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Currently there are 2097 screenplays submitted to The Impact:50

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The Team

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Chris Jones // Director

Create50 founder, author, filmmaker and directors of LondonSWF and TEDxEaling

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Vanessa Bailey // Social Media Strategist and Support

Actor, writer and reluctant producer. Social media junkie

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Judy Goldberg // Co-ordination

Leading the kick ass physical and logistics support team


Screenplays beginning with the letter V

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VAN TRAM Draft 1 by Terry Comer written for Twisted50 // NOT SUCH A SMART ARSE AFTER ALL.

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VLOGAPOCALYPSE Draft 3 by Kaal Kaczmarek written for The Impact:50 // At the end of the world, Joey Pancetta goes very viral

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VOODO CHILD Draft 2 by Stuart White written for Twisted50 // You always hurt the one you love.

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Vanished Instinct Draft 3 by Louise Farrell written for The Impact:50 // Animals use senses, humans use technology, the latter means delay.

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Velvet Mary Draft 2 by Rachael Howard written for Twisted50 // Not every port in a storm is worth the risk.

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Veteran Draft 3 by Adam Frith written for The Impact:50 // Against the odds, an old hero seeks out reason in unreasonable circumstances.

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Veterans Day Draft 1 by Rocko Paolo written for 50 Moments // A young man enters a bar and listens to a war story as told by the bartender.

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Viaticum Draft 3 by Richard Flynn written for The Impact:50 // On Death Row, a condemned man sits with a priest. But which man seeks absolution?

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Victim Draft 2 by KT Parker written for Twisted50 // A woman alone in the woods at night confronts a stranger.

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Vintage Draft 2 by Kerry Dye written for The Impact:50 // Two men, one bottle.

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Virulent Draft 3 by Fanie van Rooyen written for The Impact:50 // In the face of death, suffering holds no sway over love.

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Visitation (ACT ONE) (FINAL DRAFT) Draft 1 by Lamont Dunnigan written for The Impact:50 // A father desperately tries to reach his estranged son, after finding out the world is coming to an end.

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Visitor Draft 3 by Matthew Hirons written for The Impact:50 // An old man waits for his granddaughter to visit him on the day that the world is ending.

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Voices Draft 3 by Caroline Knudsen written for Twisted50 // The voices inside Alice's head want to end her suffering, but will she heed their advice?

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Vossoyedinye Draft 4 by Terry Concannon written for The Impact:50 // In the moments before oblivion, a musician is reunited with his lifelong love.