4 by Lynn Robertson Hay written for The Impact:50 // If you saw the end of the world coming, would you tell?

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Life's A Beach Draft 2 by Rachel Welch written for The Impact:50 // Sleeping through can sometimes be very inconvenient

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MORE Draft 4 by Phil Charles written for The Impact:50 // A mother ensures her toddler’s last minutes on earth are spent in absolute heaven.

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Promised Land Draft 4 by KT Parker written for The Impact:50 // After a perilous voyage, a refugee reaches Europe's shores.

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Till Death Do Us Part - Producers Feedback Draft 4 by Roscoe Kleinloog written for The Impact:50 // A grandmother, suffering from dementia, with her caring husband, share their last moments on earth struggling with the aged disease before the impact of the meteor.

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Digging Draft 4 by Michael Montgomery written for The Impact:50 // An eight year old boy tries to dig a shelter

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Outside Draft 5 by Sarah Christou written for The Impact:50 // On the day the world ends, Tracy decides to face her phobia of the outside.

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T-MINUS Draft 4 by Carolyn Goodyear written for The Impact:50 // A boy and his mum are in their homemade spaceship awaiting lift off for their holiday to heaven.

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Justice Draft 4 by Keith Watson written for The Impact:50 // A Detective uses the end of the world to get his final Justice against a master criminal.

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Spitfire Draft 4 by Claire Yeowart written for The Impact:50 // A World War Two veteran and her granddaughter find a Spitfire in an airport hangar.

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Equal Draft 3 by Ben Lacey written for The Impact:50 // Two enemies, one resolution.

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Inside The Piano Shop Draft 5 by Lisa Parry written for The Impact:50 // Away from her husband and children, Jackie embraces her gift once more before the asteroid strikes.

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Francis of Fell End Farm Draft 5 by Milethia Thomas written for The Impact:50 // Francis spends his last moments with his animals and his beloved collie, Moss.

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We Were Human Draft 3 by Nicole Robb written for The Impact:50 // Alone in the last remaining satellite tower, one man has only minutes to decide mankind's final words.

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Candy & Len Draft 5 by Jane Hamer written for The Impact:50 // A prostitute finds herself faced with shame, but not the expected kind.

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The Fight of All Time Draft 3 by Alex Beattie written for The Impact:50 // With the world heavyweight title fight cancelled, two boxers settle who's the greatest in an unsanctioned fight.

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Among the Stars Draft 4 by Richard Flynn written for The Impact:50 // Facing the end, two teenage friends find a moment of tenderness.